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Time and time again, Polish creators and developers have had the opportunity to demonstrate their broad competencies in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. One such example is the Metaprotocol project, which combines a decentralized exchange of CoinSwap, the SpacePad launchpad, and the MySpace web browser. Important areas in which the project is working are also widely understood games and the metaverse from an e-commerce perspective. Przemysław Tabor spoke about Metaprotocol with Michał Bartczak – CTO and co-founder of Metapro on

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What is the currency exchange program?

CoinSwap is generally a decentralized exchange (DEX) offering DeFi functions such as goodwill and warehousing, which has been active for 13 months. CoinSwap is linked to the SpacePad launch platform, as well as the MySpace web browser, which allows you to view the assets stored in the wallet.

CoinSwap is an international project focusing primarily on the Dubai and Asian markets. About 90% of the team of 45 people are Poles. CoinSwap is one of several instruments included in the Metaprotocol, being the DeFi branch closely related to gaming, as well as the metaverse and the NFT marketplace.

Metaprotocol based applications

Very important applications are created on the basis of Metaprotocol. First of all, a mobile application for IOS and Android, which will have the functionality of a non-wallet wallet, which in fact consists of three advantages: tokens, NFTs, games and metaverse assets. The mobile application on CoinSwap will run as a DEX. It will also collaborate with SpacePad.

The second application is a marketplace that will allow content creators to create 3D objects, combine them with NFT tokens and store them in the Metaprotocol, and will also be a form of displaying projects, both games and metavers, using a web platform.

Games and metaverse

Games are an important aspect of the entire ecosystem due to the size of this market. The creators of the project here see the possibility of offering a large number of tools that will allow game developers to seamlessly enter the crypto market and Web3 technology and receive a comprehensive set of necessary tools.

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Metaprotocol creators separate games from metavers, which are generally viewed as overlapping regions. They are betting on metavers in e-commerce. According to the guest, when we delve into what Meta wants to offer and all the related apps behind Mark Zuckerberg, one big selling point will be wanting to introduce a new e-commerce in the background of the social enterprise.

– Metavers opens a new tab. Very exciting in terms of new experiences and new perceptions about product processing or product distribution in general.

He remembers giants like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Wallmart, H&M and Samsung, which create different types of metavers.

the partnership

When asked about partnerships, he mentioned the collaboration with SGames, through which he brings the entire project to the gaming market. In cooperation with SGames, it is organizing, among other things, the event with the Lodz University of Technology, as well as the PGA Arena scheduled for October, and a series of hackathons that will be organized by them for game developers based on the Metaprotocol and the use of the facilities in which it will be stored.

The second significant partner is BNB Connect – a company recently acquired by Binance, which is an on-the-slope payment processor. Thanks to this, CoinSwap, as one of the first DEXs, has the option to purchase cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens directly from the non-custodian wallet using a credit card, and it will also introduce this functionality to the Metapro mobile app.

What has been achieved so far and what is the roadmap for the future?

When asked about the achievements so far, the guest first mentioned DEX CoinSwap, which has been in operation for 13 months and has been in development for a year and a half. The conclusions and tools that have arisen in the process of creating and running CoinSwap are also valuable

There is a lot of focus on developing tools related to the Meta protocol, and when it comes to DeFi tools, they are in the process of developing some very interesting auto investing tools which will soon be introduced on CoinSwap. The size of the project is also reflected in the composition of the team, which has grown to 45 people.

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