They tricked Hitler with the corpse of a fictitious spy. The biggest scam of World War II

Operation Mincemeat is the story of two British intelligence officers who angered Hitler and his strategy by using the corpse of a nonexistent spy. In the adaptation of this amazing story we will see Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen in the main roles.

  • “Operation Mincemeat” is considered one of the biggest frauds of the Second World War, thanks to which the Allies turned the tide of history
  • Two British intelligence officers persuaded the leadership to plant the body of a fake British officer with “secret documents” on the Spanish coast
  • Hitler fell for the British ploy, thanks to which he regrouped forces in the Balkans and Greece, and the Allies attacked Sicily at that time, which was their goal from the beginning.
  • Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen starred in the adaptation of this story. Operation Mincemeat will be available on Premiery Canal + from May 31
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How to smuggle more than 100,000 soldiers from point A to point B so that the enemy will not notice them? That was the question that confronted Allied leaders in 1943. Two of Britain’s most innovative intelligence officers had an idea that was not so much bravery as crazy. “Operation Mincemeat” is a fascinating true story about an idea that was meant to change the tide of war – against logic, risking countless lives and testing the nerves of its perpetrators to the limit.

“Operation Mincemeat” – what is the movie?

In 1943, the Allies were determined to break Hitler’s control over occupied Europe. They planned a full-scale attack on Sicily, but they wanted to do so without subjecting their soldiers to a massacre by the enemy. A crazy plan to defeat Hitler was devised by two prominent British intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth) and Charles Cholmondele (Matthew Macfadyen), who devised the most inspiring and improbable disinformation strategy in military history, centered on a unique – because the deceased – secret agent.

Montagu and Cholmondeli urged the leadership to plant the Nazis with the remains of a previously nonexistent “spy” carrying secret documents about a planned attack on Sardinia, while the real landing was on another Italian island – Sicily. What Can Go Wrong The John Madden movie shows just about everything – from the logistics to choosing the right body.

The production, directed by John Madden, effectively describes all behind the scenes of the amazing operation of the Allied forces, without forgetting to build the tension needed for this genre of film. The effort to take a few steps ahead of the opponent is fantastically portrayed by Firth and MacFadden, and the healthy rivalry between these heroes is very evident (which is natural, after all, as both actors played the same character, the famous Mr. Darcy in the “Pride and Prejudice” excerpts. ).

“Operation Minced Meat” is also the unique and absurd story of an idea that was meant to turn the tide of war, risking many lives in the process. It’s a thriller packed with surprisingly funny moments about soldiers we rarely see on screen – waging war in secret, realizing that nothing they do guarantees success.

The film is based on Ben McIntyre’s book, published in 2010 with the same title – whose author was also the director’s advisor. Behind the camera was John Madden, Academy Award nominee for directing “Shakespeare in Love” (in which he also worked with Colin Firth) and production author of “Sam Against All.” The scriptwriter is Michelle Ashford – who did, among others, work on the successful series ‘Pacific’ or ‘Masters of Sex’. The main characters on screen are accompanied, among others, by Kelly MacDonald (“This Isn’t Old Country”, “Forbidden Empire”), Jason Isaacs (“Harry Potter” series, “Patriot”), or Paul Ritter (sexy in “Chernobyl”). ‘), the last turn before death.

Premiery Canal+ viewers will be able to watch “Operation Mincemeat” starting May 31.

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