Testing: Renault Master 4×4 for 6 people with configurable interior

Marcin ŁOBODZIŃSKI • 45 minutes ago

The brigade car with comfortable seats and all-wheel drive is an interesting type, but also an innovative configuration. Renault Master has been tested primarily for builders and assembly companies that require flexibility in the vehicle’s interior and high portability.

Renault Master 4x4 is a tough art designed for tough conditions

Renault Master 4×4 is a tough art designed for tough conditions (Photo by Marcin Łobodziński)

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I discovered the efficiency of an Obereigner 4×4 engine less than two years ago when I tested a truck with twin wheels. This time I had a similar body, but on single wheels with completely different proportions. 19% faster, which practically changes this car beyond recognition.

Renault Master 4×4 with Operator engine: hard work

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Faster and more efficient

In the previously tested Master 4×4, the potential speed was 100 km / h, and the real maximum speed was 130 km / h. With the fastest and most road gears, the master shown here travels without difficulty at a speed of 140 km / h at 3000 rpm. up to 160 km/h max.

Clay and sand are not dangerous to him.  A master with 4x4 engine will reach places that normal delivery truck can't reach

At slow speeds, the cabin is not excessively noisy, and at high speeds, the main problem is the vibration of the front door frames and air noise, not the engine. However, this is not the only noise in this car.

As in rear-wheel drive cars, you can hear the bridge, although it does not bother you. The plastic section makes louder sounds of this force to protect the crew in the cabin from the moving load. Mounted on a steel frame on a deeper bump, it can make a sound as if something is upside down from behind.

Testing: Renault Master Brigade with box, trunk and winch. The only thing missing is the shower, sauna and toilet

A specialized tool like this doesn’t necessarily mean a vehicle isn’t versatile. In this case, it’s quite the opposite. a test …

interesting buildings

What do you expect from the brigade’s vehicle? I was expecting maximum use of passenger and cargo space. That’s why I was surprised to see the rear bench seat with three independent adjustable seats. Needless to say, it’s more convenient than you might expect.

I wasn't expecting such a seat.  The rear seats are more comfortable than the right front seats

In general you can see it A vehicle for both off-road and long-distance trips. Front driver’s seat with springs. Front passengers are less comfortable. Those in the back have plenty of space and Backrest angle adjustable. Since there are three armchairs, there is plenty of space between them. The armrests lack perfection, because nice finishing materials or LED lighting for the cabin at the bus level are already available.

Interestingly designed cargo space - details can be found in the photo gallery

However, it is interesting when you need to reconfigure the car. Carpol has made sure its structure is as universal as possible. True, I couldn’t show it, because it requires a bit of tool work and preferably in two, but the seats can be removed, and the partition behind them can be moved forward, creating an almost classic truck from the trunk of a brigade.

The visible partition can be adjusted and the seats can even be removed

Even in such a configuration as in the photos, the cargo space is large. It has a length of 268 cm on the floor, so not only tools, but also larger equipment will fit in it. There are also spreader rails and sliding handles, which make it easy to transport items of different shapes. All dimensions can be found in the table at the end of the text.

Driving without sacrifices

Like I mentioned, in the car Not too loud if you’re driving at a reasonable speed (and you can technically even around 160 km/h), a The driver has a comfortable seat at his disposal. Unfortunately, he has one drawback and that is the fixation of the lower part of the belt, which facilitates damage to the thigh. The test sample also included anecdotes such as the rear monitor system with a large screen instead of the mirror and the rear view camera (separately).

The back camera is a separate device from the back camera

The driver’s surround cab might not be the best in its class, but it’s certainly one of the best. With regard to the first test models, it was possible to mute the dashboard sound and to revise the fuel quantity indicators. However, it was not possible to strengthen the outside mirrors, which vibrate so that little is visible in them, at a speed of about 120 km / h upwards. In addition to being great.

It is worth mentioning here father. High stability of the car despite the high suspension. Even on fast curves or highway exits, you don’t have to be afraid of excessive leaning. The car is confident at high speeds.

The driver's seat is very comfortable, but when entering it's easy to damage your thigh by tightening the belt

Can’t complain about either of them 2.3-liter power unit with 130 horsepower. Not only is it powerful enough to provide a large car with adequate dynamics even at fast speeds, it can also use very low revs. He could only lack power in a gear that was too high on the field.

Economy can also be praised, although this is due not only to the engine, but also to the above mentioned gear ratios. basically During daily driving, the fuel consumption can be maintained in the range of 10-11 l / 100 kmAnd on the highway the car needs 16 l / 100 km at a constant speed of 140 km / h. Contrary to appearances, it is an impressive result considering the dimensions and purpose of the car.

In the city, on the other hand, … the reducer is useful. You do not need to activate the front axle drive to use the lower gear ratios (1.42), as is the case with practically all off-road passenger vehicles.

The reducer is not only for off-road driving.  It is also useful in the city and in confined spaces when maneuvering

Thanks to this, when driving around the city, we have a more compact gearbox and very accurate maneuverability. You just have to remember that To switch into road gears (the longer ones), stop. Plus, everything runs at lightning speed, so you can get it done in just about any time. It is enough to stand for 2-3 seconds.

Off-road driving

Renault Master 4×4 is an agile off-road vehicle, provided that the driver knows its limits. They are caused not only by the long wheelbase, but also by the low ground clearance, which, although about 20 cm, is actually 18.5 cm under the engine protection plate, 19 cm under the fuel tank and 17 cm under the rear axle, 5 cm .

The rear-wheel drive alone is surprisingly efficient, along with the reduction gear and off-road mode. On mud or sand, the electronics ensure that the rear axle is nearly deadlocked, and both wheels often spin at the same or similar speeds. Works are as good as, for example, at Toyota Hilux.

After the front axle drive is engaged, the Master is like a tank, as long as it doesn’t droop on the chassis. You’ll cross roads and wilderness with features that classic SUVs won’t always do. The only thing that does not help is the gearshift mechanism is somewhat imprecise, when you need to make a quick downshift or switch to a higher gear.

Marcin Chubodzinsky

My opinion:

In this configuration with longer proportions, it’s a very different car than the one I tested two years ago. He drives better off-road and isn’t your typical work bull, although he’s not afraid of that either. Besides, the comfortable, highly configurable six-seater interior gives the vehicle many faces. And many more possibilities.

general evaluation9from 10


  • Easy to use discount
  • Comfortable and spacious cabin
  • Work environment and internal functions
  • Convenience of commenting and handling
  • Exciting driving unit – performance and fuel consumption


  • noisy section
  • Heavy duty transmission mechanism

Renault Master 4×4 & Hersp; – & Hersp; Technical data, fuel consumption

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