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Project opening NYX Hotels – Art Lives Here

Warsaw Hotel as a Center for Artists? NYX Warsaw Hotel organizes a competition for painters, painters, sculptors and photographers, where the prize is a three-week art residency
in the hotel. For the four winners, NYX will rearrange one of the rooms into a studio where the winners will create. The best work created during the stay will be purchased by the organizer and included in the hotel’s art collection.
design NYX Hotels – Art Lives Here took off!

NYX Hotel Warsaw is a special facility where you can actually find works by some of the most famous representatives of contemporary Polish art. Warsaw is not only the background and surroundings of the NYX Warsaw Hotel – the city is an integral part of the facility. He enters his interiors in the form of street art and urban art, created for the hotel by representatives of leading local artists. Right at the entrance
On an artistic journey through Warsaw art, guests will be invited through a monolith covered with si-fi-inspired graphics and commission shops, designed by Mariusz Tarkawian. From the reception, he drives amazing drawings depicting city landscapes by Marius Waras. The spacious open plan of the first floor is a place where we meet new works, such as the futuristic installation by Norbert Dillmann, and in the restaurant and bar, the murals of Nispoon refer to the tradition of the Polish folk crown and the project by Aleksandra Waliszewska is one fantasy in itself. When we enter the Ether bar on the 19th floor of the building, we will find the works of Anna Barlik from east to west, which can be seen from Aleje Jerozolimskie.

Drawing on these contexts, the brand wants to attract talented artists and help them take their first steps in the art industry. To this end, as part of the project NYX Hotels – Art Lives Here A studio will be set up in the interior of the Warsaw Hotel, where the winners of the competition will be able to create their works for three weeks: photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings. through the campaign ART LIVES HERE NYX Warsaw Hotel So I naturally indicate what distinguishes it on the map of hotels in Poland and in the world.

Art is in the DNA of the NYX brand, which is why the idea for the NYX Hotels Accommodation project was born – Art Lives Here. In this way we open the door to art on a larger scale. We want talented artists to have the opportunity to develop thanks to interesting initiatives like this – Paulina Kołodziejczyk Multi Property Manager convinces Poland NYX Hotel Warsaw.

The vibrant city of Warsaw is set to become a source of inspiration for young artists. But also everything they will find in the hotel – the friendliness of the staff and international guests. The art of NYX makes your stay an experience that goes beyond just an overnight stay. Campaign Art lives here It is supposed to reinforce it.

The distinguished jury will help select young talents

Recognized representatives of the art world – artists and professionals who have daily contact with young artists and art in public spaces – were invited to the competition jury:

  1. Iris Barak – Curator of the Artistic Collection of the NYX Hotel Chain.
  2. Jacek Sosnowski – Curator of the NYX Hotel Warsaw Art Collection.
  3. Marius Waras – muralist, graphic artist, designer and professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdask.
  4. Marta Kołakowska – Founder of the Leto Gallery of Contemporary Art.
  5. Marcin Władyka – graphic designer, poster artist, lecturer at the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts
    in Warsaw.
  6. Paulina Kołodziejczyk – Director of Multiple Estates in Poland, NYX Hotel Warsaw.

Art and its reception are prominent urban objects. Here there are galleries, museums and, above all, artists. Even if it is in the mass of information and images that fill the cities of today to the fullest extent, art seems to disappear
From the front, it’s how accessible it is at all. Street art and art in public spaces is an ever-evolving phenomenon – the Made NYX Collection of Works is and will be the best example of this.
– says Jacek Sosnowski, curator of the art collection at NYX Hotel Warsaw, chair of the competition jury.

Competition path
All information about the competition can be found at https://www.nyx-hotels.com/art-at-nyx. Willing to participate in it must send images in the form of jpg files. Three works of his achievements to the email address: artatnyx@leonardo-hotels.com. Works can be submitted until July 3. Photos of works submitted to the competition will be published on the Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.de/leonardo_hotels/nyx-hotel-warsaw-art-lives-here/

From among the submissions, the jury will select three competition winners and six artists who will move on to the second stage. Results will be announced on July 6 via NYX Hotel’s social media.

Among the six artists who will move to the second stage of the competition, netizens will be able to choose the fourth winner by voting via social media. It will take place via Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/nyxhotelwarsaw/ and will run from July 6 to 26.

After that, the winners will be invited to stay at the NYX Warsaw Hotel. For the purposes of the campaign, the selected room will be designed according to the needs of the artists, each having the appropriate conditions for creativity within three weeks, under the supervision of the jury. The theme for the competition will be “An artist inspired by the urban landscape”.

Pictures of all works created during the stay will then be posted on the hotel’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nyxhotelwarsaw/ and presented to internet users for voting. Voting will take place from 7 to 18 September. The hotel will buy the work with the most votes. The finalists will present their work live in the jury firm during an exclusive gala at the NYX Hotel, on September 21 this year,
The winning work will then be officially included in the NYX Hotel Warsaw art collection.

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