It’s not an opera anymore, it’s a weird party! Why did Alexandra Korzak resign from “Tosca”?

The revolution has gone so far as to effectively paralyze and strip the world of high art as well. The corruption is so great that opera stars take on roles. This is what happened with Tosca. Alexandra Korzak and her husband Roberto Algna, looking at the world liberally, abandoned their roles because – to put it mildly – they did not want to “play the characters in the theater proposed by the Gran Teatre del Liceo”. What did the author of the botora suggest?

Alexandra Korzak, who gave an interview to Gazeta Wyborcza, spoke about the case. The opera portrait given by the Polish artist is horrific. “Tosca” in Rafael R. Villalobos’ vision – as in the so-called it happens to modern art – has become just an excuse to tell a perverted story about Paolo Pasolini, who was murdered in the 1970s, a leftist writer and director – and what seems to be the most important thing in contemporary art – like me. sex. Otherwise, there would be no “art”.

This is how completely naked men play on stage. And let’s skip the details about their extinction… It’s supposed to be a reference to Pasolini’s movie “Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom.” It tells of a group of liberals who rape and torture young men. In the film – as we read – there is no shortage of “craft”. The operas have gone so far that their earlier versions have stirred controversy even in the progressive world, and audiences have been warned against harsh scenes… well, it was once said that the music was soothing…

However, let’s give voice to the star explaining the reasons for resigning from the role. The diplomatic version reads: We did not want to play the characters in the theater proposed by the Gran Teatre del Liceu. “GW” wanted to quickly break the opponent, turning the conversation to “ideological issues”. But Alexandra Korzak wisely bounced the ball, noting not to put it into beautiful words. She added that she had signed a contract with Puccini’s “Tosca”. In the meantime, it turns out that a new stage has been created. The opera star did not hide his indignation at the situation and his comments on leaving his comfort zone. “Maybe I should eat poo at the Scarpia dinner scene, because that’s what happened in Pasolini’s movie?” – She said.

Korzak strongly emphasized that her vocation in the opera was to sing, and the contract stipulated that she would perform the role of “Tosca” in Puccini’s opera, and not “in a pseudo-film about Pasolini invented by the director.”

The artist asked about the boundary between art and kitsch that was created only to attract attention. She complained that there are no directors who understand opera today, which is why they kill the genre. She pointed out that the opera is a complete completed work and that the opera director is not the creator.

The singer indicated that she is not traditional and loves modern marvels. But “Tosca” Villalobossa crossed the line. Karzak indicated that it does not mean nudity per se, because it is not rude and does not mind that it has a dramatic meaning. “And here we come to the absurd. Pedophilia, masochism, sadism… On the one hand, it’s disgusting, and on the other – completely hideous. I thought I was going to die of laughter when she saw Scarpia wearing a sex shop collar around her neck. It was a flop.” …and I, in the role of Tosca, should I be afraid of him?” – recorded in the pages of “GW”. And she threw a famous proverb about what this whip will not wrap. This shows how strikingly low the level of opera offered to viewers is. complete breakdown.

MeToo and eurotrash on stage

But Kurzak points to a more important aspect. Well, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the artists gave a lecture on #MeToo and sexual harassment at work. Care was taken not to cross borders in mutual relations. At the same time, naked, sadistic and pedophile men are shown on the stages of European theater. “No offense to anyone?” – asks the artist.

The opera singer also raises an important thesis related to the financing of art. Well, in Europe, theaters can count on government subsidies. What do you end up with? We also know and know very well from our Polish backyard. We indicated several times on the pages of that the pseudo-arts presented on the boards, lined with gender ideology, or offensive to Catholics, would not have had the opportunity to exist without public subsidies. The viewer, who is also a patron of the arts – “votes with his feet” and with little financial support.

This is what Korzak noted when he said: “Perhaps if the theaters in Europe had not been subsidized by the state, they would have spent their hard-earned money, and not on products called eurotrash.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Pathology in the art world is advancing. It’s about time that Facebook even bans photos from display, saying it’s against community rules. “And in the theater you can?” – asks Korzak, pointing out that opera is a family art and that he grew up playing this form of art since he was a child. The singer precisely notes that this is not the way to rejuvenate the opera, because the provocative and nude content young people will easily find in other places …

It is not difficult to agree with the artist. Our paranoid.


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