Paternity care and adoption of children. What are the differences?

Child adoption may take two forms: adoption or foster parenting. The two terms are often confused and synonymous, although their definitions are quite different. How are they different? What conditions must be met to become an adoptive parent? Post-Adoption President Magdalena Modleboska shared some tips on Dzie Dobry TVN.

Adoption Parenting and Child Adoption – The Differences

adoption related to adoption a certain child By the voluntary decision of the adoptive parents regarding guardianship is to last foreverfor the rest of your life. It must take the same forms of natural, non-dysfunctional biological parenting, which is its distinguishing feature Eternity and selfless love.

Raising children However, it requires more flexibility from candidates who want to deal with an orphaned or abandoned child – it is in transition and limited in time. It is an attempt to create suitable conditions for the development of the child in a period when biological parents cannot provide this. Juveniles also go to foster families In the event of an unregulated legal situation that prevents its adoption.

What affects a child’s development?

Temporary residence with a foster family (until the foster child can return to his biological parents or, due to acquired “legal freedom”, participate in the adoption procedure) It’s a substitute for months or years spent in overcrowded orphanages.

– “Legally free” means that the biological parents of a child no longer have parental rights to that child. Then she could be eligible for adoption – explains Magdalena Modlebowska, president of the Post-Adoption Foundation and mother of two adopted daughters.

Practice shows that Some children stay with foster families until adulthoodBecause their legal status remains unregulated for a long time. Oftentimes, foster families also adopt a child who has been with them longer, the expert explains.

Parenting is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Data provided by the Central Statistical Office show that in 2017, almost all of this type of care was chosen for minors 20,598 marriage even 16600 people.

Day nursery paternity. How do you become an adoptive parent?

May 30 is adoption day in Poland. On this occasion, the President of the Post-Adoption Foundation, Magdalena Modleboska, recalled in the studio Dzień Dobry TVN the conditions that must be met in order to be able to provide temporary alternative care to abandoned or orphaned children.

The written application from candidates to the foster care organizer must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation, including:

  • A copy of the abbreviated marriage contract;
  • Certification from a primary health care physician and confirmation of the absence of mental illness;
  • Income Certificate
  • Certificate of no criminal record;
  • Residence certificate.

Candidates for adoptive parents are additionally obligated to pass Three months trainingAnd the Talk to a psychiatrist And the Accepting visitors at home.

I know a lot of adoptive parents and it doesn’t matter your age or your education. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. It is simply an urgent need for the help of a little man – argues Magdalena Modlibowska.

The expert stresses that adoption must result from a sense of the message, as it is linked to A decision made for a specific period of time, but difficult to predict. – I do not want to say that this is a game of roulette, but it is not known when the situation will end – the head of the institution “after adoption” realizes.

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