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One such music festival: “Music at JI Schnabel’s”

The 14th edition of the festival has ended at Nowy Targ. As always, it was a unique cultural event.
Cello Octet Amsterdam during the festival's concert

Cello Octet Amsterdam during a concert at the festival (Photo: Bernard Łętowski)

For the 14th time, Nowogrodziec organized a festival in the name of a composer born in this city, called “Silesia Haydn”. May 24 this year is the 255th anniversary of her birth Joseph Ignasi Schnabel, a native of Nowogrodziec. May 25 is the start of this year’s edition of the JI Schnabel Music Festival.

Again, for a few days you can listen to great artists in an interesting selection, gain musical impressions and emotions and expand your musical horizons. The festival is the only periodic music event in our region! The festival is one of the few opportunities here to listen to classical music of various kinds, in different artistic and acoustic configurations.

No-ticket concerts gather listeners for five days at the “Moza” Center for Culture and the Arts in Novi Targ before each concert. Miłosz Cola It tells interestingly about the performers, the repertoire, the time of its creation and its authors. Special meetings with music for children from the municipality are also organized. The festival ends with an unforgettable concert every year. This year has been so amazing Cello Octet AmsterdamThis simply wowed the audience.

Danio Saginko

But also on other festival days it was very fun. This year’s edition opened with his concert Danio SaginkoLviv pianist. Artistic Director of the Festival Program, Alexandra BejaroskaI wrote: “In expressing our strong condemnation of the shameful act of aggression against independent Ukraine, we symbolically declare our solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including all Ukrainian artists.”
This concert repertoire included, among others works by Betthoven and Scarlatti.

Bolec.Info - Picture Pyotr Shuikovsky

On the second day, the audience was attracted to the “Banana” by a contour Pyotr Shuikovskythat accompanied her on the ukulele Marta Nidovica. songs Giulio Cacciniwhich constitutes the repertoire of this concert, performed with reverence, liveliness, tenderness and emotions by an excellent singer, created a wonderful and lively evening in Nowogrodziec.

Bolec.Info - Picture Paulina Grau-Okaszyowska, Pro Sinfonica

On Friday, the third day of the festival, “Musa” made a place for children from the municipality of Nowogrodziec in the morning. During three shows, Pro Sinfonica tried to introduce children to the sound of different instruments in music during three shows.

Bolec.Info - Picture Elijah Oleksack

The concert on Friday evening was a feast for clarinet and piano lovers. Elijah Oleksack And the Tomas Biacinecki PerolaThis is it Capaltome DuoIt’s the strong chemistry of two young men (1999 and 2020!) that emerges from the stage. The sensational concert in Nowogrodziec was one of the prizes won in the duo music competition for artists. But also a prize for the listeners who gathered in the “Musa”.

Bolec.Info - Picture Tomas Biacinecki Perola

chamber choir Senza Regor He was the Saturday star of the festival. The band, existing for 22 years, was founded by Prof. Doctor Hub. Jolanta Szybalska Machak. The multi-award winning and honored choir performed religious songs. There was no end to the applause. The warm reception of the artists is the hallmark of the festival.

Bolec.Info - Picture Senza Regor. Photo: Jan Ratajsky.

The festival also appeared during Sunday mass in the Peter and Paul Church, when the “Harmonia” ecological choir, existing for thirty years, was under the supervision of Antonina ZakryuskaThe liturgy is decorated with pieces by J.I. Schnabel.

Bolec.Info - Picture “Harmonia” environmental choir during Sunday mass.

On Sunday evening, at the end of the festival, Claire Plummer, Esther Thuringa, Genevieve Verhag, Alistair Song Raris Mihaeliscu, Rene van Munster, Saint Baker, Saint van der Horst With their art, they have taken listeners to the world of contemporary music. in repertoire Cello Octet Amsterdam Featured, among other things Polish Mass Krzysztof Penderecki. But also composed pieces, as it were, especially for eight excellent cellists, touching with their technique. The party was very impressed, among other things Marek Bijarowski, a famous Polish conductor, teacher and multi-instrumentalist who attended the concert. This is a number that visitors to the Nowogrodziec Festival may remember, among others from her great outdoor performance Carmina Burana in 2019.

Bolec.Info - Picture Cello Octet Amsterdam Concert

Those who did not reach the final on Sunday can watch it online, as well as with the translation of the ad into sign language. This is due to the fact that the Municipal Cultural and Sports Center of Nowogrodziec is participating in the project of digitalization of cultural houses, thanks to which it has the necessary equipment for such projects, and the personnel – the qualifications.

Bolec.Info - Picture Cello Octet Amsterdam

This is what happens in Nowogrodziec every year. For fourteen years, the municipality has continuously educating its listeners musically and empowering its residents with access to high quality culture.

This is also a unique event on the other hand – it’s not entirely intended for self-help for local government officials. It neither begins nor ends with the mayor’s speech Robert Relichor director of the festival and the Commune Center for Culture and Sports of Novogrodzhik, Eliza Al Suwaidi. This is surprising, especially on our pages. The attendance of the people credited with the festival is at least discreet.

It is not easy to organize such an event in a small town for many years. But the organizers manage to win grants, sponsors, and support every year. This year’s edition was funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund under the “Music” program implemented by the National Conservatory of Music and Dance. The event was also co-financed by the Mayor of Nowogrodziec, and sponsors are also the Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Small Business and Meliobud.

Bolec.Info - Picture He has been the artistic director of the festival since 2014. Alexandra Bejaroska.

The employees of the organizations organizing the festival: the Municipal Center for Culture and Sports in Novogrodzhik and the Center for Culture and Arts “Moza” are doing a great job at the festival.

Honorary patrons are Senator Raphael locksmithMinister of Culture and National Heritage, Mayor of Nowogrodżec, Robert Relich Dean of the Wroclaw Academy of Music, Christian Cube.

Bolec.Info - Picture Miłosz Cola Years ago, he gave concerts at festivals and educates the public at the same time.

Finally, a few words to the mayor of Nowogrodziec, Robert Relich, From the festival program:

“In 2009, I started the International Music Festival with Józef Ignacy Schnabel. Since then, in an exceptional few days, Nowogrodziec has become the capital of music. The sponsor of this event is a very famous composer here. Thanks to Józef Ignacy Schnabel, Nowogrodziec has appeared on the map of the cultural center For Europe as an important center gave birth to a prolific artist considered the father of the Silesian Composers’ School.

In 2017, we began construction and restoration work on the Moza Center for Culture and the Arts, whose original concepts and goals were born over the years of the festival’s annual concerts. I am proud to have faced an extraordinary challenge, which our residents have confirmed with satisfaction by participating in organized events and cultural events.

2022 is a time of anxiety and fear for the immediate future, when a war is being waged across the eastern border by Russia, which is brutally oppressing Ukraine. As a sign of their love for their neighbour, Poles welcome refugees into their family homes. I believe that the time of the festival and the music that prevails in ‘Musa’ – a space of beauty, will encourage reflection on human life.”

Bolec.Info - Picture Cello Octet Amsterdam with the festival organizers and the Mayor of Nowogrodziec, Robert Relich. Festival Director and GCKiS in Nowogrodziec second from left, Eliza Sweden.

Bolec.Info - Picture During the festival, Moza attracts lovers of classical music.

Bolec.Info - Picture Garncareczka, an icon of Nowogrodziec’s musical and pottery traditions, welcomes guests to “Muse” from 2020.

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