Rafał Trzaskowski wants to block KPO for Poland? Marek Bock on the rivalry between the leaders of the civic platform

Rafai Trzaskovsky has revealed that he has spoken to the President of the European Commission and is hoping for “additional terms” regarding Poland’s granting of funds from the KPO. – He wants to dominate Donald Tusk. Show the hardcore electorate that he is more radical and that he has no brakes – says Marek Beck (PiS), Vice President of the Senate in an interview with tvp.info. He notes that Ursula von der Leyen will arrive in Poland in a few days, and it is still not known how Thomas Grodzky will act and what will happen with work in the Supreme Court of the Senate.

“Tusk collapsed Poland as a province. Now it announces its development.” ruthless messenger

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France and Germany circumvented the EU embargo and exchanged arms with Russia. Now many countries are circumventing European Commission sanctions and paying Vladimir Putin in rubles. In the meantime, it is Poland – as suggested by Rafael Trzaskovsky – that will come up with “additional conditions” in order to freeze the funds.

This shows the sheer hypocrisy of Brussels. This is another example that in their opinion there are countries that are better and worse – says Marek Beck.

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In an interview with the tvp.info portal, the Vice-President of the Senate confirmed that his position on Rafai Trzaskovsky is definitely more heinous, since he is a Polish politician.

It joins the practice of making it difficult for Poland to pay the money owed to us. I explicitly called it Twenty-first Century Targowica. I have no doubt that this works to the detriment of the Polish state and society – he said.

He also added that he is angry at the fact that Trzaszkowski, as President of Warsaw, “has no authority to speak to the European Commission and represent positions on the Korean Workers’ Party”, and is still trying to do so.

PO MP when asked why they banned KPO. surprise answer

Rafai Trzaskovsky said he had spoken to the president of the European Commission and hoped for “additional conditions” that would have to be met,…

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– For such actions in politics must end – values. Recently, Trzaszkowski criticized Poland while visiting the United States, and Thomas Grodzky attacked our country earlier.

Marshall of the Senate behaved quite scandalously, because during the visit of US President Joe Biden, the whole world showed Poland and the Poles as a model of support for Ukraine. Meanwhile, Grodzki made a movie that we blamed for He said it harms Ukraine and holds us jointly responsible for Russia’s actions.

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Rate it as “People’s team game slandering Poland” abroad, Any game that Donald Tusk controls after he returns home.

“The worse for Poland, the better for them”

– In my opinion, Trzaskowski’s actions have another purpose. He wants to control Donald Tusk. Show the hardcore electorate that they are more radical, No brakes And the principle “the worse for Poland, the better for them, will continue to be applied if they do not rule” – says Marek Back in an interview with the tvp.info portal.

Trzaskowski commends the conversation with von der Leyen on KPO. “More terms, I’m very happy with that”

The adoption of the law on dissolving the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court has ended. Opposition politicians announce more efforts to block KPO funds…

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Commenting on the blocking of funds from the KPO in Poland, the Vice-President of the Senate stated that soft forms of political pressure are of great importance in the European Union, and that the provisions in treaties often fall into the background.

They pursue a policy that suits the largest and the strongest. The Post Office has chosen the “street and outside” strategy and they are implementing it consistently. To do this, they use their influence, officials in Brussels, former commissioners and, above all, Donald Tusk. In this way, they keep spreading negative publicity to us. That’s, the senator said, unfortunately, realizing.

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Marek Beck pointed out that it was the civil platform that described itself as a “complete opposition” and that they consistently applied this policy.

– Even now, when the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen comes to Poland, a We in the Senate still have no indication from Marshal Grodzky, whether we will rush anything into the Supreme Court. – added.

Arrangements with the European Union are due to be summarized in a few days, and the Senate wants to start proceedings suddenly and “turn the table with Brussels”. – That’s another damage. I hope they come to their senses, Beck said.

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