“Buy My Cancer” – NFT art made of cancer cells

The “Buy My Cancer” project is a one-of-a-kind artwork from NFT made from images of cancer cells to save the lives of patients battling these cancers..

The “Buy My Cancer” project, which combines contemporary art, modern medicine, science and NFT technology, was implemented in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute. Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie in Gliwice, artist PawełSWANSKI and Ogilvy Creative Agency for Alivia Onkofundacja and her companies. Buy My Cancer is also an innovative model for funding costly cancer treatment. It involves using images of real cancer cells, turning them into works of art and creating an NFT (Non-Fungible Codenon-replaceable token) – a unique digital certificate stored on the blockchain, allowing unambiguous identification of the relevant artwork.

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Funds obtained under the campaign will be used to cover the costs of treatment modalities for patients with pictorial cancers that are not reimbursed in Poland. In this release, cell images come from patients of the Gliwice Oncology Institute, whose treatment will be donated with the help of Alivia Oncofundation.

Alivia Oncofundation works to ensure that everyone has equal access to the best cancer care. It champions the dignity of cancer patients and creates tools for patients to make informed health decisions. For more than 10 years, it has been one of the main NGOs supporting cancer patients in Poland. The Alivia Oncofundation Foundation has already donated more than 26 million PLN to cancer patients.

Combination of science, medicine, art and NFT

Recorded under a confocal microscope by scientists: Dr. Hap. Tomasz Cichonia, MD, PhD and Ryszard Smolarczyk, MD, PhD images of cancer cells served as a springboard for creating artworks. Photos were taken with the support of Dr. Hobb. N.M. Tomash Rutkowski. Each picture was placed on the canvas as a “basis” for the painting. Then a Polish artist – Pawe SWANSKI painted on them structures that fight cancer cells.

All images generated in this way, as well as the entire performance, were recorded and converted to NFT sets.

NFT will be available on the two largest international NFT platforms: VAST and OpenSea. The money raised in this release will go to Alivia Oncofundation, which will fund the treatment of patients eligible for CAR-T T-cell therapy. The first patient is Jacob Pernus, a student at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, who suffers from a rare type of cancer – a chemotherapy-resistant form of aggressive lymphoma. The creators hope that other patients will soon receive similar support as part of the project.

Cancer cells (Buy My Cancer, NFT)
Cancer cells (Buy My Cancer, NFT)

CAR-T cells are often the last hope for cancer patients who have no other treatment options. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. I took part in the “Buy My Cancer” project personally, because I have many of these patients under my care and I can’t help them on my own – Professor Sebastian Gibel says:

treatment method

CAR-T . cells It is a modern, highly effective and dynamically developing branch of immunotherapy that can fight cancer that is not controlled by other treatment methods.

CAR-T cells use the patient’s own immune cells (lymphocytes). They undergo genetic engineering (reprogramming) so that they can recognize and fight cancer cells. After appropriate stimulation, they are again administered to the patient in intravenous form. Upon contact with cancer, lymphocytes multiply and remain in the body as a “living medicine”.

Professor Jacek Jasim says: – I think the term ‘miracle cure’ is overused in Poland, which leads to the emergence of harmful feelings. However, the CAR-T cell method deserves this name – it is the beginning of a new era in oncology. Your opinion I express myself not only as a doctor, but also as a patient.


Work begins #buymycancerchallenge, where artist Bowie Swansky nominated another artist, and the specialists involved: A. Sebastian Gebel and Professor Dr. Jacek Jasim will refer to other scholars for the next NFT series. As in the first version, works will be created on the basis of images of cells of cancer patients. The money will help Alivia Oncofundation fund their treatment.

SWANSKI (Buy My Cancer, NFT)

Project website: buymycancer.org.

The legal guardians of the project are Wolf Theiss and Bird & Bird.

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Source: Alivia Oncology

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