Adele quit smoking and underwent a transformation. These stars also beat their addiction

Smoking is bad for your health – no one can underestimate the validity of this statement. In order to draw attention to the negative effects of this addiction more, The World Health Organization (WHO) established World No Tobacco Day in 1987. At first, it fell on April 7, but after a year it was transferred to it May 31. As it turns out, there is still a need to speak up about the need to fight cigarettes. The data of the World Health Organization shows that Cigarette smoking causes more than 7 million deaths annually worldwidein addition to 1.2 million It occurs as a result of exposure of non-smokers to so-called passive smokers, contact with cigarette smoke.

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terrifying statistics

About 1.3 billion people around the world suffer from a problem of cigarette addiction, which is almost a quarter of the population. In the European Union, smoking is a habit that affects about 30% of people. the society. statistically There are 14 cigarettes per day for one smokerAnd every tenth European smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day. In Poland, according to a CBOS survey, nearly 8 million people regularly “explode”, or about 24 percent. adult population of our country. So, we have about 3 million women who smoke (21%) and up to 5 million men who smoke (31%). However, this is not all. European anti-cancer law estimates that In our country, up to 14 million people may be called passive smoking, that is, people who, although they do not smoke themselves, are still exposed to the toxins and carcinogens of cigarette smoke. This has its consequences, since 1 in 5 of all deaths recorded annually in our country are attributed to smoking: both active and passive.

What are the toxins in cigarettes

Still the subject of statistics: Poland is the infamous EU leader in the ranking of lung cancer – a disease typical of cigarette smokers, which in 9 out of 10 cases can be avoided by eliminating cigarette smoke from public life. Exactly – smoke. It can be called enemy number 1. It is created when tobacco wrapped in tissue paper is burned at a high temperature. And what does it produce with it? High numbers of toxins, carcinogens and tar. This toxic mixture enters the lungs and damages your health. Interestingly enough, nicotine is often mistaken for this. Of course, there is no reason for magic – it is nicotine that holds the smoker in the clutches of addiction. However, in the world’s largest online database of chemicals, INCHEM, which was co-authored by the World Health Organization (WHO), Nicotine is not classified as a carcinogen.

Not only health, but beauty too

Cigarette smoking negatively affects our bodies and can cause serious health problems, but problematic effects can also be seen with the naked eye. Research conducted by scientists shows that Smokers have much more wrinkles than non-smokers. This is due, inter alia, to the high concentrations of free radicals found in cigarette smoke, which have long become notorious and often referred to as the “wrinkle generator”. Thus, on the faces of smokers, for example, a characteristic radial, verticality appears Smoker’s wrinkles around the mouth and is also more common in smokers Puffiness under the eyes and sagging cheeks. Cigarette smoking, and more specifically the toxic compounds that are released when cigarettes are smoked, also lowers the level of estrogen, which leads to Loss of firmness and elasticity of skin that becomes increasingly dry.

This is especially evident in women who notice faster skin aging (scientists note that smoking accelerates physiological skin aging by up to 10 years!) and the appearance of unsightly spots and discoloration. The skin becomes pale and loses its luster, which may not recover after a while.

How to quit cigarettes

The first and most important step is to realize how cigarettes are harmful to your health and beauty. What’s Next? It is worth setting a date that will be a symbolic beginning of a new stage of life without a cigarette; get rid of all the attributes of the smoker from the house, such as the ashtray and the lighter; identify situations in which you most often go “smoking” – try to avoid them or prepare for them correctly; Keep your hands occupied (a bottle of water or healthy snacks like nuts work well). Otherwise, how can you help yourself? It is a good idea to see your GPWho, after the interview, may suggest so-called nicotine replacement therapy (i.e. nicotine patches), or if it proves ineffective – may prescribe drug solutions such as cytisine, bupropion or varenicline.

However, when a smoker fails, he can replace him instead of continuing to smoke The so-called smokeless nicotine inhalers. We’re talking about approved, standardized e-cigarettes and medically tested tobacco heaters. They are called “smokeless” because they do not burn tobacco at any stage – the former heats the liquid, and the latter is especially for tobacco sticks. Thanks to the use of new heating technology – no smoke, tar or peculiar odor of cigarettes is produced. On the other hand, almost odorless nicotine aerosol is released, in which the number and concentrations of toxic toxins and carcinogenic compounds are much lower than in cigarette smoke.

Can replacing a cigarette with such a device affect your beauty, too? This can be confirmed by the conclusions of a study conducted by scientists from the University of Zurich. They compared the free radical content in cigarette smoke and in aerosols from tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes. It turns out that the level of gas-phase free radicals in aerosols from a tobacco heater, such as IQOS, is about 99 percent lower. Compared to a “smoke” cigarette. However, we should not forget that when using such devices health also comes at a cost, although it may be less than when the smoker continues to smoke. The primary goal should always be to quit addiction completely – for the sake of health and beauty.

Celebrities look better and better after quitting smoking

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