Italian women’s favorite jewelry – models with their own style can do the whole design. It is enough to pay attention to one detail

Italian women’s favorite jewelry perfectly shows that size matters. Ornaments and colors also count. Thanks to them, their jewelry really stands out.

Italian Check It is a style that has its own laws and Italian women have no problem obeying them. They don’t have to actually do anything, because it all comes from their natural sense of beauty. The ensembles they compose are supposed to emphasize their natural sexual attractiveness, add elegance and emphasize their hot temper, but this is not a sophisticated art. as such Scandinavian girls feel minimalisma The careless style of the French woman It flows from within them, just like Italians have an encrypted passion for brilliance. This can be seen in the example of various items of clothing. We recently wrote about the father. Italian women’s favorite jackets. This, however, is not only shown in the example of clothing. Extensions play a very big or even the biggest role in Italian design. Therefore, it cannot be transverse. This time it became our focus Favorite Italian jewelry. Beautiful earrings, ornate necklaces, and gorgeous rings have one thing in common. It’s supposed to be clearly visibleWhich can make size, color or decoration.

It is difficult to narrow the topic of Italian women’s favorite jewelry to a specific model. However, it is impossible to overlook their weakness in necklaces. And since we have already established that they love jewelry that is clearly visible in the design, it also gives us an idea of ​​choosing the specific items. where do I start? In the case of Italian jewelry Size matters. This applies to the necklace in many ways. On the one hand, it perfectly matches their taste thick chains. On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent their role from taking over by thinner versions, but in With wonderful pendants. in addition to italian women necklace They can also be distinguished by rich colors or ornaments. One thing is for sure. Once you wear it, no one will miss it.

When we think of Fantastic earrings Probably the first thing that should come to mind is Julia FoxBut instead it appears before our eyes Anna Dello Russo. Italian fashion designer Not only is it famous for its efficient design. She also has her own collection for H&M, where every detail reflects more than her own style. That was just Italian glamor in a nutshell. The earrings that she designed specifically cannot be forgotten because they didn’t need words to say that they are 100% Italian jewelry.

Luxurious models, often colorful and additionally decorated, reflect what we have to say about it. Fortunately, the jewelry that Italians desire is available even in the collections of Polish brands. Here are some examples.

Italian episodes It can easily dominate the design. How is this possible with finger ornaments? The list of Italian women’s favorite jewelry does not simply include delicate wedding rings, delicate perforated rings and other simple models. In addition, we often do not see them alone. A few rings that are worn next to several fingers, or even one, instantly change the presentation of this type of ornament. When we combine it with gorgeous rings decorated with large stones or even signet rings, we get a complete picture. In this case More is more There is no point in arguing with her.

What are the bracelets that Italians choose the most? As in the case of other jewelry, they use visible models. Thick wrist chains are just one option. They also don’t shy away from bangle models and colorful beads. Each of them can make even the most casual design with a blouse and jeans that instantly take on the vibe of Italian chic. Just take a look at Chiara Ferragni. She can even take a set of her favorite bracelets to go to the pizzeria.

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