Women in Tech Summit 2022

The Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022 is one of the most important events in Europe for women in tech. The event will be held from June 7-8, but already in 6 locations in several locations in Warsaw, participants will be welcomed. Bianka Siwińska, the event organizer, spoke about the details of the project in an interview with Daria Pacańska, a journalist from Dziendobry.tvn.pl.

Perspektywy Women in Tech 2022 Summit

on me Perspektywy Women in Tech 2022 Summit There will be a lot of wonderful women from all over the world, but most of all from Poland and our region. It is an exchange of experiences and the creation of new opportunities for women in the field of technology.

We have special sessions for computer scientists, researchers and women in the field of cybersecurity. We have a large pool of AI women, we have a large pool of mathematicians, we have a lot of events related to female leadership, with the creation of female tech startups – she said Bianka Siwińska, Director of the Perspektywy Educational Foundation.

The event organizers did not forget about the environment. They decide to reduce their carbon footprint and also want to account for their total consumption. Exhibitors were asked not to produce flyers and other advertising materials.

– to break the carbon footprint that will be produced during the summit, With our partner we decided to buy an eternal forest. It is located in the buffer zone of Biebrza National Park and will be protected for 100 years. Thanks to this, we are able to offset all the carbon dioxide generated during the event – she said Joanna Lisica, Director of Programs at Perspektywy Education.

Who are the participants in the Perspektywy Women in Tech . Summit?

Summit Perspektywy Women in Technology It is an event that supports women in technology. The organizers want the event participants to develop and climb the career ladder.

– Our participants are students of science, especially information technology, but not only. We deal with technology on a large scale. It can also be a young professional who has already entered the labor market, taking her first steps, looking for opportunities, and support in developing her professional wings. Bianca Siwinska said that she could also be an old woman, a woman whose career has settled, who would like to meet other ladies, and also gentlemen, wise men who support women.

This year’s summit is the fourth edition, but it is the first consistent event two years after the pandemic. There will be girls from Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus.

Women in Tech

Bianka Siwińska has been supporting women in technology for many years, and as she stresses, there are more and more of them in the industry.

Despite this growth, it is no longer a revolution. We are in a certain transition phase, including this new world of conscious women beautifully advancing these technologies. You can meet her at our summit, this talent, this strength, the ideas, this potential. On the other hand, this very traditional, masculine world resists him all the time. Women, almost all tech workers say that They face all kinds of obstacles, stereotypes, frivolous treatment, and sometimes gender discrimination. Three-quarters of students in technical universities and science colleges have heard a negative message about the position of women in this field. This is our everyday life – men are simply into technology, and women have to find themselves all the time – Siwińska explains.

– All studies indicate that the broader presence of women in technology raises the quality of technology, and increases business efficiency as well. Women on boards immediately move to specific stock market indices. If we finally believe it, this awareness will change.

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