Piotr Naimski behind the scenes in the overthrow of Jan Olszewski’s government. ‘The plan was before’

The belief that the government of Jan Olshevsky was overthrown by the purge is wrong. He was overthrown by President Lech Wałęsa over Jan Olshevsky’s objection to an agreement with the Russians, which was to return property to joint Russian-Polish companies on Russian bases in Poland – Piotr Naimski. Today, 30 years have passed since those events.

“Olszewski must be sitting in the fantasy of crime!” The shocking allegations of the former president

– We’ll sign the treaty, I get a bare telegram from Olszewski: Don’t sign the treaty. you know what? But he should sit in a detective story – …

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Poland’s first post-war democratic government, headed by attorney Jan Olshewski, was overthrown by the parliamentary “coalition of fear” on the night of June 4-5, 1992 (several tens of minutes past midnight). The connection between this event and the transmission of the names of the members of the Government, Representatives and Senators registered in the name of TW SB, became known in the public mind. The head of the Ministry of Interior was obligated to do so by Parliamentary Resolution of 28 May 1992.

However, the opinion Peter Nemskywhich he chaired in 1992 State Protection OfficePurge was not the main reason Overthrow of the government of Jan Olshevsky. In an interview 10 years ago, in 2012, Nemsky introduced the “Gazeta Polska Codziennie” and said the government was “overthrown by President Lech Wałęsa because of Jan Olszowski’s opposition to a deal with the Russians, which was to return Russian-Polish assets of joint venture companies after Russian rules in Poland”.

– The government succeeded in repelling it almost at the last moment. But Walisa, returning from Moscow in May, has already made a decision to dismiss him. On May 27, he sent a letter to the House of Representatives demanding the dismissal of the government, and the purge law was adopted only a day later, Nemsky stated.

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The first party in Poland to adopt the decision in favor of joining the European Union was the Jaroslaw Kaczynski Center Agreement. at the same…

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In the opinion of the former president of the University of Petra, although the purge case “served Al-Wasa as an excuse”, it “in itself caused a great commotion”.

Walisah defended himself against scrutiny for personal reasons and continues to do so to this day. The Purge facilitated building the alliance of fear we see in the film.”night shift“And only adults remember. These two issues are intertwined, but the plan to overthrow the government was early,” he explained.

He also added, for Sim’s “majority vote” the purge itself was “reason enough”.

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– Disinfection measures were taken when they had to be implemented. The examination was announced and prepared by the government of Jan Olzewski from the beginning, as of January 1992. One of the reasons for the announcement of the project was to allow people associated with Communist security to distance themselves from public life. They can get sick, go abroad, and quit. At the time, the Ministry of the Interior headed by Anthony Macierevic was preparing a legal regulation for the purge, largely based on experience in Czechoslovakia and Germany, where the Joachim Gauck Institute, the current president of Germany, was already working. These works were progressed, and were nearing completion at the end of May. Suddenly, and unexpectedly for us in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Janusz Corwin Mickey presented his draft resolution, which was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies – explained Peter Naimsky.

Jan Olszewski’s government was the first to take steps to integrate Poland with NATO and European communities (an association agreement with the EEC was signed on December 16, 1991). The Euro-Atlantic course of government was undermined by President Lech Wałęsa, who, without consulting the Cabinet, put forward the concepts of NATO bis and EEC-bis, two separate organizations unrelated to Western structures.

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