What is worth visiting in Recife? Beaches and attractions of the city

Recife is a port city in eastern Brazil. The seaside location means that the most popular attractions are above all the warm beaches. Recife is called the “Venice of Brazil”.

Recife and its surroundings are famous for their beautiful beaches. Architectural monuments from the colonial era are important attractions of the city.

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Recife – Information

Recife is located in the state of Pernambuco in eastern Brazil. It is located at the mouth of two rivers – Capibaribe and Beberibe. Nickname “Brazilian Venice” It came from a large number of waterways, canals, bridges and islands. The city is founded on three islands: Recife, Santo Antonio and Boa Vista. In addition to the two largest rivers, the Jiquiá, Tejipió, Jordão, and Pina also flow through the city. Recife has a population of about 3.4 million, including the suburbs. It is the fourth largest concentration of Brazil. The Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife is the largest university in the state. The city has its own airport.

Recife weather

Weather in Recife Due to its proximity to the equator, it is exceptionally warm and the rains are heavy. The climate is tropical monsoon. Cool breezes from the Atlantic mean the heat isn’t as intense as it would be from the same latitude.

The hottest month is in Recife It is January and February when the average temperatures range between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius. In July, the weather is the coldest there, the cloudiest and most humid. The average precipitation is then 388 mm. The temperature ranges between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. Moist tropical forests with a characteristic humid microclimate are dotted around Recife.

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Recife – History

Recife is a port founded by the Portuguese in 1537. Initially, it was inhabited mainly by fishermen. The city’s name comes from the Portuguese word “riff”. However, it turns out that a creature stretches along Recife coast It’s not a reef but a former beach. Its sand hardened so hard that it now resembled a hard stone. In the 17th century, when Captain Pernambuco was the largest producer of sugar cane in the world, the city became the capital of the Dutch colony of Brazil, New Holland. The Dutch West India Company called it the Mauritsstad. The first zoo and botanical garden in America opened here. The Jewish diaspora built the first synagogue in Nawawi Soyat.

Recife – landmarks and attractions

The most important monuments in Recife It is located in the old town, in the center, on the island of Recife. Church of St. Anthony in Recife is one of the city’s greatest attractions. It dates back to 1588. It houses the golden chapel with rich decorations. There you can admire the 17th-century Portuguese azulejos that cover the walls, and inside is the Franciscan Museum of Sacred Art. on me Old city of Recife There is also the Torre Malakoff Tower, the first American astronomical observatory from 1855. You can see the panorama of the city from there.

Street. Street. Peter in Recife In St. Peter’s Square it dates back to the 17th century. In the same square there are also restored colonial-era houses, restaurants, bars and bistros. At the confluence of the Recife rivers is the Republic Square, with the Theater of St. Isabella with its neoclassical facade, the Palace of Justice and a former prison, now the House of Culture with a shopping mall. There is also an 18th century governor’s mansion and a fort in the city. In Recife, it is worth visiting the Historical Zoo with a Botanical Garden, the Atlantic Forest Reserve (Mata Atlantica) and the Museum of Natural History. Five Points Harbor is home to the Pernambuco State Museum and the Recife City Museum. one of Interesting museums in Recife It is the Ricardo Brenand Institute. Located in a reproduction of a medieval castle. Mangrove Park, located in the southern part of the city, is the largest urban center for these plants in America. Recife and Olinde are also famous for carnival and events such as:

  • International Music Festival “About Virtuosi”,
  • brazilian music port,
  • international food festival,
  • International music show in Olinda.

While Carnival in Recife The most popular music and dance frevo . Saturday’s most important parade Galo de Madrogada (Morning Rooster), the world’s largest carnival block. During the carnival, parties are also held on the Boa Viagem beach.

Recife – beaches

The biggest attractions in Recife These are sandy beaches with almost white sand. There are three in the city itself: Boa Viagem 8 km long, Pena and Brasilia Timosa. The first is the most famous and frequented by tourists. Thanks to the “coral reefs” surrounding the coast, the waters are calm there and the temperature is constant – about 25 degrees Celsius. The beach lights up at night. Since the 1990s, attacks by tiger sharks and bighead sharks have occurred here. Because of them, surfing on local beaches was prohibited. Porto de Galinhas beach It is located 60 km south of Recife and has repeatedly been called the best beach in Brazil.

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