Edyta Górniak corresponds with Zapendowska. ‘She built her legend’

Elibeta Zabindowska He does not bite his tongue when talking about Polish show business and its stars. ex juror “Idol” Time and time again, I have risked uttering quite frank words, which can oftentimes be too annoying to address. She recently said in an interview with Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierskiwhat fr. Edisi Gornyak And about her son’s profession, Alan Krupa (Listen!).

“He’s 18 and he’s sure to push the glass. He wants to do what he started. I don’t know if the market will kill him, because they’re better. But he’s also 18 and he was brought up in the conditions he grew up in. Nonsense that laughs half the world ”- said Zapendowska. “The poor girl who fell into some kind of self-love. I know how she did not respect people. (…) I don’t know what happened in her head there, and under that dome many things happened that cannot be untied” – she added.

The singer was also accused of dishonesty and disrespect for others.

“In Opole, I worked with an orchestra. I treated them horribly like the worst shepherds playing the wrong pipes, and then came out into the audience, saying ‘great orchestra’ and they are delighted” – recalls Ela Zapendowska.

In an interview with Jastrząb Post, the hit performer “it was not me” Respond to the accusations of the audio coach. Górniak claims that today he regrets the story of learning to sing with Zapendowska, because it was not entirely true.

She built her legend and we have to be honest about that. Nobody knows Ela Zapendowska nationally, I convinced everyone that this person deserves to learn to sing with him and I should withdraw from him very honestly. I never wanted to say that. I have quite a few of these secrets when it comes to show business. Ela helped me once and I decided to help her to get this help. My help was that I lied to all of Poland, saying that Ela Zapendowska taught me to sing. this is not true. I just wanted to help her ”- the star admitted ..

The singer believes that she is indebted to Elibeta Zabindowska only because she convinced her parents to move to the capital to develop her career. In retrospect, the women were supposed to have little in common with each other – apart from the fact that Gornyak got her a job in the musical. “subway”.

“Ela recognized my talent. She did something very important after that, because she convinced my parents that it was worth letting me go to Warsaw. Then she supported my father for many years. However, my first album, Dotyk, dedicated her to her. Then he was still alive. My director is the late Wiktor. I wanted to help Ela. She asks him to give her a job on the metro. Let her sing the piano. Despite having two teachers, Wiktor convinced. So he brought her from Opole to Warsaw, gave her the apartment he paid for, gave her a job – she made a living and took care of my boss all over, and tried to convince everyone that Ella taught me to sing. this is not true. All the programs that Ela Zapendowska went to as a coach and teacher, were based on this myth, which I built myself. I built some people this way, but most of them took advantage of the opportunity positively ”- he recalls years later.

The singer wonders why her voice coach insisted on her criticizing her son Alan’s actions.

“The fact that Ella, being so old and living so much in the world – I understand the different stages, I understand her doubts, I understand that she might be unhappy, unfulfilled, angry, maybe she needs attention. But I’ve never given her a reason to say anything bad in public against me. Or against my only son. I don’t take those words seriously and neither does Alan. Because with all due respect, that’s not an authority for me when it comes to technology and vocal statements.. But after 15 years I decided to attack her to tell you the truth..

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