Test the Sony X90K (2022). One of the most profitable TVs in the world in a new release! Will he repeat the success of the X90J?

The BRAVIA XR TV series has always dominated the mid-range TV category by providing customers with the picture quality and functionality that high-end TVs do not shy away from. One of the highlights of this year’s edition is the Sony X90K, the well-known unit of the ultra-intelligent Cognitive Processor Triluminos Pro, which is responsible for processing video and audio signals. In addition, there are many functions related to virtual entertainment, such as HDMI 2.1, ALLM and VRR, which will allow us to take full advantage of the power of next-generation consoles and the powerful multimedia system Google TV. Of course, there was also some news. The manufacturer updated the remote control, added a screen version in 85 degrees, and made it possible to adjust the height of the TV stand in two steps. Will the new version of one of Sony’s most popular TVs prove better than its predecessors, and will it maintain its “king of profitability” status? We invite you to our test, in which we will describe all the important features of the TV and new products that appeared in this model and evaluate the image quality!

photo from Sony
reader. As the only company in the country, we personally check monitors, TVs and projectors for the described parameters using specialized measuring equipment worth more than 100,000 PLN:

  • Jeti Spectraval 1511HiRes . Spectrophotometer
  • Klein Colorimeter – K10A and Klein – K80
  • Murideo Fresco Six-G (Dolby Vision)
  • Murideo The SEVEN Generator HDMI 2.1 4K / 120fps (Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio)
  • Proprietary measurement of Input Lag in 4K HDR (we are the only company in Poland that performs such measurements in 4K HDR)
  • Best HDMI Cables on the Market: MagicLink

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Difference between X90K and X93K/X94K/X92K:

  • The X94K / X93K series has a built-in on-screen microphone. You can give a voice command without speaking directly to the remote control using the built-in microphone
  • The X94K/X93K series uses an aluminum “Blade” base and the X90K series is the standard slim “Blade” base
  • The X94K / X93K series uses Rich Color Enhancer technology to enhance neutral colors to more vibrant tones to give the image additional clarity. This happens automatically and this feature is not visible in the settings to turn it on or off
  • The X92K series uses an ultra-narrow stand that allows you to securely place the TV on a very narrow piece of furniture
On the left is the X92K, on ​​the right is the X90K / X93K / X94K

Features of Google TV Sony BRAVIA XR X90K LED TVs from the manufacturer’s point of view (models 85, 75, 65, 55):

  • Cognitive Processor XR It uses the knowledge of the human senses of sight and hearing to fully engage viewers in watching their favorite content.
  • The combination of precision painting LED full matrix with technology XR Triluminos Pro And the XR Contrast Booster 10 Delivers more realistic images with deeper blacks, vibrant brightness and a wider color gamut.
  • technology Motion Clarity XR Comprehensively analyzes the data to ensure the liquidity of stocks and a clear and clear picture;
  • interpolation technique XR 4K gives 2K signals a quality close to 4K, thanks to which the image becomes incredibly realistic and detailed;
  • Compatibility with standard functions HDMI 2.1Such as 4K 120fpsVariable refresh rate (VRR, variable refresh rate)Low latency auto mode (ALLM, Auto Low Latency Mode) And the eARC;
  • BRAVIA CORE . Calibration Mode
  • the situation Netflix Calibration Mode Provides studio quality when watching series from Netflix and technology IMAX® Enhanced™ Allows you to recreate the image of IMAX and listen to rich and powerful sound DTS;
  • System Calman® Ready Allows fine adjustments not available from standard picture settings. Here we can perform professional calibration.
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio Technology It uses two high-frequency amplifiers to make the sound follow the action on the screen for an intense experience. Individually controlled independent speakers precisely position high-frequency sounds, maximizing sound pressure and sonic realism.
  • Acoustic Center Sync Optimizes the sound from the TV and speakers for the best sound.
  • technology Improving the environment With a light sensor, it automatically adjusts the image and sound to the viewing location;
  • Compatibility with the unit BRAVIA camera and technology Ambient Optimization Pro
  • Google TV platform Ensure quick access to content, sites and services.
  • Collaboration with an assistant Alexa And the Google Assistant. Hands-free voice search works with the Google Assistant to give viewers a better experience;
  • Easy connection to various devices thanks to technologies Apple® AirPlay® 2 And the HomeKit™;
  • systems support Dolby Vision® HDR And the Dolby Atmos® Providing intense sound and transforming the entertainment experience with exceptionally vivid visuals and highly moving sound;
  • Standard remote control It is simple, easy to use and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Simple Single Room Design In the form of a single metal plane, it visually enlarges the screen and narrows the frame, thanks to which the viewer’s attention is focused on what is more important: the image.
  • Three basic settings (Narrow, Standard and Volume Bar) Allows you to reduce the space, focus the viewer’s attention on the image or raise the screen to allow the speaker to be installed.

Magic Linux_2_1

The build and look of the Sony X90K

The Sony X90K TV is available in the market in four sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. The sample tested in our editorial office is the 65-inch model, which is the most popular choice after the 55-inch version.

The X90K and X93K/X94K series can be placed on elegant “Blade” feet, which can be installed in three ways. The standard setup is for those with wide leg distances. For people who have a smaller TV stand, it is possible to adjust the legs more narrowly. The novelty is the two-stage height adjustment of the stand, which will allow us to easily place the speakers under the TV. This is what it looks like in practice:

Of particular note is the new shape of the pilot, which has been slightly modernized and reduced in size. As you can see, the manufacturer got rid of the numeric keypad. And the pilot took on an elegant and aesthetic appearance. The new design also has new backlit keys with a lower profile and a built-in microphone for the Google Assistant. For fans of classic solutions, the set with a TV also includes a standard digital remote control.

Available ports and connectors

Sony X90K is equipped with two full HDMI 2.1 connectors (4K120 / eARC / VRR / ALLM) and two connectors in the HDMI 2.0 standard. Two high-speed data ports are already standard in this series.

There was also on board, among other things, an optical output (for connecting an audio system), two USB ports (including a USB 3.0 port), a set of TV tuners, including the latest DVB-T2 and an Ethernet connector. That’s all we’ll need in the coming years. Let’s see what the measurements and image quality testing look like on the following subpages


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