Zakopane summer, this is art, music and literature

The campaign “Zakopane – the good eMOCje” has just started, which aims to show a different face of the resort. However, it was not opened in Zakopane itself, but on the other side of Poland – in Sopot.

Sopot and Zakopane are partner cities. The word “partner” does not fully reflect our relationship, because this phrase is very formal. And we’re talking about the friendship that binds us – Agnieszka Nowak – Gąsienica, Deputy Mayor of Zakopane, explains when choosing a venue. There is no competition between us, quite the contrary. We have joint projects, joint training, and share experiences. In both cities, tourism is the leading branch of the economy, and if only because of that, we have many common themes.

Throughout the day in Sopot, Zakopane has promoted its major summer cultural events, showing new places to see and events to take part in. All this to show a slightly different picture of the city.

– You do not need to make a survey why tourists come to us. Agnieszka Nowak – Gąsienica says Zakopane is associated as a place for winter sports, for hiking in summer, a place with unique nature or original cuisine. We want it to be associated with culture, including the so-called high culture. We have a lot to offer as a city where everyone, regardless of their preferences, can find the right product for them. And that’s what the “Zakopane good – eMOCje” campaign, which we started in Sopot, is all about, and which will accompany us this year.

For Golden Ciupaga

In the concert bowl at Sopot Pier, you can listen to Hana Repka and her band. She is a versatile singer from Podhale. For many years, he and his band have been performing folk and ethnic music, collaborating with the biggest names in Polish etstrada and participating in international jazz projects.

Her performance in Sopot was a preview of what awaits fans of folklore this August – during the International Festival of Mountain Folklore.

The festival grew out of the territoriality of Podali, which assumed the unification of all groups living in the Polish Carpathians, from the Hutsul region to the Silesian Beskids, and the creation of a common development program. The first edition was issued in 1935. Throughout the week, the highlanders of Żywiec, Sądecki, Beskidzcy, Hutsuls, Lemkos and Boykos presented the creative achievements of their lands, and Huco won the main prizes. In the following years, festival rules were developed, according to which the artists demonstrated folklore in various forms. Today there are three categories: traditional, artistically developed and stylized. The awards are in gold, silver and bronze.

This year, the festival is being held for the 53rd time.

– This is the largest mountain folklore festival in Europe. s.Over the past 50 years, nearly 600 foreign ensembles from several dozen countries and more than 200 Polish ensembles have participated – explains Beata Macher, director of the Zakopane Cultural Center. This year, teams from Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic and Poland will present their culture.

self promotion


– Acquisition of sponsors from institutions of science, culture and sports

Take part

sea ​​and mountains

Held at the State Art Gallery in Sopot, one of the most famous galleries in Poland Opening of the exhibition “Mountains – Sea – Sea – Mountains. Contains works by artists from Pomerania and Podhale. To date, there have been three copies of this project, all in Zakopane.

This is an original project of Lydia Rozynska Podlina, President of the Municipal Art Gallery of Zakopane. Władysław Count Zamoyski. It is worth noting that it is one of the oldest art galleries in Poland. When it was founded in 1911, Zakopane had less population than its own Ten thousand people. The hall above the Polish bazaar, erected by the efforts of Wladyslaw Count. Zamoyski, the Kórnik Foundation immediately became an art center. They offered, among others Władysław Skoczylas, Wojciech Brzeg, Eugeniusz Skotnicki, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, Teodor Axentowicz, Xawery Dunikowski, Julian Fałat, Vlastimil Hoffman, Rafał Malczewski, the Bronaszkó. The famous Witkacy Formist Theater is also located here. Today, the gallery hosts not only many exhibitions and art fairs, but also concerts and meetings with artists.

100 year old teddy bear

Zakopane also has its Literary Festival to which it refers To the rich literary tradition of Zakopane. Its goal is to recall and restore the memory of the literary and cultural traditions of Zakopane, which consisted of such names as Witkacy, Kasprowicz, Szymanowski, Stryjeńska, Makuszyński and many others. In addition, it is very important to invite distinguished, distinguished and award-winning writers to the Tatras.

The festival started in 2016. The program includes meetings with authors, book promotions, as well as painting exhibitions and concerts. In July this year, the seventh edition will be held under the theme “On the Tatra Trail of Literature”. The festival ends with the awarding of the Zakopane Literary Prize for one of the nominated books. On the other hand, in Plac Niepodległości literary and art workshops for children, reading aloud and other events planned in the open-air reading room program of the Municipal Public Library will be held.

In Sopot, the festival was promoted through a special exhibition at the local ArtInkubator. Its hero … the famous white bear, one of the symbols associated with Zakopane. Interestingly enough, it debuted in 1922, which means that it celebrates its centenary this year. The exhibition’s authors are Alexandra Karkovska and Barbara Caillou, who will be promoting their latest book during the festival. Picture with a teddy bear.

The city in the app

Zakopane also boasted of innovations that make it easy for everyone to plan their stay.

Thanks to a specially created application, the tourist will be able to see the map of Zakopane, where more than 40 elements of the Zakopane Style itinerary have been identified. Each object contains an objective description and photo documentation, as well as a QR code, which, when scanned via a mobile device, will allow you to take the necessary information on the phone with you. In addition to the map, the user can also get acquainted with the calendar of events organized in the city in the coming weeks, as well as check the weather in all regions of Zakopane and the Tatras.

– Applications are available on the touch screens of the newly created, modern and visitor-friendly Tourist Information Centre, located at Kultura Zakopane Station – a new initiative of the Zakopane Cultural Center – explains Anna Suchoyan, Culture and Promotion Coordinator at Zakopane Cultural Centre. – The idea of ​​networking the city, which we have been implementing since last year in partnership with an outside company, began by placing transport companies in places important from the point of view of tourists and residents, such as information centers for tourists. , but also in places where tourist infrastructure is directly established. We plan that before the summer holidays, “touches” will play their role in municipal cultural institutions. The application available on devices gives the user a complete A picture of the richness of the tourist, entertainment and cultural offer in Zakopane. Including practical functions such as public transportation, weather, or the option to purchase tickets for specific attractions.

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