What is worth knowing about the Japanese city of Kamakura?

Kamakura is one of the most visited cities in Japan, mainly due to the Ameda Buddha and the bamboo garden around the temple. The restored building facilities in Kamakura, Japan mean that we continue to deepen our knowledge of the city’s history.

Kamakura is a city in Japan that is famous for its colossal statue of Amida Buddha, made in 1252. The statue is located near the Kōtoku-in Buddhist temple and is more than 43 meters high. The Japanese island of Kamakura is located on the island of Honshu, which is the largest island in Japan. An interesting fact is that between the 12th and 13th centuries, Kamakura was the capital of Japan. What is worth seeing there?

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Kamakura is located in Japan, 50 km from Tokyo. The city is located on the main island of Japan – Honshu, where more than 100 million people live. Kamakura is located in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is famous for its Yokohama Port, Chinatown, and Odawara Castle. Kamakura is a very picturesque city surrounded by mountains and sagami waters.

History of the Japanese city of Kamakura

Several discoveries indicate that the city was already inhabited 10,000 years ago. Between 1192 and 1333, Kamakura was the capital of Japan and the seat of the shogunate. One of the oldest temples in this city is Sugimoto Dera, founded in 724 by Fujiwara no Fusasaki. There was a bloody battle in the temple in which more than 300 samurai were killed. In the main hall of Sugimoto-dera are statues preserved from the temple fire.

The demographics of the city have changed over the years. Between 1970 and 2015, the population of Kamakura city increased by about 35,000. People. Currently, the city is inhabited by more than 170,000. people.

Sculpture of Amida Buddha at Kotoko-in

greatest fame Japanese Kamakura He brought a bronze statue of Amida Buddha from 1252. The building, which previously housed the statue, was damaged several times by earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms. After many accidents and threats to the continuity of the statue, it was decided to move it to an open area. There, at the beginning of the twentieth century, it was hit by an earthquake and some elements were destroyed. The statue has been strengthened and secured against further natural disasters.

The large Buddha statue is 43 meters high and weighs more than 120 tons and is located in the Kotokuen Temple. The interior of Amida is open to the public, so we can see the statue from the inside.

Kamakura tourist attractions

The city lost many valuable monuments during the earthquake of 1923. For many years, efforts were made to repair the losses and rehabilitate the damaged places. The top attractions in Kamakura – apart from the Amida Buddha – are Engaku-ji, Hōkizan Chōju Zenji, An’yō-in, Ankokuron-ji, Zuisen-ji, Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine, Yuigahama Beach, Wakamiya Street The famous Ōji, the Tsurugaoka Hachimangūera, Kakekomi-dera Temple or Avuna Kannon Temple.

These are just some of the temples located in the city of Kamakura. There are many monuments and carvings in the temples and in their courtyards. One of the oldest temples is Sugimoto Dera, which was established in 734. There are statues of Neo warriors symbolizing birth and death.

The Avuna Buddhist temple with its 25-meter-high concrete Kanon statue is also worth a visit. The construction of this place began in 1929 and was completed after more than 30 years.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangū Temple is an important place on the Kamakura map, where many festivals are held. It was built according to the principles of Feng Shui, and in the vicinity of the temple there are chapels, ponds, a Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of the National Treasury.

Beach in Kamakura, Japan

The beach in Kamakura was ia a battlefield in 1180, a place where martial arts and horse archery were practiced, and a place where body and soul were cleansed. The bloody battles at Yoigahama Beach have led to researchers continuing to find human bones there. On the beach you can meet surfers and tourists who want to take a break from the bustle of the city. Ratings for this place vary widely, with some people like to stroll along the beach while others find Yuigahama to be neglected.

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