Invite your child into the kitchen: cooking together is an opportunity to learn about family traditions

Many children like to be in the kitchen and do some responsible tasks there. Cooking with children is not only a fun way to spend time together, but also an opportunity to travel into the world of family traditions.

The kitchen is a fun place full of things, nooks and crannies, cupboards and cupboards, and often also colours, fragrances and family stories. Getting to know this space and the things it hides, as well as doing even the smallest activities on your own, can be an amazing adventure. That is why it is worth inviting a child into the kitchen and allowing him/her to be a helper in the kitchen from an early age. The more it is a great opportunity to start introducing your child to the world of family traditions and values. After all, it is important not only how to cook, but also what ends up on the dishes.

Learning by playing in the kitchen

Cooking together can be a great lesson. In this way, children can learn not only independence, but also responsibility, a sense of responsibility for the tasks they perform and many other valuable attitudes and skills. If something delicious is created on this occasion, it is difficult to enjoy more benefits for all its participants.

Children’s tasks in the kitchen, especially in the beginning, include helping in a broad sense, which often engages all of their senses. Depending on which dishes you choose, they can be mixed, kneaded, cut, spread, pasted, stuffed, and, of course, tried. It’s a great exercise for their developing little hands and brains to focus on the task at hand.

It is worth talking during this game, explaining to the child in an interesting way what traditions are and why it is worth learning them, and then pass on the acquired knowledge. Children are usually curious to know what their parents were like when they were young. They are eager to hear stories about their favorite soup, different techniques for making dumplings, radishes dug from the meadow for Easter rye soup or some fun cooking accident. If we bring up some traditions and customs in the family, often associated with food, then it is worth passing them on to the next generation from an early age. Learning that turns into fun becomes more interesting and arouses more interest.

Cooking with your child is also an opportunity to make them aware of the possibility of change, the history of the world, and the people who live in it. It should be noted that many of the products available today were not available before, and some things are still done the same way they were before, despite the presence of the facilities – all because of tradition. You can talk about what we lacked when we were children and go further, even very far into history, and explain that once salt became currency, no one knew French fries, wheat was the basis of many people’s nutrition, etc.

Shapes, colours, flavors, aromas…

When cooking and telling your child wonderful stories, it is worth assigning him various tasks, such as sifting flour, making meatballs or kneading dumplings. In the context of explaining why we are doing all this and why this way and not another way.

Finally, let’s not forget the flavors and aromas. From an early age, it is worth giving children food products that are suitable for them to smell and taste, so that they learn to distinguish between tastes and smells as early as possible.

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