The end of Leroy Merlin InPost sponsorship of the Polish national team how much

This is PZPN’s largest sponsorship contract with a private company to date – The President of the Polish Football Association, Czeslaw Micniewicz, said at the conference. However, he did not disclose the value of the contract – unofficially, the amount is 8-10 million PLN. At the conference, the sum was 16 million – but it’s not the financial means, but the number of viewers of the Poland-Portugal match in 2016 (the most watched meeting of the Polish team in Nielsen’s research) as well as the number of InPost customers, illustrating the company’s turnover.

We are the largest player in nine markets when it comes to e-commerce delivery. A leader thanks to motivation and team play – said Rafai Przoska, President of InPost. It is difficult to find a better team match than the national team match, which evokes real feelings.

The contract with the Polish Football Association assumes that the InPost logo will be visible on billboards, conference walls, screens, the representation bus, invitations, tickets, posters, as well as on 3D carpets that can be clearly seen on TV next to the goals. He will also appear on the training clothes of the Polish national team. Inpost’s head of marketing, Izabela Karolczyk-Szafrańska, confirmed that the company will also promote its other brands under the agreement with the Polish Football Association (such as Paczkomaty and InPost Fresh).

In addition, from matches scheduled for September, InPost will be responsible for providing fans with all printed tickets for national team matches. Contract signed by July 2024 (UEFA 2024 is scheduled to take place in June and July 2024), with an option to extend it by two years.

Lotos remains the main sponsor of the Polish national team

At the same time, the main sponsor of the Polish national football team is Grupa Lotos, which has been cooperating with the Polish Football Association since 2014. – Benefits are appropriately distributed. Each company has its own rights, Jaroslaw Wiecowski, Secretary General of the Polish Football Association, said at the conference.

The contract with Lotos expires at the end of the year, as with other sponsors. STS, Biedronka, Oshee, Leroy Merlin and T-Mobile Polska have the status of official sponsors of the team. (The last company signed the contract in the spring of 2020), the official partners are AliorBank, rent99, Fakro and Ustronianka.

Recently, the construction hypermarket chain Leroy Merlin, which did not decide to suspend its operations in Russia after the attack on Ukraine, was especially loud. However, it was a decision of the French headquarters, while the Polish branch was engaged in helping refugees. Despite this, stores in Poland became the target of campaigns by activists and boycotts by some customers, and some demanded an end to the sponsorship agreement by the Polish Football Association, which did not happen. Leroy Merlin has stopped cooperating with TVN on programs broadcast on HGTV, but on the other hand, the network’s advertising sites are still broadcast on TVN Group, Polsat Group and Telewizja Polska channels.

– The process of getting sponsors started a long time ago. All is well on track to ensure A pyramid of care is at least the same as it was in the 2017-2022 cycle, and even larger – said Grzegorz Stańczuk, Director of Marketing and Sponsorship of PZPN at the conference.

In an interview with, Stańczuk confirmed that The federation is in talks to extend contracts with all current sponsors of the Polish national team. Including Leroy Merlin. The Polish Football Association intends to raise the level of cooperation to a higher level – there is no doubt just submitting your logo.

‘Football binds us’ to product placement

In the case of InPost, the innovative cooperation will take place, and representatives of the Polish Football Association are not even afraid to talk about the most modern sponsorship agreement. The Football Association will open its social networking sites to the new sponsor, including the “Łączy nas ball” YouTube channel, with 801 thousand. Subscription. InPost will be able to place its products in the materials posted on this channel.

We want to follow this trend in the coming years. As the largest sports federation in Poland, we want to define the standards of sports marketing. At the same time, we will do everything possible to make our partners feel that we participate and help build their business – emphasizes Stańczuk.

– It will be a completely different care, we want to surprise our customers. We are already looking for ideas for Qatar – said Isabella Karolczyk-Sfrainska.

We asked the main sponsors of the Polish football team if they would be interested in further cooperation with the Polish Football Association after 2023. Pedronka network did not give us a clear answer.

At the moment, we are focused on implementing the activities resulting from the sponsorship agreement in place until the end of this year, especially in the context of the upcoming matches of the League of Nations and the promotion of the Polish national team to the world. The Cup is in Qatar, which for the first time in history will not be held in the summer, but in early November and December, said Arcadius Merzoa, Director of Corporate Communications at Jeronimo Martins Polska.

So far, we haven’t been able to get Lotos’ comment. In the case of this company It is unknown what his care strategy will be after he is finally taken over by Orlen. The company is also heavily involved in sports sponsorship, but is focused on motorsports. Orlen’s main project is the collaboration with the Formula 1 team – Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen and with the support of Robert Kubica. The company supports 80 talented athletes. In 2022, the concern’s investment in sports increased by 120%.

In the first quarter of this year. InPost achieved a revenue increase of 94.4 percent. to 1.5 billion euros (and by 19% excluding the purchase of Mondial Relay) and a decrease in net profit from 93.8 to 68.8 million euros. In Poland, it recorded a smaller increase in sales compared to the past two years, and at the end of March it had 17,357 paxcomati.

Since 2010, InPost has been a sponsor of the InPost Sport team, which includes, among others, athletes Robert Urbanek, Wojciech Nowicki, Konrad Bukowitzki, Marcin Krokowski, younger generation tennis player Magda Schwercheska or climber Magda Gorzkowska, who has attempted to conquer the winter at K2.

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