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Review: Adrianna Michalewska

This is an insurmountable phenomenon Anthony Kroh is a series of short figurines describing the cultural experiences and experiences of the author, widely known as a Polish ethnographer, writer, and expert on the popular culture of the border regions of Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. In highly personal letters, Anthony Crowe shares with readers his impressions of his decades of work, primarily involving the search for the lost world.

Nineteen texts and poem quotes by Jan Kochanowski For mountains and forests They show a Poland that is no longer lost and disappears today, which is expressed in folk forms, in words, sculpture and images. Kroh writes about his works, but at the same time paints an intriguing panorama of the circumstances that shaped his very rich artistic life.

The presented collection is the story of a long collaboration with Barbara Magierowa, with whom Anthony Crowe published five volumes Contemporary Polish Dictionary, a non-scientific work aimed at collecting new words heard in everyday life. Here we must mention an anecdote about the “toilet benches”, the Wroclaw skyscrapers, for which the Wroclaw poet Liszek Bodrowicz searched for material.

Among the many descriptions, it is worth paying attention to the respect that the author pays to artists whose works allowed Polish art to go beyond the narrow limits of socialist realism. He describes the fate of Władysław Hasior, the genius Polish sculptor, with attention to a number of cases that defined the artist’s path, and evokes works that combine folk, surrealist and neorealist elements. On reaching Hasior’s sources of inspiration, he finds a path into his past, his interests and passions, which were based on an interest in woodworking, an admiration for fair and public art, and a nod to Nowy Sącz’s childhood, full of folk and folk. sacred art.

Anthony Kroh is a writer primarily Storage of cultural needs And the Storage of cultural needs after renovation – Collections of stories, anecdotes and short articles about the culture of Bodhill and the Highlands. By telling real and mythical stories, the author searches for the most important elements of the world in which tradition and culture are still closely intertwined with everyday life, leaving an inevitable imprint on them. What fascinates the ethnographer and what artists appreciate, for others it becomes more and more incomprehensible, in the past, filled with Cepelian motifs.

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in This is an insurmountable phenomenon – The title comes from a saying often used by the author, a term for things that entered his daily life permanently and which he did not want to change, we get acquainted with the world of art, a series of stories about creativity, for example, an exhibition on the daily life of Makos (1984), about the creation of From the Catechism of the Galician themesabout the love of the work of Alexandre Fredero, about the beauty of the villages of Spich, in which you can find the works of Bäwe Levocha – a medieval painter and sculptor.

Apart from the sayings woven by Kroh and Barbara Magierowa – mentioned earlier here This is an insurmountable phenomenon – Phrases and words (eg nickname Neoliastic Indicative of an extraordinary turn of fate) – the text does not lack the charitable spirit of soldier Haskoy Szoyk, whose story was translated and published by the author in 2009 as follows: The fate of the Good Soldier Schweik during the World War.

Filled with reflection, beautiful memories, and unsettling matters, Anthony Kroh’s book is also a story about a dying style of work, about a search for authenticity hidden in culture, woven from centuries-old rituals and traditions that fade and disappear under the unifying influence of everyday life. The essence of this journey through the unusual regions of the departed world, magical and unique in its uniqueness, is the important motto that the author indicated on the occasion of the exhibition The spirits of the times, the First World War, have continued to this day. Krzysztof Brown logo:

Europe a crazy, drunk old man who gets slaughtered and killed every few years without any civilization or moral influence. She can’t decide anything, stupid as a shoe, arrogant, delicious and reckless. But let us remember that this Europe is made up of worlds that make it unique. It is worth writing about. and read.

I advise.

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