Kangurek KAO Review – A Show of Missed Opportunities

KAO kangaroo It returns after 17 years of absence from the toy market. Since then, in the field of platform games, we have made a huge wave of revenue, which, in a way, was the result of the Polish game. Unfortunately, it was not as successful as we had hoped.

KAO Kangaroo is back!

Tate Multimedia is a Polish and independent development studio that has been doing exceptionally well in the confusing game market since the early 2000s. In addition to the iconic mascot, the team produced such warmly-acclaimed products as urban experimental stadiums And the steel mice. However, since 2019, kangaroo fans have appealed to the Warsaw Company for a major campaign #BringKaoBackTo return to its most profitable brand. Three years later, we have a final product on our hands, a complete restart of the universe KAO kangaroo.

creative KAO kangaroo – Released in 2000 for PC and console SEGA Dreamcast – It was a simple 3D platformer that replicated solutions from games like Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1999)And the Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (1998) or too Rayman 2: The Great Escape (1999). But most importantly – the Polish game did not stand out much from the competition, impressed by a charming graphic style and a variety of stages.

but at the same time KAO kangaroo On the day of the premiere, its price was only 49 PLN. Two years later it was added to the magazine world computer game, where personal computers invaded Polish homes for 7.50 PLN. I am writing about it because the new KAO kangaroo It is also very attractively priced. You’ll get the title around 130 zlotys, which is a big plus. The problem, however, is that in the face of today’s competition, there is a much larger gap than that faced by the prototype in 2000.

The new design of KAO Kangaroo can be admired.  Unfortunately, this is one of the few strengths of production
The new design of KAO Kangaroo can be admired. Unfortunately, this is one of the few strengths of production

A glove no one picked up

new KAO kangaroo It is very similar to the original Spyro the Dragon (1998). Not only by loving all shades of green and purple, but also by dividing the game into four large worlds, from which we move to smaller levels. Interestingly, In each world, Kao can talk to NPCs, collect hidden coins and runes, and enter the shop to buy new hearts, lives or outfits. These even include the classic 2000 or z . kangaroo leather KAO the Kangaroo 3: The Secret of the Volcano (2005). Unfortunately, once the scene begins, our marsupial reverts to its basic form of cover.

Why does this farce happen at all? Kao sets out on an amazing adventure to find his missing sister, Kaya, and his father, Kobe. Along the way, we come across magical gloves that give the hero great strength and cooperate with three elements – fire, water and wind. As it turned out, the lands visited were possessed by an evil mystical power that sucked energy from them. We will also find out this secret during the game, and its solution may definitely surprise the players.

Above all, though – KAO kangaroo It gives the impression of a cheap and fast game. I can’t help feeling that this is not the product on the market today. And yet – this is the most complete game! It is very interesting, because I know the history of the brand and the price of the game, I did not focus on much. In a way, Tate Multimedia disappointed me anyway.

New one KAO kangaroo There are quite a few places you can brag about, but one of them is the way the main character moves. Our marsupial moves quickly, it is very easy to measure the distance of individual jumps, and the fight against opponents is fast and lively. The most important goal of the stages is to collect magical pebbles called runes. These allow you to unlock new locations, although their arrangement is similar to the chain’s crystals Bandicoot Crash Impossible to delete them! Turn, according to such Disney’s Tarzan (1999), Each board also contains three letters, which arrange the name of the main character – KAO!

But the problem is that you only need to play one level to see 80% of the game. During this 7-hour adventure, the character does not develop significantly. Kao receives no additional hits, and received glove items are only used to defeat simple platform divisions. Boss fights – often broken down into phases – are also very easy. It can be said that the most interesting platform challenges can be found in the hidden bonus stages compared to the main game. Even the interesting mechanisms for arranging the puzzles that open the lanes appear only twice while playing the game.

