Nine out of ten consumers are willing to buy second-hand products because of environmental concerns

Nine out of ten consumers are eager to shop for second-hand items – due to concerns about the cost of living and the environment, as well as a desire for “unique” items.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that stigma of buying second-hand is a thing of the past, and that they are half as likely to buy second-hand than it was five years ago.

Two-thirds of them are keen to buy used or refurbished cell phones – which have proven to be one of the most sought-after items out of reach.

Three out of ten like clothes they once loved, 35% prefer vintage furniture, and 24% prefer stocking old household items.

There are many factors behind the popularity of the items used – including the desire to be more sustainable (36%) and the need to reduce costs (32%).

The desire to buy one-of-a-kind items (16%) is also a contributing factor – about a quarter say second-hand items are “surprisingly good quality and good value”.

Virgin Media O2 encourages people to buy used products to help the planet (Image: SWNS) Read more related articles Read more related articles

The Virgin Media O2 study represents the Do One Thing campaign, inspiring adults to make small lifestyle changes to help the planet.

To highlight this initiative – part of its comprehensive agenda for Better Communication – an infographic has also been commissioned to include this call to action.

Drones were used to film artwork created by art organization Sand In Your Eye using grass paint in a field at Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.

The survey also found that nearly two-thirds (65%) believe that buying used products is more acceptable now than it was ten years ago.

One in three also think that buying used products doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality – because products can perform just as well as buying new ones.

And 35% buy second-hand stuff to make more money — even nearly one-fifth (18%) say they get the ‘hype’ from buying used stuff.

And 17% said that the luxury they feel while shopping lasts longer when buying used items rather than new ones.

Cell phones are most in demand after second hand items available (Photo: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images) Read more related articles

It also found that four out of ten are more likely to buy gifts from a thrift store or a website.

“It is reassuring that protecting the planet is one of the nation’s priorities,” said Nicola Green of Virgin Media O2.

“Second-hand shopping is one way to solve the climate crisis by reducing waste and saving money.”

Research by OnePoll also found that more than three-quarters (77%) believe small changes – such as recycling old cell phones to keep them from going to landfill – will help protect the planet.

And 44% admitted there are things they could do more to be greener – including more recycling, careful use of energy, and eating less meat.

Another 55% believe that people need to make small changes to their lifestyle to live more sustainably, and 43% want to protect the planet for future generations.

Nicola Green added: “With Virgin Media O2’s Do One Thing campaign, we want to inspire everyone to change their lifestyle – big or small – to help protect the planet.”

Top 20 Things Adults Might Think About Buying Used:

Books CDs DVD Furniture Clothing Mobile phones Jewelry Vinyl Video games Home appliances, such as utensils and decorative items Bags/purses Toys and games for kids Tablets and watches TVs and cameras Arts and crafts Game consoles Soft furniture Read more related articles Read more articles related to

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