“Po miłość / Pour l’amour”: Jowita Budnik – Woman on the Edge

I closely follow films from the Small Budget Film Competition of the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, funded by the PISF programme. Beginners with relatively small budgets should be creative and original. So she is still unproven, ruthless and predatory. Appears in this section at the last Gdynia Festival “Po miłość / Pour l’amour” It is a humble, intimate and mysterious portrait of a woman living in a trap. A social, cultural and family trap.

Marlina (joeta bodnikShe is a simple woman who cleans the village school. adult children (Marta Gogołkiewicz, Jakub Nosiadek(She left the house and lives with her alcoholic husband, Zbishak)Artur Dziormann). She is getting more and more tired of the stagnation and despair that surrounds her. My husband constantly promises to put vodka away, but ends up drinking with his neighbor every evening (why deepbeck). Marlena at the request of her friend Kinga (Patricia ZenevichHe enters the world of social media, where he meets Senegalese Bruno.Mamadou Ba), with which you enter into a deeper relationship. Online romance for a provincial woman with a strange compound from Africa? It is known that nothing good will come of it.

“Po miłość / Pour l’amour” It is based on an animated, multi-dimensional and deep role joeta bodnik. The image of a Polish village where vodka is poured, the words of the parish priest are sacred and the patriarchy inherent in Polish cinema reigns to the limits of self-parody. Mańkowski secretes it as much as possible, which can be seen unexpectedly in the form of a parish priest (Andrzej Galła). Marlena is strangled by her husband’s alcoholism, and she hears in her confession that she must keep the vow of her marriage and be with Zbigniew not only for good, but also for evil. It is the role of a caring and tolerant woman. But the priest does not teach it like exaggerating the teaching of the priests in St. John. “Clears”.

It’s not about toxic patriarchy, it’s about seeing marriage through the eyes of a Catholic. The priest does not hesitate to discipline Marlena’s husband for being dragged down and disrespecting his wife. The parish priest wants to save the marriage that is crumbling before his eyes at any cost. He could also scold the parishioners for rejecting the girl who starred in an amateur porn movie in the pulpit (by the way, the priests did not talk about him for a long time). “Does Jesus reject this wronged and deceived girl?” – he asks, and, using examples of certain parishioners, he shows the hypocrisy of those who do not see the beam in their eyes.

Love is meant to be a salvation for broken heroes. However, it is understood differently by the parish priest who has a privileged position in the countryside, and differently by Marlena, who wants to finally get rid of her desperate existence. The husband, who drinks his remorse from the past, no longer perceives her as a woman. Their sex is mechanical and painful. The woman falls into a strange trap from the net. It’s no secret that scammers prey on women the same age as Marlina. However, I have doubts whether the relationship between a simple school cleaner and a mysterious Senegalese man will develop so quickly.

The director shows a messenger translating Marlena and Bruno directly with subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I didn’t know such apps existed. Moreover, there is also the nightmarish naivety of Marlena, which for me is not entirely credible, which in no way is manifested in rural women standing firmly on the ground, immersed in a specific Polish-Marian matriarchy. Maria Mag we played it perfectly “All Our Fears” Łukasz Ronduda / ukasz Gutt.

Enjoy it “Po miłość / Pour l’amour” Another film that looks sympathetically, rather than regressively, into the Polish countryside. Although Mańkowski plays cards (the portrayal of Dybik as a pretty drunk village is a surefire expression), Budnik gives credence to this universal story of life in a trap. And her heroines constantly balance the choice of what is right and only what is good for her, which provokes an ambiguous assessment in the viewer. She’s an interestingly drawn character, and it’s worth seeing what happens when love fades.

6.5 / 10

“Po miłość / Pour l’amour”, monastery. Andrzej Mańkowski, Poland 2022, Distributor: Galapagos Films, Cinema premiere: June 10, 2022.

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