Great sounds, sunsets, beaches, Wroclaw’s summer – the Vertigo Summer Vibes Festival is about to begin!

On Friday 3 June, the first Vertigo Summer Vibes Festival will take place. This is the third and smaller festival organized by Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant. The idea itself was born from a desire to promote music other than the previously played jazz or blues, and to expand the Vertigo scene with new musical genres. The young music scene in Wroclaw has a lot to offer!

– We hope you are already convinced that it is worth traveling with us and making music on the streets of Wroclaw – Says pewter cardsFestival Artistic Director. – Perhaps one day we will be able to go further and connect from the capital of Lower Silesia to another city with a musical bridge. Who knows where Vertigo’s notes will take us. Or maybe you’ve been with us from the start and are developing these projects with us. Because it must be emphasized in bold that none of our actions, incl. Festivals wouldn’t happen without you. Commitment and willingness to travel around Wroclaw with Vertigo music.

Program (all concerts):
06/03/2022 – Zazu Beach Bar – Premiere
04.06.2022 – Gaj Chillout Bar – Kadabra Discotheques Kusaje
06/10/2022 – Stop Rondo – Zgoda / Bzowski / Podżus Beats Collective
06/11/2022 – Pape Lato Partners – Partique Dericho
06/11/2022 – Marina Klikzko ASR – Easy Dose
06/18/2022 – Forest Bar – Tara Jayan
06/24/2022 – Art in Place – Późno Collective
06/25/2022 – Marina Klikzkopf – Modest Baz

Like in childhood – collect cards and get prizes

Embark on a musical and emotional journey around the city Saint Macej, Graphic Designer – Poster Artist from Wrocław. During each festival concert, you will be able to collect a custom place card. It’s a nod to the 90’s game – collecting colored cards from notebooks and folders. As in childhood – the more cards, the better! For 2 cards combined we will receive lemonade or coffee at the “Sztuka na spot” club, and 7 (from all concerts): a voucher of PLN 100 to be used in the festival venues. Prizes will be available to collect after the end of the course.
The full list of awards is as follows:
2 sticky notes From two different places: coffee or lemonade at Sztuka na Miejscu
3 sticky notes: Double invitation to a concert as part of the Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival in July
4 cards: Three cocktails at Sztuka na Miejska
5 sheets: A mug or Vibes magnet and two invitations to Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant
6 cards: Singles, a personal pass to the Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival
7 sheets of paper: A festival voucher or a Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant voucher for PLN 100. You can use a Vertigo voucher for tickets and menu items during an evening. The venue has not been selected, you will receive a voucher upon arrival for the prize.

About the artists:

Mr.’s premiere: An alternative band from Wrocław, their music can be set on the borders of alternative rock with a blend of ’70s psychedelic. Monsieur Premiere is a group of the last cowboys with guitars in their hands. After the debut of the EP “Popiół i Proch”, dominated by the old-school sound of guitars and instruments, comes “Long Nights and Short Days”. The nearly two-year journey, embedded in eight compositions, is a tale of ups and downs, hidden desires and deserted dreams, as vocal instruments confront heavy synthesizers. The singles “Późno Chodzimy Spać”, “Dear Casinos and Miss Choices” and “Król” that announced the upcoming album were well received by listeners and radio stations. The singles were played on Radio 4th and 3rd, Anteradio and Radio Ram.
when? 06/03/2022 – Zazu Beach Bar

Kadabra Discotheques Kusaje: Polish-Ukrainian electronic duo. It is made up of Michał Szczepaniec (Wrocław’s multi-instrumentalist and producer, co-creator of the Gaijin Blues project), and Maria Mavko, a singer and flutist from Lviv, a veteran of Lviv Underground. The duo’s music is a mixture of folk sensuality and fairy-tale-like electronics. The compositions created by Michau and Maria combine attractiveness and simplicity with experimental solutions and progressive structure. In 2020, the band was nominated for the Gazeta Wyborcza WARTO Award. The duo’s debut album will be released in the spring of 2022.
when? 06/04/2022 – Jag Chill Out Bar

Zgoda / Bzowski / Podżus Beats Collective: rocking rhythms, a wealth of keyboard instruments, melodic phrases for trumpet and saxophone – here the changing world of hip-hop is intertwined in many cases with jazz and electronics. Three Wroclaw musicians, who meet on several projects daily and produce their own original music, will present a unique, experimental and new colorful session with many improvisations. Time for a big dose of summer relaxation.
when? 10/06/22 – Rondo stop

Bartik DerichoSinger, songwriter, and composer, one of the youngest generation’s most exciting voices. He became a semi-finalist of the tenth edition of The Voice Of Poland. Partek won the hearts of the audience and coaches there, and Thompson and Baron invited him to participate in a concert promoting the latest Afromental album. Kamil Bednarek also expressed his appreciation for his talent by proposing to participate in a concert, and the cooperation between them resulted in the recording of a song entitled. compass. On the first album titled LATAWCE, you can also hear Margaret, who together with Bartik recorded a beautiful and emotional song called “Winter”.
when? June 11, 2022 – Pape Lato Partenes

Easy dose: The project was established in 2020 in Wroclaw. Their style is a statement against any barriers in music, which means experimenting and constantly searching for new sounds that reach everyone who listens to them. They draw their inspiration from genres like House, Hip-Hop, Funk and widely understood guitar music. There will be scratching and guitar solos and dance beats.
when? June 11, 2022 – Marina Klikzko

Tara Jayan: Free translation from Hindi – ‘star songs’, in this rich music scene we hear vintage colors of guitars and electronics fusing Indian themes with a western perspective of alternative music and indie rock. They define their own style as: CosmoRetro-SynthEthno. TARA GAYAN’s concert – “Indian Stories” – an exciting musical journey, is a record of a colorful wander through India – full of smells and sounds; A collection of songs, melodies, and thoughts encountered as well as countless sighs about Far Eastern poetry and philosophy.
when? 06/18/2022 – Forest Bar

late collective: These are intimate audiovisual events in which the participant has the opportunity to experience art with all five senses, while deciding how to experience it for themselves. Meetings are a mixture of forms of concerts, concerts or even performances, containing a wide range of electronic music and audio experiences conducted using various forms of new media arts and artistic concepts.
when? 06/24/2022 – Art in place

Humble pretentious: Founded in 2017, the band combines live instruments and electronic sounds in their vocals. Laureates of the 14th Wroclaw Festival of Musical Forms. After the first album “Humble Buzz”, which was distinguished by vocal arrangements, the lineup expanded its sound with completely new solutions, far from the fashions and trends prevailing in the genre. Their shows are distinguished by their energy and exceptional approach to music. Concerts are events full of improvisation.
when? 25 June 2022 – Marina Klikzko

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