City of Women. Katarzyna Sokołowska on her way to motherhood

A few weeks ago, Katarzyna Sokołowska shared great news. Together with her partner, Artur Kozig, they are expecting a baby. On the ninth episode of Women’s City, the modeling director spoke her way to motherhood and the stereotypes that mature pregnant women face.

Katarzyna Sokwowowska is pregnant

Katarzyna Sokołowska is a famous director and choreographer for fashion shows, as well as being a judging member of the Top Model show. She is 49 years old and will be a mother in a few months. The news of the pregnancy came as a huge surprise to her fans, as many people believed that she didn’t really want to have children. Cassia told the truth in the ninth episode of “City of Women”. Interviewed by Alexandra Kwasniewska and Olga Legos.

Celebrities about motherhood

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This is a stereotype that we probably all face. No matter the moment in life. Motherhood is a topic that is widely and willingly commented upon. It seems to me that apart from this assessment of whether or not you want something, I think so We design a specific timing terribly. It seems to us that, as was the case 50 years ago, some standards will continue to function. Well, no. As we change, so does the world, said Katarzyna Sokołowska, as do lifestyles and possibilities. – Looking back on my life, I’m sure this is the best moment for me. Of course, many people can argue with this. Hence the opinion that Kasia Sokołowska does not want to have children. this is not true. I have always believed that my life is complete, which will be fulfilled at all levels, I was sure of this – she added.

Sokochovska will become a mother for the first time at the age of 49. Late motherhood is still a controversial topic for some people. Kasia confessed the opinions she met.

– These are the words: “Well, how are you, This child will have an old mother?“I would say she is fairly mature. The other side considers me immature, unaware of what happenedI didn’t care about certain situations. Such an assessment has many negative consequences. The question now is, why do some people put themselves in such a law that they can judge us the way they do? However, this is the margin. I have a positive approach to some things in my life, especially with maturity and age. I think that Everything is for something and there is a time for everything, if one is aware – She confessed.

After Kasia publicly announced that she was going to be a mother, she received many letters from women and men who wrote to her that the information about pregnancy gave them strength and faith to try to have children again. – I got such a load of energy and positive things, it gives me wings. You’ve got something invaluable from folks, and I thank you for that – confirmed.

The road to motherhood Katarzina Sukwawska

Sokołowska has repeatedly emphasized in an interview that now is the right time in her life when she can fully enjoy motherhood. She was never stereotyped about having children. She didn’t assume she should become a mother at such a young age after college.

– It’s probably a story like millions in the world. I’ve lived a very intense, very self-conscious, professional life like this battle for myself. (…) In fact, this profession absorbed me greatly, it was probably also a matter of people I met on my way. I have never been stereotyped. It’s hard for me to accuse myself of anything, Cassia said. – And then there were attempts to have a child, because it is not an easy process. Either at a young age or more mature. (…) Sure, this could have happened before, but it never happened. I’m lucky that I succeeded, it was also an effort – She added.

Katarzyna Sokołowska admitted that she was pregnant in the past, she fell into it naturally, but unfortunately lost it. Now the baby’s efforts were successful thanks to artificial insemination. – I decided on this procedure because I knew that I really wanted to have a child. After the normal pregnancy I lost, I made sure I had to fight for itThat I am still young, in good health, everything is working. It’s great, I was so impressed myself that she made it. (…) I was somewhere in the back of my head that it might just happen that it would never work. That is why I have been active professionally, because it heals me, brings me out of my anxiety and depression – she said.

How does Kasia imagine motherhood? I deal with it very calmly and methodically. I will definitely want to spend time with my child, I am a great organizer. I wouldn’t be completely excluded from my job. In front of me is another version of the “Top Model” in this case. It seems to me that I will have more strength and openness than I had before. Everything is fine and that is the most important thing. We are happy with my partner. I think men experience fatherhood very consciously, as do we women motherhood. It is amazing.

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The full conversation between Katarzyna Sokołowska, Aleksandra Kwaśniewska and Olga Legosz can be seen in Episode 9 of “City of Women”. The first episodes air Sunday at 12:30 on TVN Style. All episodes of the first and second seasons of “Women’s Cities” are also available on

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