Detective: Jodie Foster will star in HBO’s fourth season

Jodie Foster was seen in 2018 at “Hotel Artemis” by Drew Pierce as a nurse who runs the title venue – a secret hospital and asylum for criminals. The film went unnoticed, and Jodi explained the less frequent on-screen presence with no interesting roles for young fifties and unimpeded artistic freedom:

“I’ve never before felt so free as an actress. I can do whatever I want. If I wanted to play an independent filmmaker making films with my iPhone in my apartment, I could do it.”

2021 is Foster’s big comeback. In “The Moorish” directed by Kevin MacDonald, she played attorney Nancy Hollander, who will help restore the freedom of a prisoner held for years without sentence in Guantánamo Bay. With this outfit, Jodi ranked sixth in Variety magazine’s Oscar predictions. Although she was ultimately not nominated, she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. The film, which also starred Tahir Rahim, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Levy and Shailene Woodley, can be viewed on video-on-demand services, among others. Cinemas and Channel +.

The role in Season 4 of “Detective” marks Foster’s return to television after appearing on the sitcom “Mayberry RFD” as a teenage girl. In her teenage years, she also appeared in other television productions: “Flirt with Eddie’s Father” or “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice”.

Although she has not appeared in television productions since, she has directed episodes of “Opowieści z Dark Side” and “Black Mirror”, and in recent years – “House of Cards”, “Orange Is the New Black” and “Opowieści” z Pętli.” When asked about this part of her career, she admitted that she still feels unhappy. She said, “I haven’t made as many movies as I wanted. I wish I had gone out more times over the years. It might sound funny, but I was just busy. I had kids, I was a production company, I was acting,” she said. IndieWire.

Information that will be generated for the fourth batch “Detective”debuted in February 2019. “I can only say that we are working with a new screenwriting team on the right tone and the right approach to the topic. We would like to put the story into a reality that will be interesting for viewers, but it is practical” – said Casey Bloys, Head of Content at HBO, in an interview with Deadline.

The fourth season will be titled “True Detective: Night Country”. Issa Lopez, whose fame came from the horror film “Tigers are not afraid”, will be responsible for its script. The film was enthusiastically discussed by others Guillermo Del Toro, who is currently working on western Werewolf with López.

The Mexican director and screenwriter will also be behind the camera for the first episode of “Night Country.” He is also expected to serve as executive producer with Barry Jenkins.

In the official description of the fourth season of the “Detective” series, we read: When a long winter’s night falls over the Alaskan town of Ennis, six men working at an Arctic station disappear without a trace. To solve this situation, Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro will have to face the darkness within themselves and learn the truths and lies hidden under the eternal ice.

The heroes of the anthology “Detektyw” are law enforcement officers who solve complex criminal puzzles. Each season, the struggle for justice becomes an opportunity for the Inquisitors to redeem ancient sins. The series’ creator and creator of the first three seasons that materialized in 2014-2019 is Nic Pizzolatto, who will not, however, work on the final version of the series.

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