This does not mean, however, that the developers are not trying to introduce new elements to the game. Swinging on a rope with a hook, crystals to reveal additional platforms for a limited time, or a large glowing stone that Kao must wear to light a previously unseen path. Unfortunately, before these mechanics had a chance to appear, the player was already watching the credits.

for creators KAO kangaroo The differences are going down on the branches as in Disney Tarzan (1999) or the last Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s Time (2020)Plus a simple monkey style mini puzzle game hit the mole. There are a lot of comparisons for a reason, because I get the impression that Tate Multimedia has taken a lot of mechanics from other games, forgetting to piece them together in a new way.

With a camera among the monkeys
Monkeys have always been famous for their high level conversations

Almost like early access

play the latest KAO kangaroo I was amazed at how short this product was. It manifests itself in every aspect of production. Example 1 – In specific places on the board, Kao can find a boom that can handle an item. The glacier stops waterfalls, for example, and makes them climbing platforms. However, it is sad that someone forgot to animate this process, because turning a waterfall into ice is just one tire jump.

Another curiosity is the red vases, breaking them gives kangaroos extra coins. It often turns out that it does not crash into a poppy seed and also disappears as a single frame of the animation. A lot of flaws also appear in the main movie scenes, where the characters move like wooden puppets. Another problem is the coins themselves. Over the course of the 7-hour campaign, Kao collects thousands of them without having much to spend. Yes, you can buy all the extra costumes and lives, but it makes the game much easier.

Dubbing – although true – is limited only to the main scenes. When we get close to any character on the map, it will only make noise, leaving us with a text statement. I understand the budget cuts, but here’s where the full soundtrack should come in. It’s also hard to say anything about perfectly nice pieces of music – absolutely memorable.

The situation is somewhat saved by the designs of the main characters and the quality of the environments offered. KAO kangaroo Created on Unreal Engine 4, the global build of plastic combined with warm colors can really please. Only once again – the interaction of the four main worlds is so small that it is another element that contributes to the omnipresent sense of the project, which is the new KAO kangaroo.

Kangaroo, why did you come out like this?

new KAO kangaroo It is neither a good platform nor a great fighting game. This is very unpleasant because there was potential for a really decent product from the start. After all, it’s a highly imitative project that ends before it has a chance to take off.

It’s a pity, because we have a really solid foundation here. Awesome website designs, control module and foot fight attempts. There was no strong element of progression in the game, a variety that could have stuck to the screen much longer. On the one hand, I’m happy with that KAO kangaroo It only lasts seven hours because I was finally pushing myself to the end of the credits.

The saddest thing is that Even the price of PLN 129 does not justify a product of this quality. The competition is tough – Just a little more expensive for the first show Qena: The Bridge of Souls (139 zlotys) Polish kangaroos crushed, but many polished turkeys (Pumpkin Jack, Yucca, and Lily, Hat in Time) It was cheaper and offered a lot. Don’t mention here heavyweight platforms like Sackboy: Fantastic Adventure if take two – Not that caliber, my friends.

I didn’t focus on much, and was disappointed anyway. It’s a pity, because KAO Kangaroo’s resurrection is an opportunity for a generation. By creating a duplicate product, Tate Multimedia can create a spell that appears in a file Falling Guys: The Ultimate Knockout or too fortniteWhich makes it famous all over the world. What happened to turn this bad? Kids will play much better productions – for them KAO kangaroo Does this mean anything?

Other fans of the brand, those who’ve played titles since the turn of the century – will be sadder and sadder, and I’m in the lead. Meanwhile, Tate Multimedia has done something extraordinary by showing what magazine games could look like in 2022. Unfortunately, not in the positive and nostalgic sense of the sentence.

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KAO Kangaroo - Promotional illustration (Source: Tate Multimedia)

Kangurek KAO Review – A Show of Missed Opportunities


Gorgeous designs by Kao and accompanying heroes

Diverse, full of warm environment colors

Solid model of kangaroo control, also on ice

Is it cheap and short?


Modest quality of scenes

Incomplete game sound

There is not much progress in the combat mechanics

Ideas borrowed from many games that do not come together into a coherent whole

Lots of drawbacks

A grueling gameplay that doesn’t have a chance to spin for the duration of the game

Very nice music

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