Complain about style? Then search. The biggest difference between Michniwich and SOS

The times when the Polish national team was held hostage by “beautiful” football and did not win. Paulo Sousa’s tenure lasted less than a year. After three matches with Czesław Michniewicz acting, you can already hear complaints about the style. And the fact that the staff is not impressive. But the facts are that Mitchnowitz is the first coach of Bowie Janas not to lose in the first three matches. And it’s hard to stick to something on Michniewicz’s team, although of course not everything is perfect.

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Michniewicz achieved 100 percent of the first two goals

Let what’s most important resonate: Michnowitz achieved one hundred percent the goal that the Polish Football Association could set for him in his first months in the Polish national team. In March, the team made it to the World Cup finals in Qatar with a 2-0 win over Sweden, now beat Wales 2-1 and take a step towards remaining in Group A of the Nations League. This in turn gives PZPN hopes for more big matches in the upcoming edition and translates into real financial benefits for the federation.

The next matches with Holland and Belgium will be more difficult and if we beat anyone in this group, it will be Wales. In turn, every point scored in three consecutive games will be just a good prediction for the Autumn World Cup. But let’s focus on what has happened so far.

Two goals from Linetti and two injuries in “the most important debate to coach the national team”.

The biggest difference in the Mitchinewicz and Sousa squad

It could be controversial and not everyone would agree with it, but I built what I saw in the two most important matches for Mitchinwich. Especially when it comes to creating target positions.

Of course: Paulo Sousa’s team was certainly nicer to look at. Just look at Sousa’s last three games to see the biggest difference in the number of passes made. Of course, during Sousa’s time we had more possession of the ball than at Michniewicz. The team traded more short passes and that tells us a lot about the style of the game. In contrast, Michniewicz’s team plays more direct. As a percentage, we definitely have more long balls, but we also have fewer passes.

Statistics Michniewicz and SousaStatistics Michniewicz and Sousa Sports

Statistics Michniewicz and SousaStatistics Michniewicz and Sousa Sports

However, if we look at the most important, that is, the positions that are created, the fact that we create practically the same number of opportunities for good goals does not change. In fact, in the main Mitchnewich matches (Sweden and Wales) we had more chances than in Sousa’s main matches (against Hungary and Albania). In addition, we scored another goal. The team isn’t that efficient, but it’s more effective in attack.

We can finish the match with Sweden with four goals. The same applies to Wales, because Piotr Zieliński or Adam Buksa did not take advantage of great opportunities. And we do not even add the beautiful Lewandowski rally from the 18th minute, because it was not a teamwork, but a showcase for the best football player in the world.

Michniewicz’s acting showed the hallmark

What can be enjoyed in the Michniewicz team is the repetition of offensive actions. The Michniewicz team is famous for this. It is very similar in the case of acting. The commonalities can be found in our team’s most serious actions from Wednesday’s game. Both in the first and second half. This is a very good omen before the World Cup, because even for Sousa we complained about the fact that the team did not play consistent games, which would give us a threat to the opponent’s goal. The Michniewicz team has worked on it since the beginning. And even when the game does not go well, it can always return to the planning base and surprise the opponent in this way.

Grzegorz KrychowiakGrzegorz Krychowiak suddenly left the training camp. Will be back, but not soon

In the first half of the match against Wales, the team played a new formation with the so-called diamond in the center of the field. There was no classic wing in it, but this does not mean that the team did not play on the wings. On the contrary, we created the best positions in this way. At the start of the match, the team was looking for a show thanks to the unexpected plays in the free court, behind the lines of defense. As soon as Bartosz Bereszyński made a good pass, Lewandowski took out one of the stopwatches, and Mateusz Klich ran into the free court, thanks to which he got a perfect pass. Here, however, he did not show a good cross. Soon the situation was repeated, and Grzegorz Krychowiak sent a long pass to defend Wales, as well as to Klic.

Bereszyński pass to Klich being on the wingBereszyński pass to Klich being on the wing Sports

Krichowik's long pass to KlicKrichowik’s long pass to Klic Sports

Diamonds didn’t work for us, but there were moments

In this game you can find out how much the need and variety should be in the game of Mateusz Klich and Jacques Goralsky, who in this match played the role of the so-called eight, although the Italian term “mezzala” would also be appropriate – a footballer who plays in The so-called half-spaces between the center and the wing.

Opole StadiumThe Polish club will have a new stadium. Construction started. The pride of the region is 200 million PLN

Góralski also showed that he is not the only player in the tackles, because in the 43rd minute he showed a very big vision of the game and sent a great vertical pass to Tymoteusz Puchacz, who made a great cross for Adam Bucsa. It was a perfect setting for recording. And it wasn’t a coincidence.

Jacek Góralski's vertical pass to PuchaczJacek Góralski’s vertical pass to Puchacz Sports

In the first half, Poland should lead zero or zero and this will be an outcome that will better reflect the course of this game. The match was torn, however, and the Poles had a major problem creating a position in the position’s offensive. We also didn’t control this game in the middle of the field. And for this, he had the largest number of complaints, among others Robert Lewandowski. Playing in the middle of the field is a matter that needs to be improved, because catching the ball or gaining an advantage was not worth it. I didn’t have any situations except for the ones I created myself. I have a few balls in the penalty area, so I’m looking deeper for contact with the ball – he said after the match.

How were the two goals scored? So look for the differences

The game has become much smoother in the last 20 minutes. Mainly by changing the game system and switching to a 4-4-2 formation, which our team feels comfortable with. and offensive patterns are self-imposed, resulting in nearly identical goals. The first after Puchacz’s superb action on the left wing and a dip to Jakub Kamiński, who threw the ball into the net with his style after a trick with his right leg. And the second after Kaminsky’s work and his withdrawal to the same place Lewandowski, who did not score any goal, but after his injury, the ball fell under the feet of Schwedersky, who scored his seventh goal in the national team since his first appearance in March. 2021.

Kamiński goal at 1: 1Kamiński goal at 1: 1 Sports

Oedersky's goal in 2:1Oedersky’s goal in 2:1 Sports

Sousa was looking for and didn’t win, Michniwich was looking for and winning

Michniewicz’s team is definitely not the final product yet. The new manager is looking for the perfect setup and the best performer in every match. Experience his practical representation of two tactical setups per match, but most importantly – he scores in matches with teams with similar or weaker potential. So far, she has been doing what Paulo Sousa had a big problem with throughout his tenure.

But for Michnowitz now, this is certainly the most difficult period, because the team’s next three games are Belgium (A), Netherlands (A), and Belgium (H). and in September Holland (departure) and Wales (departure). After this schedule, you could get dizzy. And with a few defeats, there will be criticism and the atmosphere ahead of the World Cup could become even more tense.

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