Social mural of the Children’s Empowerment Foundation in Warsaw – Article

The mural will be officially unveiled on Saturday 4 June this year. in. 11:00 during a family outing on the occasion of Children’s Day.

We give children strength The largest NGO in Poland dealing with the protection of children from sexual violence and abuse. The Foundation is creating a network of Child Help Centers where abused children receive comprehensive and free psychological, legal and medical assistance. For more than 13 years, it has also operated 116111 – a helpline for children and youth, with consultants receiving more than 1.4 million calls from children in crisis. Through educational activities and social campaigns, the Foundation has been promoting good education for many years.

Give your child strength!

“Give the child strength!” – This is the FDDS mural message, built on the SP50 wall in ul. Jagiellońska 7 in Praga-Północ in Warsaw. The aim is to show that their support builds the child’s self-esteem, the ability to overcome difficulties, and the belief in his or her abilities. Childhood is the most important period in a person’s life. A time of growth and development in which his identity and sense of value and agency are shaped. Time, which can be a strong foundation for another path in life, but it can also make that path painful and difficult.

Every day, as you travel through the city, many parents, guardians, grandparents and teachers will look at this mural. We sincerely hope that his message will keep them for a moment and be a thought seed for the role they play in shaping a young person today and an adult tomorrow. This role is huge. Thanks to the closeness and attention of adults, the child feels important. And that sense of meaning and strength will stay with him for life – says Dr. Monica Sajkoska, President of the Empowering Children Foundation. The eyes of the parent or guardian are a mirror in which the child looks and there searches for the answer to the question: “What am I?”. When he sees faith in them, he will believe in himself. When he sees love, he will feel that he deserves to be loved. When he sees joy, he feels that there is strength and uniqueness in him. Let this beautiful, colorful and vibrant mural inspire and empower us adults in the challenging challenge of empowering children – adds Dr. Sajkoska.

The Empowering Children Foundation wanted the mural to have a distinctive character and artistic value, in addition to having a deep social message. We were able to invite one of the most sought-after Polish contemporary artists, famous for his social engagement, to collaborate on this project.

A for an artist, B for Brewka, an artist with a social mission

Both Design and implementation of the mural by Wojciech Brewka Colorist, street art artist, creator of large scale murals, co-owner of the Officina Gallery of Art and Design. Many of his works are part of the mainstream of equality and environmental education, and he is part of himself The artist willingly supports social initiatives. Brewka is the author of, among other things, the famous charity mural of Maja Kwiatkowska, who suffers from SMA, which supported fundraising to cover an expensive gene therapy for a girl, and a mural on the wall of the Silesian Cardiology Center in Zabrze, the purpose of which was to draw attention to the problems that Faced transplant children.

In the Children’s Empowerment Foundation project, Wojciech Brocka used images of animals characteristic of his work, which he placed in a social context.

The animals depicted on the mural symbolize the parents. The bear is the mother. I chose it because mother bears are known for their exceptional care and are among the tallest animals in raising their young. Humpback whale is the father. These giant mammals are, on the one hand, the embodiment of strength, and on the other hand, exceptional care – incidents of humpback whales protecting other animals, such as seals and whales, from killer whales have been documented, so we can assume that it also protects their young. In short, both types have features that are desirable from a children’s point of view – giving them a sense of security – says Wojciech Brocka. The children visible in the mural have a strength that appears symbolically as physical strength – adds the artist.

The mural was done by Wojciech Brewka pro bono, with support from Magdalena Galek and artist working under the pseudonym Anika 313.

The mural was also created thanks to cooperation with the local government, in this case with the Praga-Północ District Office in the capital, Warsaw. from Warsaw. City officials were interested in the project and the accompanying idea, and indicated several locations in the neighborhood where the foundation’s project could be implemented. The wall on the building of the educational institution turned out to be the best solution.

We, with Empowering Children, wanted to reach as many children and parents as possible, so that everyone who passes through the walls of the school can stop for a moment and think about how much love and security they give their children. Violence against young people is a difficult topic that we must talk about and speak out against. The wounds inflicted on weak, vulnerable children, unaware of bad behavior leave their mark for life. It is up to us, adults, on which the future of the children depends, says Ilona Soga-Kozlovska, Mayor of the Braga-Boinok district.

The unveiling of the mural

festive The Children Empowerment Foundation mural will be unveiled on Saturday 4 June this year. in. 11:00 at ul. Jagiellońska 7 in Warsaw. The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the Foundation, the Braga-Polonok District Office, the School Administration and the artist.

The event will be one of the main points of the family outing organized on the occasion of Children’s Day. During the outing, the institution will have its stand, where, among other things, a workshop for parents “Words give strength or on the art of appreciation.” The aim of the workshop is to make parents and guardians aware of the importance of good and positive messages in parenting, and to remind children that they are loved and accepted and that they have support for their loved ones.

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