Sopot Film Festival on Saturday! We have 9 days of cinematic feelings ahead

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Aspiring horror films from Scandinavia and South America, youth films from Finland, France and Italy, documentaries about surfers from the Baltic Sea and master of film music Ennio Morricone, or a film about millennials from Venezuela. In addition, the international film competition New Visions, films before its premiere, the cinema of the best author of the season from Cannes, Venice, Sundance and Berlinale, outdoor screenings, cinema breakfasts with silent cinema, walks along the path of film sets and a film concert With a guest appearance by Paulina Przybysz, Justyna Święs from The Dumplings. From June 4 to 12, the 22nd edition of the International Film Festival will start the Sopot Film Festival in Sopot. On June 8th at Forest Opera, we’ll hear a movie concert.

The festival will be held for 9 days in the month of June throughout the city of Sopot Multikinoon me Chamber stage of the Wybrzeże . Theaterin Putuo Theaterin the club and showrooms 2 terms and 3 sistersthe outer spaces of Sopot About the Grand Hotel, Goyki 3 Art Inkubator Parka and Jungle opera.

Pre-show offers

In the band Nowe Wizje / New Visions, festival viewers will watch pre-screening films from around the world, including: “Me & The Beasts”, a film about the atmosphere of Venezuelan millennials in search of creative inspiration; The psychological thriller “Carragita” produced by an Argentine Dominican, as well as three films of “Growing Cry” – about growing up, first love and rebellion, i.e. produced in the program of the Venice Film Festival “The Den Biennale College Cinema” and the Finnish “Girl Picture”, Winner of this year’s Audience Award at Sundance Festival, the French “It Happened.” Polish accents in this section will be the first of two Polish appearances, given at the last festival in Gdynia: Dorota Masłowska’s performance “People People” and “Song of Love” with Justyna Święs In the main role, which during the festival will appear not only on the screen, but also on the stage as a soloist of the Film Music Concert.

catch up with the season

Sopot Festival is not only an opportunity to see the first films, but also to catch up with the delays of the season – films that have appeared in theaters or, due to the pandemic and subsequent closings, have not reached the big screen at all. Festival selectors prepare a group each year The best fiction and documentary productionswhich are displayed in the Frequency Spectrum section. One of the most interesting elements of the premiere will be the wonderful documentary “Ennio” by Giuseppe Tornatore about Ennio Morricone, one of the greatest composers of all time, whose compositions will also appear in the program of the Film Music Concert Festival. In addition, the Jury Prize-winning “Knee Ahed” will be premiered at Cannes last year, and the Israeli director Navada Lapida, known to the Polish audience from the film “Synonyms”, or the film “Yang” by Asian director Kogonada. Winner of the Cannes Special Prize, a film set in the near future in the setting of Spike Jonze’s “She” or Alex Garland’s Ex Machina. The re-release of the film will include such popular titles as: “C’mon C’mon” directed by Mike Mills, an intimate black and white film with the exceptional role of Joaquin Phoenix, “Daughter”, the debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal, for which she was awarded the Golden Lions for the screenplay At the Venice Film Festival, adapted from the famous novel by writer Elena Ferrante or the last film of the master of Spanish cinema “Parallel Mothers”, Pedro Almodóvar, starring Penelope Cruz, a confession of the director’s belief in the power of women.

Scandinavian cinema

The festival’s tradition and permanent program is to showcase the new Scandinavian cinema. This time it will be dedicated to one of the best contemporary Scandinavian directors Joachim Trier, whose last film “The Worst Man in the World” won a number of awards, including an Oscar nomination. Festival audiences will have the opportunity to see the latest Trier film as well as previous titles from his entire career, ie “Oslo, August 31” and “Thelma”. In addition, the introductory show will feature “The Innocents,” a Scandinavian horror film directed by Norwegian director Eskil Vogt, permanent screenwriter Joachim Trier, with whom, among others, he wrote “The Worst Man in the World.”

for the festival The competition section DOK.PL . returnsin which the Tricity audience will see, among other things, the premiere of a film about surfers from the Baltic Sea “Rozkołys”, a report on preparations for the tribal festival in the center of Biebrza National Park “Everyone wants to go to Heaven” or “Private portrait of the Poles” – a number Annual record from the epidemiological world, consisting of more than 150 short films sent by the Polish population.

– The Ukrainian accent will also appear in the form of a charity screening of Valentin Vasyanovich’s 2019 film “Atlantis”, one of the best Ukrainian films of recent years, a dystopian vision of the near future after Ukraine won the war with Ukraine. Russia. Funds from the sale of tickets for this show will be donated to help organizations that support refugees from Ukraine – adds Anna Kudzilla-Grubman, Program Director at SFF.

– For the 22nd time, there will be a Short Film Competition, our oldest programming section, featuring 28 short films and animations selected from over 3,000 submissions. The program will include award-winning productions presented at prestigious international festivals: Cannes, Berlinale, Venice, Sundance and Toronto, and this year we have decided to present mainly Polish and Ukrainian productions in the long-running competition this year – says Michau Grobman, Director of the Sopot Film Festival.

Sopot Festival is also a series of activities outside the cinema halls. Film tracks will return along the path of the sets of films and series produced over several decades in Sopot. There will be cinematic breakfasts with silent cinema masterpieces at Two club changesEvenings with short animations in the language 3 Sisters Club and GalleryAnd multimedia installations on the facade of a beautiful villa Joike 3 Art Incubator.

movie concert

– Opera Forest, June 8, 8:00 p.m.

One of the highlights of the festival program is an original cinematic concert, where dozens of musicians will perform on the stage of the Opera Forest for a premiere specially prepared for the Sopot Festival. He will play music with new arrangements specially prepared for Sopot Polish Philharmonic Chamber of Sopot Led by Ravi Janic and special guests: Paulina Brzebiz and Justina Duyos, best known from the duo The Dumplings.

This year’s party will be under the theme “La Dolce Vita?” The program will include clips from films made in southern Europe – mainly in Italy. From the title “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini, “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola, “Malina” and “Cinema Paradiso” by Giuseppe Tornatore, through “Big Blue” by Luc Besson and “Hidden Desires” by Bernardo Bertolucci, to contemporary productions: “ Great Beauty” and “Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino, “Call me by your name” by Lucy Guadagnino, “House of Gucci” by Ridley Scott, and the last two parts of Agent 007’s adventures: “Specter” and “No Time to Die” and even “A Woman” amazing “. It will sound, among others, the compositions of Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Eric Serra and Hans Zimmer as well as the bands Portished, Florence + The Machine, Eurytmics, Moerat and Hooverphonic.

The concert, as in previous years, will be a mixture of symphonic music with electronic formats and remixes of classical songs. Everything will be accompanied by an original visual setting on the screens on the stage and in the space of Forest Opera.

More information about the concert and the entire festival can be found on the website: and on the Facebook channel: Sopot Film Festival

  • Ticket prices for movie shows PLN 16
  • Tickets for shows: 5 films – 65 PLN; All offers PLN 150
  • Movie concert tickets: PLN 59-129

The 22nd Sopot Film Festival is held under the honorary patronage of District Marshal Pomeranian Mieczysław Struk and Sopot City Mayor Jacek Karnovsky. The sponsors of the festival are the Office of the Marshal of the Province of Pomerania and the city of Sopot.

Source: Sopot City Council


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