Benefits of Retirement Abroad – Formalities

Being interested in formal matters can be annoying. Anna, who emigrated to Great Britain at the age of 85, found out about it. The forms sent to her by the Polish Pension Office should form the basis for the payment of benefits abroad. However, completing the formalities requires a lot of effort. The senior woman shared her observations of the complicated procedure with her observers via social media.

The right to an old-age pension – an acknowledgment of survival

Anna’s story has attracted the attention of many people. The retiree is very active in social media, and her Instagram profile is popular with more than 80 thousand people. Internet users. There are a lot of inspirational photos and videos. This time the big woman made her decision Describe your experiences, thus Make observers think about the rights and obligations of the elderly.

– Today a little later and very solemnly. For many years, the Polish Pension Office has been sending me the form shown in the pictures, because They want to make sure that I’m still alive and that they can continue to pay my pension. No, my statement is not enough. This must be confirmed by some public authorities. Generally everyone rejects because They will not endorse a document that they have never heard in their lives. Fortunately, there is a city council. You just have to appear in person (…). If you do not return this completed and approved form to the retirement office, then Pension payments will be suspended – The woman wrote under the pictures showing two copies of the documents.


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– When I first received such a form and sent it to the office for certification, it ran from room to room, and from hand to hand. Everyone opened their eyes wide reading, and they were really shocked. Nobody here thinks it can be that simple The 90-year-old demands proof that she is still alive (…). But after many years, the wording has changed (I think perhaps the author/decision maker of this title is himself retired). So you can – add a senior.

– Ladies and gentlemen, responsible for the provisions for Polish pensioners permanently residing abroad – I am not here “illegally” here in Great Britain. I live completely legally. All of my data – including my home address, is in the possession of my payer. You can easily determine if you are alive without me participating. I know this method is very convenient, but please – show that the system in Poland can be more sympathetic – Anna wrote at the end.

State pension abroad – formalities

Old age does not exempt citizens of most countries from completing important formalities. In Poland and abroad, the law regulates the need to complete documents confirming the right to receive an old-age pension.

Right to retirement and disability pension It ceases with the death of the right holder. So, according to art. 128 of the Law of December 17, 1998 on Pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Gazette of Laws 2009 No. 153 Clause 1227, as amended), at the request of the Pension Authority, the pensioner must confirm with the pensioner / Her own signature – on the form “Proof of life and residence of a pensioner or disability pension” – the presence of an additional right to receive benefits provided for by law. If this does not happen, the Pension Agency suspends the payment of benefits – the portal reports.

At this point, it is worth emphasizing that retirees also reside in exile They are entitled to pay interest. However, they should take into account that they have to complete the formalities anyway, and the relevant documents will be delivered to them in accordance with the approved requirements.

– With regard to ZUS beneficiaries residing abroad, in order to avoid cases of payment of benefits in the event that the right to receive them has ceased, and related overpayments, the pension authorities annually send to the beneficiaries (or authorized persons who already care for them) “Certificate of life and residence of the pensioner” . These forms – after being completed and signed by the pensioner, pensioner or the person actually caring for him and his signature confirmed – must be returned to the Pensions Authority within the specified period. Otherwise, the payment of benefits will be suspended – we read in the response of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, authorized by the Minister, to Interrogation No. 4593 regarding the extension of the powers of issuing certificates by local government bodies.

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