The decapitated ‘cancer culture’: the continuous process of evolution

From the first sounds, the title track, which begins atomically in “Cancer Culture,” makes us aware of one basic issue – this time it’s going to be wilder. It even appears that the first published “cancer culture” has an introductory character. It is the kind of message that headless provides us with very important information about the undeniable intensity of its new achievement.

However, anyone who thinks that we are dealing here with repetition of entertainment, which is typical of many, would be mistaken. It’s not that band. Yes, the blood-chilling metallic tracks are in no way inferior to what we know from the second album “Nihility” 20 years ago, but the difference is that it’s just part of a larger puzzle. The key to all of this is the amazing variety. The melodic allure of soundscapes, broken neck grooves, workshop, mastery of composition as well as undoubtedly – don’t be afraid of that word – watch. As if that wasn’t enough, when the title phrase comes out from Ravi “Rasta” Piotrovsky, who is in great shape again, I think of Max Cavalera from Sepultura’s best time.

Plenty of death metallic accents – a bit unlike with the odd title – also have “Just A Cigarette,” the numbers being as melodic as they are progressive – experimental. Densely distributed blasts by James Stewart, headless British drummer (and ex-drummer Vader), are balanced here with a blurred extraterrestrial mood, almost black metal riffs and a panoramic guitar solo by Wacław “Vog’s Strong Arm” Kiełtyka, from the category of Frederick’s own defects.

Another confirmation of the offensive nature of the eighth-length show by Nuclear Blast Records is undoubtedly the acceleration of “No Cure” with Stewart’s outstanding performance worthy of distinction, and the corresponding crowning of the album “The Last Supper” – a deadly metal giant with terribly good guts that forces you to act. It evokes irresistible associations with Vader Olsztyn in the second half of the 1990s. Nevertheless, it deserves the name of a real fireworks – attention! – 77 seconds, “Locked,” a gay (nitro) nerd killer in violent compulsive spells, locked – for mental health – with a romantic punch line and a percussion cannon.

The film “Hello Death” featuring Tatiana Shmiluk is an absolute novelty. The Ukrainian group’s vocalist Ginger was beheaded to an unprecedented level of melody, which is also reflected in the guitar parts. And while die-hard Death Metal fans may turn their noses up, it’s worth noting that the opening wave’s prelude is probably one of the fastest and most technically advanced, and “Hello Death”‘s strong, closed rhythm blends tiger greed with the metallic flair of Fear Factory. The Subcutaneous Imagination of Michuga. However, I would like to stress that counteracting this trend of decapitation development may not be painful.

Iconoclasm, which speeds up the attack, works on a similar principle. The guest role is played by Rob Flynn himself, the California Machine President, whose rank – from 2019 – also includes Vogg. The exceptionally successful, even inspiring vocal part of the leader of the Machine Head introduces the element of oomph to Krosno’s arsenal, whose nature finds its end in melancholic guitars.

“Hours As Battlegrounds” – for a change – is the heaviest piece of metal that’s been on the quartet’s debut album from Podkarpacie five years ago. Brutal music with a distinct mood flows in here like an imperial destroyer, creating – if you’ll let me – an epic atmosphere in which Morbid Angel and French Gojira also feel at ease. Speaking of this piece, it is also worth noting the deadly delicate percussion work, whose parts and patterns are in themselves a mystery of the secret of human endurance.

Finally, the undisputed favorite – the “suicide space program”, a combination that – for some reason – eludes many who have conducted the analysis of “cancer culture”. Especially since literally everything in it: a slow accumulating stellar tension; absolute death metal core in guitars; slow down a truly crazy solo pace against the backdrop of an unforgiving mechanical sound; The groovemetal pulse, moreover, the violent, angry and sudden outbursts of math metal in which the Dillinger Escape Plan previously specialized. A large, non-linear volcanic eruption and one of the best trails in Decapitated’s 25+ year career.

This is what “cancer culture” is. amalgam. A perfectly crafted and deeply thought-out blend of many elements, where brutality once again goes hand in hand with vocal diversity and an unprecedented dose of melody, it is another revolutionary novelty that evolves headless work in an ever-evolving process. I’ll get the rest later.

Disabled “cancer culture”, Sophie


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