“Your face looks familiar”: Małgorzata Walewska thought she would die on stage

You can already find a book in stores “Małgorzata Walewska. My face looks familiar”written by Agata Ubesh. In it, the opera singer for the first time spoke more insightfully about her past and private life. One fact that has devoted some space to her is her battle against Lyme disease. Walewska has also become a victim of a nasty bacteria transmitted by ticks.

The star of “Your Face Looks Familiar” recalls the situation when the disease began to worsen. “I must admit that when I was lying backstage and thought that this was the last performance I would sing in my life, the idea came to my mind that Death in Carmen in the first act completely contradicts the script” – he tells in an autobiography.

Diagnosis is very important in treating Lyme disease — some people don’t even know they are sick. Sometimes the disease takes years and the disease wreaks havoc on the body.

“For four years I was looking for what hit me, it turns out, and then we started treatment. The treatment took four months (…) I must tell you that Lyme disease has many faces. The heart, and specifically the conduction system. Thanks to the fact that my heart was healthy, I managed to get out of it ”- Walewska recalls.

In one part of the book, we learn that teenage Magorzata and Yuska lived next door to… Violetta’s villas!

“For me, she was a full-fledged star. When my mother shouted:” Villas go to the co-op, “everyone in the apartment rushed to the window. Her shortest path was to the administration building under our house. The pier” – the singer recalls .

“They all wear a white hat, with a white fox on the shoulders and a white purse tied with a blue bow. She probably made a big fuss in other apartments. Sometimes she elegantly drove a white Mercedes” – writes the famous Mizu-Soprano in her autobiography.

Although Villas is extremely talented and personal, she did not have a brilliant career in the United States, and over time she became a forgotten star in Poland. Walewska presents in the book the thesis on why this happened.

“After many years, I began to analyze her vocal phenomenon and wonder why she did not sing in the opera. Violetta Villas was a person full of contradictions. Her behavior and interpretations showed that she had an incredible sensitivity. She also lived in the land of imagination, somewhat like a captive of her imagination. Around the world – Sometimes it’s too far from reality. Listening to her recordings on the Internet, I understood why she was not in the world of classical music, writes Magorzata Walewska.

According to the singer, Violetta Villa was a very complex artist – with an operatic voice, but at the same time endowed with star-like charisma, which made it difficult for her to act with modesty, which is what operas require.

“You can’t add a Habanera sound to Bizet with impunity, compose a script, connect any words that sound French, and take a breath in the middle of the expression. Violetta took shortcuts, often parading her circus. Skills. Villas defied all attempts to normalize scale. Her voice., way of being, clothes, perception of the world and people – everything about her was beyond norms.Documentary materials show that her brilliant career ended with the communist authorities, who forbade another foreign contract. With her indifference, beauty, unbridled temper and abilities, she perfectly fit into American reality ” – Describes the brilliant career of a Villas singer.

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