Note: Behind the scenes of fame. Maja Oświecińska and Iwo Rajski on future plans

Tomasz Oświeciński is an actor, personal trainer, and MMA fighter. But the most satisfying role is that of father and husband. Maja Oświecińska is his greatest pride. The 12-year-old appeared on ‘Note: Kulesi Sawawi’, where she revealed that she was following in her famous father’s footsteps. Ayo Rajsky also told his story.

What does Tomasz Oświeciński’s daughter do?

Maja Oświecińska started modeling when she was 4 years old, shortly after finding her way into the series “Na Wspólnej”. Viewers can notice how she has changed, because for 7 years she appeared on the screen as Julia – the daughter of Igor, played by Kuba Wesołowski.

Maja has magic, energy, and a certain kind of sparkle in her eyes, which is absolutely necessary. We knew from day one that she was special – says Jakub Wisowski.

#BezCukru with Oskar Netkovsky

Maja is 13 years old today. In addition to “Na Wspólnej”, she has a role in the production of Patryk Vega, which often involves her father – Tomasz Oświęciński. – Just like you started playing randomly, do it too My daughter also started playing randomly The father of the 13-year-old admits. And she adds: – She loves to do that. He must like it because he has a lot of work to do.

– I feel good with the way I play as a rebel, for example, I hit the table with my hand and leave. It works best for me – laughs Maja.

Do parents treat their daughter’s work as a job? – A little like that, thanks to her I gained respect for the money that I earn. How much to do, how much to sacrifice, how often to get up early, be in the group. It’s kind of a job, but we also want her passion to be, something she loves – says Alexandra Ovicska, the mother of the young actress.

Iwo Rajski’s Media Adventure

11-year-old Iwo Rajski started as an actor from series and commercials. “Detektyw Bruno” is the latest movie, the ninth in which he starred. Previously, viewers could see the boy in such productions as: “25 Years of Innocence”, “Suicide Room: Hagter” or “How to Marry a Millionaire?” As well as in the series “Na knoż”.

– It was already unusual at that time, because, At the age of five, he was very organized, and showed a great willingness to feel comfortable on the set – says Piotr Głowacki who played Father Iwo.

– Iwo is a very mature actor. Gowaki adds that he has extraordinary abilities to act spontaneously within specific scenes. – He can play big emotions very quickly and is natural – he also praises actress Edita Jungowska.

– I can live without acting in movies, but it sure is boring when there are no movies – Iwo assesses himself.

Iwo’s first movie was “Fugue”. He wasn’t reading much at the time. His mother taught him the role, and his mother spoke up and continued to repeat it – recalls Michael Rajsky, Ewa’s father and lawyer.

Iwo Rajski and Maja Oświecińska – How are they doing at school?

Iwo is a student in the fourth grade of primary school. He goes to a special school, where longer absences are tolerated, and the teachers prepare special sets of materials and tasks for the boy’s work on the set. Maja, on the other hand, is in the seventh grade of elementary school, but she does not go to school. Last year I switched to home schooling.

– I’m not going back to full-time school yet. I know a lot will be played. I have more freedom because I don’t wake up at 6 and I’m no longer at 4 PM and after that I don’t even learn until 8 PM – says the 13-year-old.

Aren’t parents afraid that “soda” will infect their daughter? – You can never be sure. It is a question of her upbringing by parents – Thomas Ovechinsky believes. And he gives an example: – When I did something wrong before, I talked to her. I would sit in front of you and say: “Majeczka, do you have a bad father?” She said: No. I kept asking if I blocked anything or hit or am I angry? She replied: No. So I asked: “Then why are you so rude?”. And she always cried, she said, she’s sorry. I hope it lasts for a long time. I am very proud of my daughter.

The child does not feel compelled to do anything. We always say: You want to play, you play. The moment you tell us you don’t like something, you won’t – says Ewa’s father.

How do star kids work?

Child actors also have more professional rights than adult actors. Every two years you should go to a psychiatrist and tell you how you feel about playing. And there they say that I had the right to this or that when I was a child. I know what I can and can’t do in the group. If I feel uncomfortable, I should talk about it and treat it differently – says Maja.

Day rates for child actors are several hundred zlotys in a row and up to two thousand zlotys in films. The child’s working time in the group cannot exceed six hours a day. – The money Iwo gets is deposited into a separate accountrun by the wife. And this is the money that he will one day be able to use for whatever he wants – says Michał Rajski.

– The daughter asks if she can buy a bicycle or a computer with her money. No problem. He knows he has his own money and can spend it, but we put most of it aside – reveals Tomas Ovechinsky

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