Ronnie Wood: ‘The Rolling Stones don’t stop, that’s what Charlie wants’

The 74-year-old guitarist gave an interview to the British newspaper, “Mirror”. On the eve of the tour, the deceased was mentioned last year Charlie Watts. Ronnie Wood He re-admitted Watts gave the band a blessing before his death in August 2021 to continue their tour with a new drummer. Steve Jordan.

Wood, who has been a member of the Rolling Stones since 1975, said that rehearsing with Jordan had a strange feeling among musicians. “But despite the uncertainty and sadness we do not stop working. That’s what he would like. The Rolling Stones do not stop” – adds the guitarist.

His voice is similar to that of other musicians – in his opinion, Jordan’s appearance gave them a “new kick”. “Weird, it sounds like magic, but I can tell you the band now has an extra boost of energy. That’s Charlie’s energy. Charlie is alive.”

Last weekend, the musicians appeared in Madrid, and on June 1 they will begin their Jubilee Tour. Only in Interia will you be able to read the report of this party!

The guitarist believes that the Rolling Stones should play to help people forget all the bad things that happen in the world in difficult and uncertain times for some time.

“This world is annoying sometimes, I’m talking about everything that’s been going on lately. I think we started this tour to make people forget for a few hours the problems that overwhelm us so much.” Returning to the stage is especially emotional for him, because in addition to losing a friend, he himself had health problems – during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was diagnosed again with cancer. Just three years ago, in 2017, he was battling lung cancer.

He said in 2021, “I’m in a lot of trouble now, but in order to recover you have to forget about it. And putting it in the hands of a force majeure, it’s a magical thing.”

The Stones will also play, among others, in Liverpool (Anfield) for the first time since 1971. In addition, they will perform twice in Hyde Park, London, between concerts Duran Duran, Pearl Jam, Adele And the Elton John. During the “sixty” they will visit a total of 13 cities. You can see it closest to Poland in Vienna and Munich.

He announced the tour: “Sorry if you all have to live in suspense, but this is the end of the wait” Keith Richards. “I’ve always said the best place to rock ‘n’ roll is to be on stage with the Stones, and this year is very special. I’m looking forward to rehearsing with Mick and Ronnie and some friends, the wheels are spinning, see soon,” continues The Rolling Stones guitarist.

Ronnie Wood He added, “When I look at a sea of ​​people, when we play in Europe, all I see are smiles. It’s refreshing and I’m happy because we make people happy every time we play. This is a totally new scene and we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

The group will give 14 concerts in continental Europe and Great Britain.

June 1 – Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Spain
June 5 – Munich, Olympic Stadium, Germany
June 9 – Liverpool, Anfield, United Kingdom
June 13 – Amsterdam, Johan Cruyff Arena, Netherlands
June 17 – Bern, Wankdorf Stadium, Switzerland
June 21 – Milan, San Siro Stadium, Italy
June 25 – London, Hyde Park, UK

July 3 – London, Hyde Park, UK
July 11 – Brussels, King Baudouin Stadium, Belgium
July 15 – Vienna, Ernst Happel Stadium, Austria
July 19 – Lyon, Groupama Stadium, France
July 23 – Paris, Hippodrome of Paris, France
July 27 – Gelsenkirchen, Veltins Arena, Germany
July 31 – Stockholm, Friends Arena, Sweden.

Performing in Hyde Park is an integral part of the Rolling Stones’ career. Their famous 1969 concert, shortly after their death Brian Jones, then from 250,000 to half a million people were seen. Since then, they have played there only once – in 2013. “When Hyde Park is mentioned, it is impossible not to think of the Rolling Stones,” said Jim King, General Manager European Festivals at AEG Presents. Two evenings close on June 25 and July 3 lineup Stunning BST Hyde Park 2022, but no one shakes like stones when they are on their own land in London.”

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