How do you clean the carpet? Proven home methods

The carpet is an element of the arrangement of the living room, bedroom or child’s room, adding comfort or elegance to the rooms and emphasizing the individual character of the interior. However, it is subjected to extensive use, and therefore dirt. How to clean the carpet home methods? Check out how simple it is.

In this article you will learn:

  • What are the methods of cleaning carpets at home?
  • How to clean a rug from: wool, acrylic, polyester, viscose, jute, shaggy,
  • Washing the carpet at home – how to do it.

Home methods for cleaning carpets

A rug will only decorate the interior if it is kept clean. Dirty can not only disfigure the room, but will quickly become a breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. And this, especially if there are children or they suffer from allergies in the house, can be dangerous for their health.

Homemade carpet cleaning methods are very simple, you only need to have a few proven products on hand And follow some rules. Always vacuum the carpet well before cleaning it, and in the case of those with long dander, it is also best to shake it to get rid of the sand and hairs in the deeper layers.

Useful home carpet cleaning products:

  • baking soda,
  • potato flour,
  • vinegar,
  • soap chips.

How to clean the carpet effectively?

Carpets are made of different types of fabrics, so when cleaning them with chemicals available in stores, pay special attention to the materials they are intended for and do a test on a small, invisible piece of rug. Household products are safe and will not damage the carpetHowever, in this case too, the type of coarse hair is important and it follows some important rules.

wool rug washing – Wool is the most expensive material from which carpets are woven, with many enthusiasts of elegant interiors highly prized for its heat and sound insulation properties as well as its antistatic properties. Wool also acts as a moisture absorbent, which restores it during dry and warm days. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for people with allergies because it can easily harbor fungi and bacteria. This is why it is important to clean it regularly. Wool is a delicate material and requires equally gentle cleaning. Commercially available chemical products can damage, warp, and distort fibers. There is also a belief that wool carpets cannot be washed. This is not true, because this woolen rug, like any rug, requires washing, but there are some rules that allow you to do it right:

  • The carpet should not be wet, it should be washed only on the surface,
  • Hot water cannot be used, only lukewarm water. Water temperature that is too high may cause the wool fibers to shrink, deform and form,
  • The carpet should not be cleaned with steam.
  • The most effective tool that optimally moisturizes and absorbs water from carpets is a washing vacuum cleaner,
  • For wet washing, use detergents for wool or household cleaners based on baking soda,
  • Dry under natural conditions and in a well-ventilated room.

Acrylic carpet washing Acrylic fibers have similar properties to woolen ones. Like them, they are antistatic, but their added advantage is that they do not fade. It can be successfully dried in the sun. Acrylic carpets are difficult to clean due to the very dense wool. Therefore, manufacturers often recommend cleaning the extraction in this case. You can also use home remedies successfully and remove stains right away. However, if you want to preserve its original freshness, it is a good idea to entrust the rug to a professional laundry, which will use agents that will penetrate the fibers and dissolve the contaminants.

polyester rug washing – This type of carpet is characterized by the highest durability. Therefore, caring for it is very simple. If we vacuum it regularly or use a vacuum cleaner/washing machine, it will have a flawless look for a long time. Both chemicals and home remedies will work perfectly in this case, because polyester does not discolor.

viscose carpet washing Viscose rugs are very popular because of their deceptive resemblance to silk. However, soft and shiny bristles for cleaning require water with a temperature not exceeding 50 ° C and agents with a normal pH, such as soap flakes or ordinary gray soap.

jute rug washing This is a beautiful boho style room rug. However, when we decide to buy a jute rug, we must be aware that jute is a natural material and that all kinds of stains are very visible on it. The jute rug cannot be washedOr even wet cleaning. It is better to wipe visible dirt with a damp cloth dipped in water with vinegar (one tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water). After this treatment, you should spread a dry cotton cloth over the rug and roll it up, allowing the material to absorb moisture.

Shaggy carpet washing – Although this type of carpet is very soft, cleaning it is a very difficult procedure. Need sensitivity when vacuuming and washing. The fibers are very long, and the use of potato flour or soda in this case is not an option, since the powder will disappear into the depths of the heap, and instead of helping, it will simply harm. To wash shaggy carpets, it is preferable to use a washing broom with a mild detergent intended for this purpose.

Carpet washing at home – how is it done?

Cleaning the carpet at home is very simple, after vacuuming it well and shaking it. The most common method is dry cleaning carpets. Dry cleaning agents can be purchased at any chemical store, but you can also prepare such a specific agent yourself. It’s equally effective, gentle on bristles, and cheaper. Homemade mixtures for cleaning, washing and carpet renovation will prove themselves in everyday care and extend the life of your carpet.

Homemade mix for dry carpet washing:

  1. 14-5 tablespoons of soap flakes,
  2. 21.5-2 cups of potato starch
  • mix the ingredients well,
  • We spread it evenly on the carpet,
  • Leave it for at least 30 minutes.
  • After this time, vacuum it up.

When your carpet starts smelling, refresh it with a simple mixture of homemade baking soda with some essential oil.

Deodorizing mixture:

  1. 1baking soda,
  2. 2Favorite essential oil.
  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to baking soda,
  • We spread evenly on the carpet,
  • Vacuum clean after 30 minutes.

Multicolored carpet cleaning mixture

  • To half a liter of water, add a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda,
  • Mix the solution well and pour it into a bottle with a dispenser,
  • spray it over the entire surface of the carpet,
  • leave it to dry,
  • broom.

We can effectively remove greasy stains from the carpet with potato flourWe sprinkle it on the stain, leave it overnight, and then vacuum it up. Sprinkle wine, coffee and tea with saltWait until it absorbs the liquid and vacuum it up.

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