Warsaw. Results of the National Museum Expansion Competition

On Monday, the results of the competition to expand the National Museum in Warsaw were announced. 28 works were evaluated, and the winning project was prepared by the architectural studio P2PA from Wroclaw. The new wing will be built on the side of Książęca.

The National Museum in Warsaw, in cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects, organized the competition for the concept of a Conservation and Storage Center at the National Museum in Warsaw.

The new museum wing

The moment of settling the dispute is important and dangerous for us. Professor Dr. said. Łukasz Gawe, Director of the National Museum in Warsaw.

Director Gawish emphasized that the date of the competition was also symbolic. – because exactly 150 years ago, on May 30, 1872, Bronisław Gembarzewski, Director of the National Museum in Warsaw, was born, who, in his 20 years in office, led to the construction of the building in which we are now, Director of the National Museum in Warsaw.

The winning design was prepared by the architectural studio P2PA from Wroclaw. The new wing will be built at the rear of the main building, in the garden in Książęce. – It is possible to invest thanks to the support provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for investment spending under the name “Construction of the Preservation and Storage Center at the National Museum in Warsaw” – Gawish pointed out.

Opportunity to enlarge the area

– This is the first stage of modernization of the entire historical building complex of the National Museum in Warsaw and the first opportunity in decades to expand its area – emphasized the head of the National Museum of Warsaw.

Among the 28 works submitted to the competition, the jury was headed by Prof. Jerzy Bogusławski has been awarded three projects and two awards with honors. – Prize-winning works must meet three conditions: link the project to the park and the green spaces around it; Professor confirmed. Jerzy Bogoslavsky.

– However, these two equal prizes were not evaluated in terms of completely specific and constraining rules, but were treated as a very interesting sound in the discussion – said the professor. Bogusławski.

– First Prize in Competition – P2PA Studio’s winning project, is a new paradigm for Museum and Studios Conservation Magazine based on the principles of access, sharing and education. The building meets high environmental standards and ensures optimization of operating costs. The jury said in a statement that the work fit in with the surrounding environment, while at the same time adding variety to it.

Envisioning the concept of expanding the National MuseumP2PA studio from Wroclaw

Suite full of open spaces

Everyone liked the project with the first prize. It shows the beautifully analyzed proportions of the facade of the existing building, and at the same time is not a mechanical reproduction of these proportions and the structure of the material, but a completely original proposal, consistent with the surroundings – emphasized the professor. Bogusławski. – It’s a suite full of open spaces that unobtrusively let in light, and it’s positioned so that you can consider further expansion – he emphasized.

The second prize went to Pracownia Projekt Praga from Warsaw, and the third – WXCA from Warsaw.

The submitted designs were evaluated by an 11-member jury headed by the architect, Prof. Jerzy Bogusławski, which consists of representatives of the museum and architects from the Association of Polish Architects. The creation of a new wing in Lexis will allow, above all, to solve the most urgent needs of the Museum in the field of security and storage of works of art, especially sensitive objects on a paper base, and greatly facilitate their search.

The museum building on Aleje Jerozolimskie 3 was designed by Tadeusz Tołwiński in 1926. It took more than ten years to build – the building was opened in 1938. At that time, the museum’s collection included about 100,000 works of art. Since then, the collection has grown eightfold and now has more than 830,000 items.

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Main image source: P2PA studio from Wroclaw

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