Warsaw Orange Festival 2022: Tyler, the Creator and His Twisted World

The last time Tyler the creator In Poland, he performed in 2018, when he was also during it Warsaw Orange Festival He apologized to the audience for his previous concert – which was not entirely successful – in our country. And despite the early hour (in the OWF before the pandemic, he appeared on stage at 7:00 p.m.) and then showed that he could warm the audience in red.

Over the next four years, Tyler became – to some fairly imperceptibly – one of the mainstream, and certainly one of the most interesting figures in mainstream hip-hop music in the world. He released two well-received albums (he even won a Grammy for the album “Igor”), and his music scene grew to the point where he was ready to become the biggest star of summer festivals.

Although there is nothing to suggest Tyler could find his place in the mainstream. His music has never been easy (may be disgusting to some), and he’s also not someone to call him, showing that the business loves it.

Taking advantage of his moment of greatest popularity, the rapper returned to Poland with his amazing show as part of the “Call Me If You Get Lost Tour” and invited thousands of Polish fans into his world.

“Yesterday I was having a concert in London, I didn’t go to sleep, I got here 2 hours ago. Why are you clap, I’m tired!” Tyler said at first, then began to praise Crisp from McDonald’s. “I must admit it is huge. My rating is 10/10” – he concluded.

The praise of Polish fast food, compliments to the Polish public (because we can’t do without it), turned out to be just an addition to what we saw. It was a beautiful visual scene that lasted about 1.5 hours. I’ve attended many festivals in my short life and a few artists have used what was happening behind them on stage in a well-thought-out way.

Not only were these beautiful scenes, but part of a broader puzzle, complementing a larger story that was conveyed on stage. By the way, he sings to the moon “IDHY”march with virtual soldiers or the whole place “Earthquake” They were moments that will undoubtedly remain in the memory of festival-goers and may remain there for a long time. To this let’s add the good work of the camera and lights throughout the show, attaching everything with a buckle.

During this performance, Tyler took us in to review his entire discography. Of course, apart from the songs on the album “Call Me If You Get Lost”, there were also some parts from the aforementioned album. “Igora”, “Cherry Bomb”, “Flower Boya” (whose cover evokes obvious associations with what we got on stage), and even “Goblin”, his first album. Each song was seriously sung with Polish fans. “I don’t know who said it,” said Creator. “But I can feel your energy.” The spread of songs throughout his career also allowed the star of the Warsaw Orange Festival to perfectly control the tempo of the concert. There was a fire where a pickup needed to be made, the bass cut the air (although the rear struts became much lower), when it was time to slow down, Tyler applied the brakes discreetly and let the crowd relax.

Let’s also tell him that on stage he knew how to get the audience’s attention and I don’t mean the original outfit (high stockings, short shorts, long-eared white hair). His way of moving around on stage – very clumsy, clumsy – had a tremendous charm that set him apart from other rappers. The gestures – at times very theatrical, and exaggerated to the extreme – perfectly complemented what we saw behind him on stage.

“I hope you come home safely and have a good time” – said the rapper at the end, who, as he himself admitted, does not have any motivational thought in his head. He didn’t need it at all. His performance stopped without her.

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