Perfect lonely places for a weekend getaway. Check out our 9 suggestions

The days are getting longer and we are increasingly looking for ways to escape the city. If you want to forget everyday worries for a moment, it is better to go to secluded and wild places. We offer 9 suggestions where it is worth going on the weekend, and possibly the weekend in May this year.

How do you search for secluded places?

If we want to spend time alone, it is worth looking for places close to nature. These are the most isolated places. They may be forests, but they may be mountains or flood plains of rivers. How do you find them? A good way is to look carefully at the map and look for different types of reserves. This is how you can find fun and secluded places. The Internet will also come with help. In it we will find a knowledge mine worth going to on the weekend so that you do not meet too many people.

Wild places in time for the weekend

Ezera Valley, Lower Silesia

The Jizera Valley lies between the main ridges of the Jizera Mountains and the road to the Czech Republic from Szklarska Poręba. It is the upstream part of the island valley, which is rarely visited. Here the river slowly meanders through vast peat bogs. The landscape is vast and resembles a transitional zone between the taiga and the tundra. It is an ideal place for long walks and leisurely bike rides.

Bialskie Mountains in Sudetes, Lower Silesia

The Bialskie Mountains are located in the Eastern Sudetes. It is a place that is little known and above all seldom visited. This is a place for people who already have some experience with hiking in the mountains. The Bialskie Mountains are sometimes referred to as the Sudety Bieszczady. Here you can find many hiking trails that lead through the Puszcza Śnieżnej Białki Nature Reserve, as well as lead to mountain peaks. This area is completely inaccessible, which is why it was favored by different types of smugglers.

Wisławka Valley, Lesser Poland

Wisłoka Valley is located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Low Beskids. This is an area formerly inhabited by Lemkos. Nowadays you can visit many small villages with secluded churches and crosses along the road and in the villages themselves. You can find beaver lodges here, such as the Radocyna River. In addition, it is an ideal place to observe wild birds, such as hawks or rare eagles. This is where you can enjoy the beautiful rural landscapes.

Another place in the Sudetes are the Opawskie Mountains, historically associated with Lower Silesia. There are many hiking trails and educational trails with information about the local flora and fauna. Mountains cross magnificent river valleys, the slopes of the mountains are covered with mixed forests of low mountains. A perfect place to walk in silence surrounded by nature.

Gostynińsko-Włocławskie Lakeland, Masovian County

This lake area is located between the Masovian and Kuyavian-Pomeranian provinces. These are beautiful wooded areas interspersed with lakes, less numerous than Masuria, but much quieter. There is the Gostynińsko-Włocławski Landscape Park, which aims to protect the marginal Vistula Glacier Valley. In this area, you can go for a walk on hiking trails, visit viewpoints, visit nature and education trails.

Barić Valley, Greater Poland / Lower Silesia

The Barycz Valley is an obligatory point on the map of Poland for all lovers of nature, and above all birds. It is here that most of the habitats of rare species of waterfowl are located. The Barycz Valley is located in the landscape park of the same name. It is a great place for hiking and cycling due to the multiplicity of routes for tourists. However, it is still a peaceful and quiet place. Another feature is the beautiful architecture and the many ruins of castles and palaces.

Crotenia Trail, Warmia-Masuria Province

Krutyń is a small village located in the Biska Forest. It is considered one of the most beautiful kayaking methods in Poland and above all the most brutal. The length of the village of Crotina, which flows through the village, is 100 km and from its level you can see beautiful and wild nature. It is an ideal place for a secluded weekend not only in spring or summer, but also in winter, when winter kayaking trips are organized. For many, this part of Masuria is considered the most beautiful.

No list of the most secluded and wild places in Poland should be complete without the Bieszczady Mountains, considered the most wild corner of Poland. In the summer, it is frequently visited, but not all places are known to tourists. One of the wildest places is the Sana Valley between Sękowiec and Rajskie. There are no asphalt roads here, and in the vicinity there are wild groves and ancient and vast pastures. If you want to avoid crowds in season, you better go to this place.

Subriel has earned the status of a spa and attracts tourists, but it is still a small, quiet and peaceful town. Enjoy a view of the river that bears the same name as the town, walk in the surrounding Podlasie forests and enjoy cuisine from the eastern borderlands. Although it is a very popular place, it is still a quiet place to hang out from the people. There are beautiful forests in the area, and on hot days it is worth taking part in a kayaking trip.

These aren’t the only isolated, wild places worth seeing, but they’re definitely much appreciated. Despite this, it is not crowded at all and you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and people.

Main image source: Shaith / Getty Images

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