Bedos, Zalosky and Gabonese Coyat to make up the 2022 Men’s Grania Orchestra

Sponsored by the Żywiec brand, Meskie Granie is known for its musical experiments and the daring intersection of artistic boundaries. This year, the tour opens up more to young musicians and new genres, including rap. The result of these changes is this year’s men’s playing orchestra lineup. The group’s most famous face for fans of the tour is confirmed zalosky. The artist has been involved in the project for many years and has already been a member of the Meskie Grania Orchestra several times. He is one of the authors of the most popular single to promote Mysky Granny, “The Beginning” (over 132 million views on YouTube).

The duo also performed for the tour apple flower, although Kasia and Jacek Sienkiewicz made their orchestral debuts. However, their presence should come as no surprise to keen observers of the Polish music scene, as their artistic achievements are highly regarded by fans and critics alike. It might come as a certain surprise for Male Play fans that it will appear in the lineup Bedoisa. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Despite his young age, the artist’s albums have been diamond and multi-platinum covered, and the passionate concerts attract thousands of people of all ages.

This year, Meskie Granie promoted the single “Jest Only Now”. The authors of the lyrics for this piece are: Krzysztof Zalewski, BEDOES (Borys Przybylski), and Kasia Sienkiewicz. Music composed by: Krzysztof Zaloski, Kasia Cinkiewicz and Jacek Cinkiewicz. Responsible for production, mixing and mastering Smolek. The tour’s anthem will be heard at summer concerts in up to eight cities.

– This year we are demonstrating that we can do more together – says Dorota Novakoska, Żywiec’s Brand Director. – Hence the idea of ​​an orchestra that brought together seemingly mismatched artists. However, each of them brought their unique energy to the project, creating an amazing one. We hope thousands of touring fans will sing it in front of the stage this summer – Nowakowska adds.

As every year, the song promotes a music video. Daniel Jaruzek is responsible for the video for the song “Jest Only Teraz”. The starting point for the entire project was the idea of ​​being together and blending the worlds of three seemingly different artists, representing three different musical styles. With such a base, we have been searching for a long time for a solution that perfectly shows the nature of the new male anthem Grania 2022. The first success was the transmission of our idea to the artists. Their cooperation and willingness to do everything exceeded our expectations. From my point of view, it is a great feeling when all the people involved in the project try to create something extraordinary together. Effect? You have to judge for yourself. I can only say that I am proud to be able to be a part of this project – says Yarosik.

Meskie Granie 2021: Grand Final in ywiec Meskie Granie 2021: Grand Final in Żywiec – J. Oborski / Press Materials

Meskie Granie is an event that has brought people together for years, providing a space for the exchange of impressions, ideas and emotions, for both invited artists and the public. This summer, there will be more of these unique meetings. The Żywiec label, meeting the expectations of music lovers, decided to invite them to as many as 16 concerts, which will be held in eight cities: Pozna (24-25 June, Park Cytadela), Katowice (8-9 July, Dolina Trzech) Stawów), Warsaw (July 15-16, Służewiec), Wroclaw (July 22-23, Partynice), Krakow (July 29-30, Museum of Aviation), Szczecin (August 12-13, Łasztownia), Gdask (August 19-20), Polsat Plus Arena) and Żywiec (26-27 August, Pod Grojcem Coliseum). One-day tickets will be available for 199 zlotys, and two-day tickets – at 360 zlotys. Payment for tickets will only be possible with Blake. Ticket sales will begin May 31 at 15.00.

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