Bornholm: an island in Pasek called Mallorca in the north

North Mallorca, the island of the sun and rocks, the pearl of the Baltic Sea. The island of Bornholm located in the Baltic Sea, which belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark, has many attractions for visitors. It is the eastern part of the Danish territory with a great variety of terrain, scenic views, sandy beaches and trekking routes.

From Kołobrzeg or Świnoujście, it takes about four hours to sail there. Even crossing the sea, which is about 100 kilometers long, is an adventure in itself. But the island, which recently gained fame in Poland due to the not very positive “Fucking Bornholm”, provides visitors mainly with places for passive and active entertainment and a rich history.

Surprisingly, the climate on the island is relatively mild. It is the place with the highest annual sunshine in all of Denmark and the lowest amount of rain. Summer is long and very warm. A particularly pleasant aura prevails on the south and east coast, which are strewn with beaches.

In the summer months the air temperature reaches 30 degrees in the shade. It is no coincidence that Bornholm is called the Mallorca of the North. The island’s climate is so favorable that fig trees grow here.

In fact, the southern coast of the island of Bornholm consists of beaches with a total length of about 35 km. In the summer, many tourists come here (although there are not so many of them, for example, to the Baltic Sea from the Polish side), who want to sunbathe, bathe in the sea or do water sports.

The island’s most famous beach is located in the southeast corner of Douyud, known for its distinctive soft white sand.

Dueodde is located within the city limits of Nexø and at its widest point reaches 150 meters from the coast to. On the other hand, we can enjoy the majestic sand dunes.

In the eighteenth century, the area was planted with conifers to reduce the erosion of the land. For this purpose, the lawn was also planted. Thanks to this, green areas were created around Dueodde, which are today protected as nature reserves.

Interestingly, there are several estuaries on the shore. This, combined with a great distance from the big cities (if you can talk about the big cities of Bornholm at all), results in very clean water.

North of Nixo there are two other, less well-known, but noteworthy beaches as well: Balka and Hullehavn. Both have adequate infrastructure for those who want to take advantage of the convenience of the holiday.

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Going north, you can see what is the hallmark of Bornholm – an almost instant change in the terrain.

In the central part of the island is the huge Alminden forest, or the forest of all people, which is considered its green heart.

It is the largest forest complex in Borholm and the third largest in area belonging to Denmark. It is a perfect place for an active vacation, as it offers plenty of hiking, walking, jogging and cycling trails in the lap of nature.

The famous Echo Valley, Ekudalin, is located in the forest. It is a 12 km facility with perfect acoustics. One of the attractions available in Almenden is also seeing the bison that were brought to the island from, you might guess, the Białowiea primeval forest.

From sandy and flat beaches, the coast turns into a beautiful unspoiled rocky landscape.

Up to two-thirds of the surface of the island is made of ancient granite, which is used as a building material not only throughout Denmark, but also abroad.

The most famous part of the rocky coast are the sacred rocks, which the locals call Helligdomsklipperne. The landscape formed by the steep cliffs flowing into the sea is sometimes described as a fairy tale and has been a source of inspiration for many artists for centuries.

If someone has enough courage, they can take a ride on one of the floating boats in the area to see this unusual image from the sea.

Another recommended place in the northern part of the island is the rocks of Jons Kapel – St. John. The cliffs are up to 40 meters high and make a great impression.

Bornholm attracts not only the beauty of nature, but also the ancient fishing villages, which have been established for several centuries throughout the island.

The list of recommended cities for visitors includes the capital, Rønne, as well as Nyker, Østerlars, Nylars, Gudhejm, Aakirkeby, Svaneke and Olsker, each with its own distinctive centuries-old buildings and historic churches.

While you are in Bornholm, you cannot miss a visit to the ruins of Hammershus Castle. The great structure erected in the thirteenth century on the seashore as a defensive structure impresses with its momentum to this day. The highest point is 74 meters above sea level.

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While Bornholm is not an ideal holiday destination, it is well known in Denmark and northern Germany. The island’s popularity is still not high here.

However, in recent years, more and more Poles, interested in such inconspicuous places, have gone to Bornholm, albeit out of curiosity. This season, among other things, the film that collects bad reviews, there are more such people.

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