Wishes to a soldier on various occasions – examples and inspirations

The wishes of the soldier on an important day for him will certainly bring him a lot of joy. Soldiers do hard work and sacrifice themselves for the Motherland, so it is worth remembering them during their special holidays (Name Day, birthdays) and on Polish Army Day or Veterans Day.

There are many candidates for survival as professional soldiers, especially given the current tense geopolitical situation. Volunteers can report to the preparatory service or to the territorial defense forces. The separation from the family may then continue for several months. After completing the training, you can try to stay in the ranks of the army. For both volunteers and professional soldiers, the memory and sincere wishes of the soldier are very important and can be very interesting!

Soldier’s Desires – Types

There are many occasions to wish a soldier. You can give birthday wishes or wishes on the occasion of the oath, to become a professional soldier, for the holiday of the Polish army or retirement. When making wishes, remember to follow the appropriate formula. He makes different wishes for his military boss, one for his son, and one for a friend. You need to remember the degree and whether the occasion requires an official application or not.

Soldier’s Birthday Greetings – Birthday greetings are important to everyone, especially to the soldier who is away from his loved ones on this day. What should they be? Above all, tailored to the situation. Soldier’s birthday greetings are often funny, and often just poems of a soldier:

Today…your birthday, so accept my best wishes. What do you dream of come true, and what do you want to be yours. Higher hood and lower waist, closer to civilians. Every one in the army knows from the soldiers that one must pay here, the sum well calculated, for five bottles, and it is written with a stick that the most famous in the army is.

If the soldier is in harsh conditions abroad, then you should wish him a lot of perseverance and return to his family as soon as possible, reassuring him of your love.

Best wishes to the soldiers on the occasion of the Polish Army Day

Wishes for this holiday are usually very solemn. They are presented by the President, the Minister of National Defense, and often also to the geriatric district. Of course, family and friends do not forget about the wishes of the soldiers. Wishes to soldiers on the occasion of the Polish Army Day should relate to happiness and prosperity, as well as professional and personal satisfaction. They are addressed to soldiers, officers and personnel of the Polish armed forces, both those serving in the country and abroad. Official wishes should also mention reservists, as well as fighters and soldiers serving in units outside Poland. Here is an example of formal wishes:

“On the occasion of the Day of the Polish Armed Forces, we wish all success, happiness and professional and personal satisfaction to all soldiers, officers and employees of the Polish Armed Forces. We thank active soldiers serving in Poland and abroad, as well as veterans, combatants and reservists for their work and sacrifices. Do not forget your honorable attitude towards citizens and the Fatherland.”

Salute to the soldier on his retirement

It is very difficult to retire after working in one profession for many years. People who spend most of their working lives in one place still love their work and experience the necessity of retirement vigorously. Therefore, making wishes, one must be extremely careful and careful not to harm the one who says goodbye to his profession for years. Wishes to a soldier on the occasion of his retirement can be made by immediate family and colleagues from work:

“The hardest part in life is always saying goodbye, especially when you have been together for so many years. However, now you are on a well-deserved break. We wish our dear colleague: the best of health, good health, prosperity and only beautiful moments in his retirement.”

What would be the best wishes for a soldier?

The best wishes to the soldier are the ones that are done sincerely. Perhaps it would be useful to invent your own amusing or funny soldier poems? Make the oath or wish of a soldier on any other occasion original and come from the depths of his heart – then it will be really valuable! Soldier’s compliments should be fun, but also motivating and convey a huge dose of optimism!

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