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Each of us faces situations in our life that are stressful, cause mental discomfort or have a negative impact on our health, not only physically but also mentally. For example, a pandemic lasting more than two years is a factor that has made us all nervous in one way or another. Long-term exposure to factors that negatively affect our well-being leads to changes in the functioning of the body, which we often do not realize. What can we do to counteract the negative effects of stress?

Stress, a nut that is hard to break

When looking for ways to reduce stress, we mainly meet advice about getting or increasing your physical activity. It’s a solution that comes to mind first, and the truth is that it’s not the only way we can implement it right away. In addition to sports that relieve stress and calming activities (yoga, meditation), it is also worth reaching for food products, which are a rich source of essential nutrients that primarily affect the functioning of the brain, as well as the proper functioning of the whole body.

How we respond to stress is an individual matter. Some of us cry, others get angry and impulsively expel bad feelings, others eat too much or, on the contrary, cannot swallow anything. It is impossible to predict how we will act when we feel its weight on our skin. Research conducted by the American Academy of Neurology on stress and its long-term effects shows that it has a significant impact on our cognitive function, that is, on the skills thanks to which we are able to assimilate, process and store the stimuli caused by our environment. In simpler words: stress eats us up. How do you “eat”? Under the influence of cortisol that the body secretes into the blood, that is, the stress hormone, our brain shrinks to a minimum, which is scientifically proven.

The consequences do not appear immediately, but we can feel them in the form of decreased concentration, memory loss, poor creativity, or an inability to creatively solve problems. Is it possible to tackle this and do something that fuels our brain, feeding it the substances necessary to function properly? Of course, there are several ways and they are very tasty!

Over-the-counter method

If the stress we feel is not permanent and does not cause health problems (it does not require drug treatment), we can try to de-stress by changing our daily rituals related to sleep, exercise and diet. To a large extent, it is a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients that are responsible for reducing stress and its effects. What products have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and what must be provided to it to support its efficient functioning? These are, for example, dried fruits and nuts. Its small amount in the form of a healthy snack or meal supplement is an excellent source of many nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning of our nervous system, ie also for stress management or creative processes.

The brain reacts fairly quickly to any changes in our diet. That is why it is so important to “feed” her healthy, wholesome ingredients. Brain fuel is fats, more specifically unsaturated fatty acids. This is due to the construction of neurons made up of, among other things, phospholipids. A great example of a product that is high in these fatty acids is nuts. The brain also needs micronutrients and carbohydrates, that is, sugars. These, in turn, can be found in high-quality nuts and raisins – Says Anna Somkovska, nutritionist and expert on the Bakal Feed the Mind campaign.


In many people, the sound of crunching is positively perceived by the brain, which can have a therapeutic effect – here an example, not necessarily good, is crunching potato chips, for some people it plays the role of “comfort food” – that is, food associated with carefree and well-being. However, if we replace unhealthy pancakes with a snack in the form of dried fruits, nuts, and dried fruits, we will treat our bodies to a real feast for the senses as part of stress prevention! On the way to calm the nerves, it is worth reaching for:

  • Italian Nuts It contains magnesium and potassium, which support the brain and are rich sources of unsaturated acids, the proper level of which in the body prevents the aging of the central nervous center.
  • almonds They are a “real game-changer” in combating stress. Thanks to their high content of potassium and magnesium, they help calm the nerves, and the presence of B vitamins in them supports the proper functioning of the brain and the regeneration of nerve cells. Regular consumption of almonds reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • cashew The content of B vitamins in cashews has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, and this directly translates to our well-being, longer concentration and better memory.
  • Dried Apricots It is a natural source of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that protects against the harmful effects of free radicals that slow down the aging process of cells, including those within the nervous system.
  • dried fogIt is rich in potassium, which supports the body in expelling excess sodium, thus effectively reducing blood pressure. Due to its magnesium content, it plays a role in reducing stress and tension, as well as helping you sleep.

perfect combination

There are a lot of nutritional values ​​that nuts and dried fruits provide and the benefits of eating them. Anyone who wants to take care of their body in a complementary way will find something for themselves in this range of products. From the desire to reduce stress, by improving concentration, memory and creativity, to improving the condition of the skin and the functioning of individual organs – thanks to nuts and dried fruits, we can naturally provide what will positively and noticeably affect our well-being and appearance.

Getting to dried fruits, let’s treat them as a fun ingredient that diversifies the diet. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that they contain many nutritional values, they are also high-calorie products, and in the case of dried fruits – with a high sugar content. Therefore, it should be given as an addition and consumed in the number of pieces per day. The ideal mix of dried fruits and nuts should consist of two types of nuts and one or two types of dried fruit. The calorific value of the mixture may be in the range of 120-150 kcal – Confirms Anna Somkovska, nutritionist and expert on the Bakal Feed the Mind campaign.

Sometimes you need different and complementary ways to deal with stress, thanks to which our well-being will significantly improve. A natural remedy, for body and soul, can be a “home medicine cabinet” filled with nuts and dried fruits, which are a source of valuable vitamins and nutrients, which we can access with pleasure.

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