Piotr Głowacki: Gruszka is a wonderful actress. Detective Bruno and Absentee 2

Piotr Głowacki Can’t complain about the lack of professional offerings. A film directed by Marius Palij and Magdalena Nietzs titled “Detective Bruno”In which she plays one of the main roles. It can also be displayed alongside Carolina Groszka In the continuation of the series “Absent 2” On the Player Original platform.

However, Piotr Głowacki has at least two other surprises in store. At the moment, he does not want to reveal many details, but it is known that work on their implementation has already begun.

– At the moment, I have already started filming two projects. One is a serial project, the other – a project with producers “singles planets”So it’s going to be criminal, and I hope it’s funny, but this isn’t the stage where I’d like to reveal anything yet, because I know so little about myself, we’re just getting started – says Newseria Lifestyle Agency Piotr Głowacki.

On May 27, the comedy premiered “Detective Bruno”, as well as with the participation of Piotr Głowacki. This is a story about eight-year-old Oscar, who is a huge fan of the ‘Detective Bruno’ series and one day would like to be just like his hero. The boy is in the family orphanage and on his birthday finds an envelope with a clue, thanks to which he will be able to find a gift that his parents are hiding. However, the mystery is not easy, so he decides to hire the best detective in the world to help.

According to the actor, this is a great family cinema. After feedback from the audience during the premiere, he noted that the audience quickly liked this production.

– I sighed after the premiere, because the film was accepted by the children’s audience at the Kino w Trampkach festival. Arouses laughter, passion and interest. Anyway, I heard myself how the kids solved puzzles out loud while watching the movie – he says.

Interestingly – the hero and authority of Oscar is actually Bruno Kshesinsky – a cynical, exhausted, unpleasant and cunning actor who has just gone through an image crisis and is losing much of his popularity. And perhaps the whole adventure would have led to clues, had it not been for the fact that his director sees the boy’s appearance as an opportunity to mend the artist’s weaker position. Oscar and Bruno throw themselves into a whirlwind of adventure, and the eight-year-old turns his world upside down.

– I am glad that I was able to contribute to this film, and I contributed to it by building the character of an actor who suffers from excessive exposure to human attention due to his popularity, and whose ego under the sun of this popularity has grown so great that it is beginning to weigh him down. And in a meeting with a young man, played imaginatively by Iwo Ragsky, he suddenly had a chance for a change – says Peter Gowaki.

On the set of “Detective Bruno”, the actor also met Carolina Groska. This is not their only joint project, because the actress has just joined the series “Absentee 2”.

– I’m ready to play with Carolina at any time, because she’s a great actress and a great character, so I’m always happy when we meet. Especially since our roles are very different. We’re in completely different star constellations and we can see each other in these characters, as well as monitor our progress in business, our artistic evolution, so meeting Carolina now and then is just a joy — says Piotr Głowacki.

In the series “Absentee 2”, the actor plays Philip Zachara, an employee of the Tracing Center, while Karolina Groska plays Susanna, the owner of the center for spiritual renewal.

In turn, at the end of April, filming began in Wroclaw “Kajtak Processor” Directed by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz based on the motifs of Janusz Korczak’s book of the same title. Her hero confronts the world’s brutality and decides to change it with the help of magic. However, it soon turned out that completely different tools were needed for this. It’s a clever, funny, charming story that is still relevant to children.

This production will also feature Karolina Gruszka and Piotr Głowacki.

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