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The twenty-first century equates with modernity. The 3D printer, equipped in the elementary school in Łobdów, proves the validity of this thesis.

May 10 this year. 3D printing personnel have been trained at the facility. It was led by Specialist Daniel Sosva of Cadxpert in Krakow. Apart from the professional vocabulary, the message during training was clear, professional, anecdotal and engaging, with full use of pictorial and individual exercises. From the leaflets distributed to the training participants, we get acquainted with the text intended for the printer itself:

“Hello dear user! I am MakerBot Sketch, the printer you will be working with during Future Labs in your school. I would like to help you with some interesting concepts that you may have heard or will only hear during classroom training. So let’s get to the point!”

Websites, cloud, educational platform, creation of accounts, device calibration, design, use of ready-made models in global database and manual of 3D printer are the core issues discussed and presented. Some issues require subject matter study and expertise with this amazing technological feat. However, no one will be left alone with emerging issues, because any ambiguities will be explained by the coach, or entries and videos posted on the respective platform – inform the coach.

We learned from the school principal that the new purchase is an amount close to PLN 10,000. zloty.

– It was professional training in every way. However, only the practical application of the acquired knowledge will achieve the expected effect. I hope teachers will quickly master the skill of using our 3D printer and properly teach all students in this field. The use of advanced and highly useful technology in daily activities is beneficial to the entire school community. Nowadays, it is necessary to face the challenges of the twenty-first century. I am convinced that this equipment will make lessons more attractive, and our graduates will leave the school equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the next stages of learning and life – confirms the school director Danuta Klonowska.

We read on the official websites discussing the project: “Labs of the future – we focus on practice, not theory! With Labs of the Future you will discover science in a completely different dimension!” There, we know that it is an educational initiative implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the GovTech Center in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. Our common mission is to create a modern school where classes are conducted in a way that is fun, engages students and promotes the discovery of their talents and the development of their interests.

The aim of the initiative is to support all primary schools in building future competencies among students in the so-called STEAM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). As part of the Laboratories of the Future, the school authorities will receive financial support from the state amounting to more than one billion zlotys, thanks to which millions of Polish students will be able to learn by experience and thus acquire practical skills. The entire support is transferred up front – without the need to make a special contribution.”

Almost all of us have dealt with 3D printed models. Due to the relatively high cost of these types of printers, they are not yet widely accessible. Therefore, the essence of the “Labs of the Future” project should be appreciated, the implementation of which will make it possible to provide primary school students with knowledge and practice throughout the country, regardless of the location of the educational institution. Being able to operate a 3D printer is a must in both the small village and the big city.

As coach Daniel Sefaye mentioned, it is scary nowadays to leave the house without knowing English. This can be applied to many other necessary skills today that have become our daily routine.

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