Hill Peninsula – what is worth a visit? Interesting facts

Hel is a great tourist base for anyone who loves active recreation with plenty of attractions. Children will undoubtedly enjoy playing in the sea fish. Hel will also be appreciated by sports enthusiasts for the excellent surf conditions. Sand lovers will find peace on the wild beaches – away from the hustle and bustle. Everyone will find something for themselves in Hill. Discover the magic of the Hill Peninsula and see what you can see in the Hill.

peninsula hel It is the youngest part of the Baltic coast – it is estimated that it was created 6000-8000 years ago. How was the theme created? Head Helsky shaped like a sickle? This is due to the strong winds that blow from the west and pull the sand clouds towards the place today helium; By the sea Small islands began to form, and then joined together in a long thread. It is difficult to say how long this process took – but it is known that it was still in the eighteenth century peninsula hel It had the shape of an island.

Hill Peninsula – Geographical Location

Back Bay It is located in Środkowopomorskie district and belongs to Puck poviat. The borders of the central zone of the spit on the Kashubian and Baltic coasts. The length of the Hill Peninsula is 35 km, the average height is about 25 m (maximum 56 m). Hill City occupies the widest section in the whole region Hill Peninsula. Show From one bank to another there is 3 km. It is just the opposite in the area between Kuźnica and Chałupy – a testament to how diverse it is on the surface. Hill Peninsula. narrowest place In this section it is only 150 meters between the beaches.

Hill Peninsula – HISTORY

The genesis of the development of the first towns in the Hill Peninsula region is as interesting as the process that led to its creation Hill Peninsula. Date The history of settlement in the region of the Hill Peninsula dates back to 500 BC, and the first settlers in these areas were the Kashubian peoples, who dealt mainly with shipping, fishing, trade and simple handicrafts. At that time, there were only a few small villages on the promontory – Hill Town, Władysławowo, Jastarnia and Chałupy appeared in these areas later.

History hasn’t been kind to Back Bay – for hundreds of years Hill, Peninsula With many villages, as well as neighboring Gdansk, it was the subject of disputes and many times fell into the hands of enemies. Only after the end of World War II did tourism bring life back to the city helium; Sea In the communist period it attracted tourists like a magnet, then it was the most popular holiday destination Hill Peninsula. sweeteners Hel, Jastarnia, Jurata, Władysławowo, Jastrzębia Góra, Chałupy and Rozewie were the most popular summer resorts – and remain so to this day.

What can you visit on Hel?

In the whole Hill Peninsula, offers most of the attractions Hill City. Interesting placeWhich you must see during your visit to Poke Bay is, first of all, the famous seal sanctuary. Hel with this attraction attracts mainly children, but there are also interesting adults who like to observe seals while playing and feeding. Of course, you will also find others near the bay attractions.

peninsula hel It is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Of the many places that surfers love, Hill is the most popular, but surf schools are scattered over the entire surface of the peninsula. When visiting the Hel Peninsula, be sure to visit Rozewie – there is a lighthouse from which you can see a panorama of the entire Gulf and Baltic Sea.

Little ones will enjoy a trip to the amusement park in Władysławowo. The Ferris Wheel is especially recommended, which not only provides great fun in high season, but also offers great views. Recreation in Back Bay should not be limited to the city helium; attractions Picturesque Chałupy and the famous nudist beach, sung by Zbigniew Wodecki, are also worth recommending.

Two-wheelers will feel like they are in heaven, because there is a long way through the entire sanctuary bike path. peninsula hel So you can easily travel by bike. A bike trip is a great opportunity to discover others Attractions in Hill and the surrounding area. At every step you can enjoy the wonderful harbors, harbors, lighthouses and sailboats drifting on the sea – stunning landscapes are by far your greatest asset helium; the landmarks of the city It is worth ending the peninsula with a folk dialect characteristic of Pomerania and Kashubia. If you’re planning a stay in the Bay of Puck in early June and July, you might be able to see a sea fishing trip, which is organized in honor of the patron saint of fishermen – St. Peter the Apostle. During this special holiday, fishermen and their families set out in beautifully decorated fishing boats from the port in Kuźnica to the parish church in Puck.

Among the many popular seaside resorts, it definitely stands out helium; attractions On the Hill Peninsula will please everyone, regardless of the preferred style of rest. The advantage of vacationing in the bay is the access to many interesting activities for children, thanks to which the little ones will not be bored and their parents will spend a stress-free vacation. The perfect place for a vacation? Of course hill!

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