“Nothing Like the Future”: Michael J. Fox’s biography

Peter Moschniak of Insignia Publishing was a guest on Bogdan Zalowski on RMF FM.

Bogdan Zalowsky, Radio RMF24: This is one of the most upbeat books I’ve read. She really has a lot of positive emotions. This is an amazing injection of good energy. This book was written by a man with Parkinson’s disease. Fate hit him with another blow – a tumor in his spine. Michael J Foxknown from the movie “Back to the future”. No wonder the book’s title refers to this very image – “There is no such thing as the future.” Please remember what happened to Michael J. Fox.

Peter Moschniak, Insignia Publishing: At the age of less than 30, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This is a very strange time to learn about such a disease, because the disease is usually diagnosed in patients in their 60s. He has this, unfortunately, a slightly rare form of this disease. (…)

He was already married.

– Yes, and he had a child. This is a very family man. Having a family, less than 30 years old and a promising career, he learns that, unfortunately, he will end his career very quickly, because Parkinson’s disease is a serious disease, affecting primarily human mobility.

We’ll talk about this profession and its hurdles in a moment. I would like to note what you say about the family, about the wife, but also about the children, as well as about the parents. The word family is a beautiful conjunction in this book. How did it affect your acting career?

– At some point, Fox had to retire from this profession. (…]Sometimes, he would hide in a room and try to control the shivering that was attacking him. At that time, treatments that prolong the active life of Parkinson’s patients were very popular.

Unfortunately, he also prolonged it, but in a different way – with alcohol.

He continued to drink, but it also seemed to me that this alcoholism was due to a refusal to consent to the condition he was in at such a young age.

To make matters worse, he suffered another blow of fate – a tumor.

This is the special moment when a person comes to terms with his destiny, whatever happens to him. He, too, was a reconciled man. He initially retired from his acting career, but then returned, playing character roles for people with various illnesses, using Parkinson’s symptoms to recreate such character roles. And somehow he was slowly arranging his life. And at that moment he appeared – as he was called a “game-changer”, which turned his life around.

Changing the rules…

– Change the rules. It was discovered that he had spinal cord cancer, which unfortunately needed surgery. The effects of this operation are uncertain, and with all his movement limitations, he will have to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation process.

But she didn’t break it. He acts like a commando in life.

– He is a man who is always an optimist and repeats exclamations so often that nothing bad will not turn into good. Looking for optimism and helping people in every situation. (…)

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