Krakow – Registration for this year’s Extraordinary Music Workshops has begun

For the seventh time, the Dominican Liturgical Center Foundation is organizing exceptional music workshops in the Dominican monastery in Krakow. Fans of liturgical music will gather from August 15-21 for a weekly program of rehearsals, conferences, concerts and joint prayer.

This year’s edition is a rich collection of thematic sections and a varied program for each of the seven days of the workshop, as well as excellent leaders and the unique atmosphere of a historic Dominican monastery in the heart of Krakow. In addition to the core vocal sections, the instrumentalists section and organ improvisation course return this year. Conferences for participants will be provided by Fr. Grzegorz Strzelczyk.

This year marks the 800th anniversary of the Dominican presence in Poland. It was then that Saint Jacek, inspired by the position of Saint Dominic, came to Krakow to fervently proclaim the fire of God’s nearness. Father Wojciech Sinek, project coordinator, explains that he took her to Polish lands and to other countries where he worked and preached the Gospel.

The slogan for this year’s workshops “Rise from the Fire” is taken from St. Hildegard of Bingen and description of the stone – hyacinth. Street. Jack is rendered in Latin as Hyacinthus and in Antiphon in his honor, “Ave florum flos” is also referred to as “a precious stone, the finest stone of all”.

– As Dominican brothers, enjoying hundreds of years of activity in Poland, we would also like to share this torch. The ways of proclaiming the Gospel are liturgical music, singing and common prayer. That is why we invite you once again to participate in our exceptional music workshops. This year there will be solo and polyphonic vocals. There will also be space for instrumentalists – this was announced by Father Snake.

As in previous editions, many outstanding musicians have responded to the invitation of the Dominican Liturgical Center and will hold workshops. Among them were: Urszula Rogala – composer, conductor and singer; Hubert Kowalski – composer, conductor, music producer, bass player, singer; Pawe Bębenek – conductor, composer and singer or Piotr Pałka – conductor, composer and singer, and Father David Koz – Dominican, conductor and composer.

The program includes polyphonic workshops in three groups of specialized workshops in the departments: Fundamentals of Leadership, Voice Versioning, Gregorian Singing, Byzantine Singing, and Jericho Songs. This year, the foundation is also expanding its offering with a section for instrumentalists and a course in members’ improvisation. During the entire week, you will also be able to benefit from sound emission consultations and introductory formation.

This year, the workshop will also include an English-speaking group with a separate program consisting of a mixture of different thematic sections, as well as their own conferences and some liturgies. Detailed information and the application form can be found at

Exceptional Music Workshops is the flagship project of the Dominican Liturgical Center Foundation, dedicated to singers interested in liturgical music. They should help to form new, good models in this important area of ​​the Church’s life.

The Foundation of the Dominican Liturgical Center strives to ensure that everyone consciously participates in the beautiful liturgy. It organizes workshops, retreats and teaching, publishes books and music recordings, creates things that highlight the content and dignity of the liturgical celebration, and organizes the environment for people involved in the renewal of the liturgy. It is a public benefit organization.

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