The most popular movies and TV series with a casino in the background

The casino is used quite often by filmmakers not only as a movie theme, but also as a stunning backdrop.

Visitors to today’s casinos may have forgotten that the classic gaming room is the striking contrast between green fabrics, red furnishings, sparkling crystal chandeliers and live music. It is difficult to accuse film industry representatives of trying to incorporate such panoramas into their work.

The second reason why writers bring the story to the poker table from time to time is because they want to show the characters’ superior intuition or great mathematical skills, as in the legendary psychological drama of Barry Levinson “Rain Man”. However, there are also quite a few movies and TV series that are entirely dedicated to casinos and gambling.

Action and adventure

Trailer “Ocean’s Eleven”

Unfortunately, most gambling stories are very similar. The bad guys condemn a good man and go to the casino and try to come back. He goes to Las Vegas or to an underground hotel room. He is again unlucky or cheated, and then saves himself from the situation with the help of friends or his talents. Dozens of screenwriters have used this topic in one interpretation or another. The most interesting are:

  • “Play For Everything” starring Jessica Chastain;
  • “Entangled” with Ben Affleck;
  • Cassandra’s Dream, starring Colin Farrell;
  • “Focus” starring Will Smith;
  • “Calculation” with Jason Statham.

You can also find more quirky and interesting themes. For those who haven’t seen it yet, they can start with “Casino Royale” or “Ocean’s Eleven”. While in the first case, the gaming room was just a luxurious backdrop and in theory the story could be moved to another place, in the second case, it’s just about the gambling industry. Friends who are going to steal one of the most fortified things look at the entire principle of the process in detail, showing tricks and unusual humor. Despite its years in the back of the neck, the movie is a pleasure to watch.

Picture of a thinker in a casino

Trailer for the movie “dło”

In many films, directors and screenwriters have their own view of casinos and gambling. It takes a good knowledge of the tactics themselves and a passion for the process to show how a hero’s mind works, while remaining relatively steady in the frame. The image of the intellectual who can make millions in the casino and at the same time warn those who rely on quick money appears well in many psychological dramas. Better:

  • “21”, based on the novel by Ben Mezrich, is a drama based on real events.
  • “The Sting” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The classic gangster epic without special effects, but with good acting;
  • “Out of Reality” combines mysticism, paranormal phenomena and psychological threads.

The black and white “bilardzista” and the beautifully dressed historical “rebel” with a hint of nostalgia can’t be missed. In any case, these films will delight you not only with their quality, but also with unexpected twists.

Comedy with gambling in the background

Trailer for the movie “The Hangover”

Only a few of them were able to demonstrate gambling without a mixture of crime and violence. However, this industry is inadvertently associated with big money and attracts the criminal element. First of all, it’s a comedy:

  • “The Hangover” – any of the parts of the series;
  • “Burraco Fatale” – many compare the film to the series “Sex and the City”;
  • “9 Rivers” – with stunning views of an Indian casino and a slight rustic flavor of classic western style.

It is good that all the screenwriters managed not to overburden the work with details. Even people who have never played poker will easily understand the terms and details. And maybe even someone will start playing, drifting away from the specific atmosphere of this entertainment.

What about serials?

Trailer for the movie “Kakegurui”

The Dangerous Games series are stories similar to those in the movies. The same gang clans, big money and inevitable conflict. There are some nice exceptions and shows that are worth watching for suggestive references. In other contexts, the plot wouldn’t matter. The Japanese anime “Kakegurui”, which you can watch on Netflix, is a complete immersion in the social and cultural relationships of elite university students.

Mandatory point of the program is “Insomnia” from 2014. Psychological quarrel and beautiful pictures will delight fans of high-quality series. This is due to the creators who use the wonderful atmosphere of the casino as a setting – none of them go overboard and make it very attractive. All the heroes who saw easy money had problems. With money and long-legged chicks. The only rest were smart and calculating.

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