The city of health was teeming with life. Pock residents want to search [FILM, ZDJĘCIA] Petronews

On Sunday, the “Miasteczko Zdrowie” organized by ORLEN opened again in Płock. The participants of the event eagerly took advantage of the possibility of free examinations and consultations, and the children enjoyed the planned sights.

The “Health City” of ORLEN was visited on May 29 by nearly 1,300 residents of Blok and its vicinity. More than 220 people benefited from consultations in a cardiology clinic, more than 200 people had their hearing checked, approximately 120 people sought advice for skin lesions, about 400 people had their blood pressure checked, and 270 people underwent ECG tests. This popular project for the concern and its affiliate ORLEN was prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (and under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Health), with the participation of several partners.

– This is the fourth edition of this very impressive event, which aims to help all residents of Pock and the surrounding area to stay healthy – says Piotr Sabat, member of the Board of Directors of PKN ORLEN Development. “This is a very important component of PKN ORLEN’s operations, not only because our staff also uses research, but above all, it’s an event open to all residents of Pock and the surrounding area,” he explains.

As he mentions, a number of different attractions are equipped during the “Healthy City”.

– These are not only medical attractions, that is, preventive examinations and tests aimed at diagnosing the state of health of visitors, but also accompanying events. There is a fire department in our company, and there are also volunteers from the ORLEN Foundation who can take care of the children of all those who want to check their health. Therefore, parents can do something useful for themselves, and during this time their children play with employees and volunteers of the ORLEN Foundation – says Peter Sabbat.

Among the tests and consultations available during the event, there were also those resulting from ORLEN’s collaboration with the National Institute of Oncology and the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases.

For example, assistance is provided to quit smoking. Those who have a problem with this addiction can hear about how to take the first step to successfully overcome it. I hope that everyone here will find something useful in the field of health protection – explains the vice president of ORLEN.

It also emphasizes that health prevention is the most important component that will allow each of us to protect ourselves from the worst.

It is better to check your health ahead of time than to think about what to do in a situation when it is too late to help. Activities during “Health Town” aim to show how important prevention is, but also to show the path to follow when a health problem is detected – says Piotr Sabat.

As he remembers, residents of Płock and the surrounding area can take advantage of free tests and consultations not only during this event, but also during the twice-monthly consultations at Centrum Medica, located in the Galeria Mosty in Płock.

Will there be another version of “Healthtown”?

– Of course this is the fourth edition, and the next one is already planned. We have a guaranteed budget for this, totaling 10 million PLN. To date, 12,000 different tests have been conducted as part of this project. We can see that this is a necessary initiative that is very well received by the residents of Blok and its vicinity. As a socially responsible company, we will certainly support and continue these activities – summarizes Piotr Sabat.

And what research can Health Town participants benefit from? In the hall at the ORLEN Arena, there were medical offices from several specialties, including cardiology and lung examination points. Approximately 70 volunteers were examined for lung capacity, more than 40 people benefited from pulmonary rehabilitation, approximately 50 people benefited from pulmonary consultations, and more than 150 people benefited from oncology consultations. There were also several waiting lists for nutritional advice, which were given to about 80 people. And more people were interested in quitting effectively – 100 smokers benefited from the counseling. Mammographic examinations were performed by 65 women, and endoscopic examinations – by 110 people.

As a member of the Board of Directors of ORLEN stated, accompanying attractions were also organized in the city, such as the sensory capsule, which was visited by more than 150 people, or animation and workshops, including making ecological toys from recyclable materials for children. Both adults and their children can test themselves in games of skill or paint their eco bag. Around the ORLEN Arena, a relaxation area and PKN ORLEN and WOPR fire brigade points are organized in Płock.

Why are initiatives like today important to the local community?

“Prevention is at the heart of the health care system,” says Marcin Martyniak, undersecretary of state and deputy health minister, who visited this year’s event in Pock. This is due to many aspects, including health and economics. In particular, the health aspect depends on detecting possible minor health symptoms, and diagnosing them in this direction, so that they do not have the possibility of developing in the future. Unfortunately, some diseases are exponential. The Deputy Minister of Health explains that the later we can diagnose it, the less chance of effective treatment and successful recovery, and the patient’s return to full fitness.

As he argues, prevention should be an inseparable component of our healthy lives for all.

– When going to a doctor of any specialty, we must think in this direction in order to diagnose our health in every possible aspect. If the body somehow gives us a signal that something is wrong, then we have to start the process of preventive health care from now on. I am very pleased that during this event we can benefit from this type of testing, diagnostics and consultations with specialists from four institutes of the Minister of Health – says Deputy Minister Marcin Martinac.

He is also interested in medicine related to diseases of civilization, including oncology, cardiology, and pulmonology.

– These are very important health areas, taking into account the period of the epidemic. A large proportion of post-Covid complications were specifically related to lung disease. She explains that this is a problem that health prevention must begin to solve. – I am very happy with the event, which contributes not only to promoting health, but also to raising awareness of the residents of Blok and the surrounding area in terms of their health condition – adds the Deputy Minister.

He emphasizes that diseases have not only a health dimension, but an economic dimension as well. The development of the disease necessitates the aspect of in-depth diagnosis and more expensive treatment therapies.

– Diagnosis, which is at the very beginning of the process and allows to detect the disease in its initial stage, may in large part end in consultation with a doctor, minor surgery or drug therapy. These are, of course, much lower costs, and in some extreme cases they reach several tens of times compared to the case when the patient was diagnosed at a late stage of the disease. Then the treatments are much more expensive and require specialized treatment and expensive equipment. So we have two dimensions here – patient health and the economic one, and they’re both really identical. Prevention is a cure to catch them at this starting point – Deputy Minister Marcin Martinac sums up.

Among the partners of this year’s event, in addition to the Ministry of Health, there were, among others, medical units: Institute of Physiology and Audiology, National Institute of Cardiology, Medica Medical Center, National Institute of Oncology, Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Institutions: Department Firefighting at PKN ORLEN, Oil and Gas Industry Museum Foundation Ignacy Łukasiewicz of Bóbrka and WOPR Płock.

Let us remind you that Miasteczko Zdrowie has been organized since 2019 by PKN ORLEN in cooperation with medical partners as part of the program “Comprehensive prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and respiratory diseases in Pock and Pock poviat”. The objective of this project is to undertake all health and health initiatives related to respiratory diseases and oncology, and to implement educational programs to raise awareness of risk factors related to cancer and lung diseases, as well as any other activities and actions aimed at educating the population about the need to make changes in their lifestyle, which can significantly reduce Significant risk of developing cancer and other lung diseases. The addressees of the program are the residents themselves and the medical staff from Block and the surrounding area.

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